Resep Kue Talam Ubi Nanas

Resep Kue Talam Ubi Nanas – Traditional snacks really have a “simple taste” and in my opinion, they are snacks that fill you up because they are usually made with rice/glutinous flour or tubers, which are rich in carbohydrates.

Salute to Indonesia which has a very wide variety of traditional snacks, hey what country can beat Indonesia in terms of snacks???? #rolling up sleeves, hands on hips, hehehe.

Resep Kue Talam Ubi Nanas

Resep Kue Talam Ubi Nanas

This sweet potato tray is one of those appetizers that is really suitable for social gatherings because it turns out that it is very easy to make and gives a lot of results, especially if you mold it with a small mold. It also tastes delicious, sweet and savory.

Jajanan Pasar Jadul

My family’s favorite. I wanted to make another “model” pizza and here it is, pizza in a cup!! Actually, the pizza is “playful” because it doesn’t use cheese sauce, it just has grated cheese, but it’s still very tasty.

I made this pizza almost 3 months ago to share with my kids (read: little friends) who were having a birthday. He said the pie was delicious, the meat was moist and very tasty, hehe (bdw, pie??!@??!@).

We leave the dough in a place with a high temperature (I usually dry it in the sun), cover the container with the dough with a wet napkin (so that the dough remains moist), leave it for about 1 hour, until the dough rises.

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Heat margarine and olive oil, fry garlic and onion until soft and fragrant, add paprika and minced meat

Resep Dan Cara Membuat Kue Talam Ubi Anti Gagal Ala Chef Audrey Wicaksana

It was only a short trip to Bandung and …owalaaa! I am pregnant. The pregnancy isn’t going as planned because my husband and I are in a LDR (sob, being pregnant without someone caressing my belly is so bad) but Alhamdulillah it seems the time has come as the Great One has been on the way for 6 years .

It’s good to have cravings while I’m pregnant, hehehe, I don’t have any cravings at all, just really bad morning sickness. I don’t want sour, but I really like sweet, including chocolate (I hope the future child is Yana). Coincidentally, my brother got sick of his chocolate cereal for breakfast even though he still had a big package, so I ended up making cookies and now he loves it again, hehehe.

I love these cookies! It’s crunchy and tastes so delicious, all the chocolate in it, from chocolate powder, cooking chocolate, chocolate paste, chocolate milk powder to chocolate cereal, delicious!

Resep Kue Talam Ubi Nanas

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