Resep Kue Talam Hijau Putih

Resep Kue Talam Hijau Putih – Talam cake is a popular soft snack in Indonesia. Made from rice flour, coconut milk, sugar and pandan, talam cake is a fairly economical snack. The ingredients are cheap and the results are enough.

One type of popular talam cake is pandan talam. However, it turns out, there are still many delicious talam cakes that are really suitable as snacks at home. It is time to know the following types of talam cakes which are often made and used as snacks.

Resep Kue Talam Hijau Putih

Resep Kue Talam Hijau Putih

Sweet potato talam is made from rice flour with sweet potatoes. You can use yellow sweet potatoes or purple sweet potatoes, making this talam cake the same as other types of talam. However, the sweet potatoes you want to use are usually first steamed before being mixed with rice flour.

Resep Kue Talam Kukus Yang Lembut, Ada Ubi Hingga Abon

The color is identical to the sweet potato used, namely purple or yellow. Sweet potato bakes are the choice of many mothers at home to use as a snack for their children. Delicious and definitely healthy.

Typically Thai uses takir leaves as a container. Meanwhile, corn bins are usually shaped or cut into square shapes. Cornflakes are really delicious as a snack for yourself and your family.

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Brown sugar talam is a type of talam cake that is popular in Padang. Rectangular shape with two layers of brown on the top and white on the bottom. Brown sugar cookies taste sweet and savory and are perfect to enjoy with tea or coffee.

Brown sugar talam has been around for a long time in the Minang region and is a favorite moist cake, especially when Ramadan approaches. This brown sugar bowl is often used as a takjil menu.

Resep Kue Talam Ubi Ungu

Usually the tray is round with two layers of color, this is different from the favorite tray of Betawi people. The typical green moon cake with white in the middle.

Talam Bulan itself is often used as a treat for guests at important events in Betawi. Not as much as before, now many Talam Bulan are made at home either as a snack or dish for certain events.

Shredded Talam is very popular in Medan City. White with shredded meat on top, this type of bowl is really tasty as a snack. Talam abon looks like typical Javanese lemper, but the texture is softer and melts in the mouth.

Resep Kue Talam Hijau Putih

Usually on top of the shredded meat are pieces of red chili which are added as a decoration and to increase the spicy taste. One bite will taste the taste and sweet taste of shredded meat, you know. Very tasty!

Resep Kue Talam Ubi Ungu Dan Merah, Indonesian Cake Yang Bisa Membantu Menurunkan Berat Badan

Pandan bowls are the most commonly found. It is green above and white below. Pandan bowls are often used as a treat at important events. It tastes sweet and tastes like a circle, rhombus, square or even flower shape.

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Pandan talam is also often combined with sticky rice, people call it talam pulut. In Malaysia, sticky rice talam is known as

Many Indonesian people like talam cakes because they taste delicious and soft. The way to make it is also quite simple, you know. Which talam cake have you tried and is it always your favourite?

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