Resep Kue Singkong Kukus Pelangi

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Resep Kue Singkong Kukus Pelangi – – When you shop at the market, it seems incomplete if you do not buy snacks at the market. There are many types of market snacks that you can find. Start with wet cakes, pastries, fries and more or less delicious snacks. Delicious taste and cheap price make snacks on the market still in high demand today.

Apart from these traditional food markets, they are also frequently sold by traders. In addition to wheat flour, snacks made from cassava are also no less popular. Especially if added with grated coconut. The combination of delicious and savory flavors is guaranteed to keep you entertained. Processing methods are also useful and hassle-free.

Resep Kue Singkong Kukus Pelangi

Resep Kue Singkong Kukus Pelangi

You can also use ground coconut as an additional ingredient or to make noodles. Some popular market snacks made from cassava and coconut paste include cabbage, beans, cassava and so on. These processed cassava and other baked coconut products can be a snack at family events as well as sales ideas.

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Come and apply the collection of recipes for processed cassava and coconut paste, report from various sources on Tuesday (15/11)

3. In a bowl, add hot cassava, sugar, sugar, salt, then grind until smooth and mix well.

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2. Pour the mixture into a 16-cm tin with the bottom of the pan lined with baking paper and the edges of the pan greased with oil.

1. Mix coconut milk with a handful of salt and sugar, stir thoroughly. Then place the brown leaves on top. Steam for 15 minutes. Remove and set aside.

Ide Resep Kue Pelangi Unik

3. In another bowl, mix rice flour, wheat flour, yeast, stir thoroughly. Add the tape again, stirring until smooth.

4. Add a little hot sugar and stir until well mixed and stir to avoid lumps.

6. After 1 hour, add baking powder, stir well. Then print it in a mold smeared with a little oil.

Resep Kue Singkong Kukus Pelangi

7. Steam for about 20 minutes until cooked, test with a skewer. When cooked, immediately remove from the mold.

Resep Bolu Singkong Warna Warni Lembut Dan Enak

3. Prepare a banana leaf, add enough flour, put the banana in the middle, then cover it again with flour, roll it up and attach a stick to the top and bottom.

2. Mix all ingredients except pasta, mix well, divide into three parts. Leave one part original and paste another.

3. Form into balls with a diameter of 3 cm, then arrange them one by one on a steamer, then steam for 20 minutes, then remove from heat.

2. Prepare a steamer with banana leaves and grease with a little oil, steam for more than 30 minutes.

Resep Bolu Kukus Pelangi

2. Mix rice flour and wheat flour, stir thoroughly. Add the cassava tape, stirring again. Add a little hot sugar water until it becomes a thick powder.

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3. When hot, immediately mix with sugar, butter and condensed milk, stir until smooth and blended.

4. Then divide into 3 equal parts, leave one part as natural color, 1 part give red color, one part give light brown color, the other part mix thoroughly until the color is even.

Resep Kue Singkong Kukus Pelangi

5. Arrange a container based on plastic or banana leaves, slice into white strips and spread evenly, then tap with red roses, then take the young brown leaves on top and arrange it completely.

Resep Bolu Pelangi Yang Cocok Untuk Kue Ulang Tahun

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