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Resep Kue Selong – Flashback to the past, when I was still living with my parents in Java…my late mother was very good at making this apem selong cake. Therefore, locals often ask those who intend to make apem selong, which is often used as a dirty snack during kenduri/blessings. But back then I never helped… the ones who often helped were my neighbors, young mothers who wanted to learn how to make apem selong. So that in the end they do their own thing because my mother taught me.

Meanwhile, I never studied, duh… now I just regret it later. So yesterday, during Eid al-Fitr, I was going back to my hometown and immediately researched and interviewed my neighbor, whom my mother taught me to make apem selong cake. Finally, with the delivery of a neighbor’s adaptation recipe that was taught by my mother… the ingredients used were the size of a glass of star fruit, and the yeast used was in the form of small round granules (essence) and the Apem dough had to dry in the sun so that the fermentation process was quick… which I still remember.

Resep Kue Selong

Resep Kue Selong

This is my task…to change the recipe from measuring cups to measuring scales in kilos. It also changes the leaven type in the past to the instant leaven type. Alhamdulillah… apem selong cake or the great Ceylon apem cake I managed to make, with a taste not unlike my late mother’s recipe. I feel so happy… thank you mom my prayers for you always… along with the breath that still blows I hope you are happy with your father in heaven amen…

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Resep Kue Apem Selong Empuk Pakai 1 Kg Tepung Beras

Oh yes, the following recipe is only half, if you want to make a whole recipe, just multiply the two apem selong recipes, half the recipe is enough for your own consumption…

2. Prepare a large bowl or bowl, add rice flour (sorry… I edited this, misspelled “wheat flour” earlier), granulated sugar, fine salt and beaten eggs, pour in the hot thick coconut. milk little by little while kneading the dough until the sugar dissolves.

3. Enter the initial dough that has been bubbled, knead again with your hands until the dough is smooth and slippery. Kneading should take about 15 minutes, while the dough is rolled/pulled and lowered by hand. Then rest the dough for about 1 hour.

The picture below shows how to knead and knead the apem selong dough, by touching it, pick up the dough and then lift it with your hand and bring it down again…several times until the dough is smooth and smooth.

Dapur Griya Khayangan: Kue Ape

4. Prepare a small, concave pan (preferably non-stick if you have one…) for roasting, heat it up before grilling over low heat. Next, spoon the vegetable mixture into the pan, press the bowl while swirling the bowl until it forms a thin, round rim. Turn it several times (you can turn it 3 times) so that the edges of the monkey cake are flat and thick enough so that they don’t burn easily. Close the pan, wait about 4 minutes…open the lid, when it is cooked remove it immediately.

The picture below shows how to pour the long apem dough and how to make a thin border/lace. Turn the back of the bowl about 2-3 times so that the lace/edge of the apem cake looks good.

The picture below is while the apem selong cake is waiting to be baked, then close the pan so that the apem selong cake is baked for about 4-5 minutes. Open the lid of the pot… lift/prick the apem selong cake with a small spoon, place it on a tray with banana leaves.

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Resep Kue Selong

Below is a small non-stick pan I have, lots of functions. It is often used to make snacks like pancakes, cucur cakes, monkey cakes and now to make apem selong cakes. In fact, now in the village there is a special mold for making apem cakes, which is round aluminum and contains four depressions for printing apem cakes. Once baked, you can make 4 apem selong cakes. Too bad I didn’t do it. buy them during Eid yesterday. While the print from my mother’s house became my sister’s property.

Resep Apem Selong, Tengahnya Lembut Dengan Pinggiran Garing

This is the beautiful look of my apem selong cake, it tastes so good… it’s soft and smells like pandan. I deliberately didn’t give the topping… well, it’s delicious, but if you want to sprinkle with various toppings like plantains, jackfruit or messes, that’s fine, depending on your taste. Apem selong is thick and stringy. It tastes really good, smooth and legit sweet. How to make it very easy. It might be an idea to sell baskets of cake because it tastes delicious and sweet, of course many people like it. Come on, let’s see the recipe and how to make it below!

4) Put instant yeast, granulated sugar and warm water into a glass and stir until well mixed. Cover the glass and let it rest for 15 minutes.

5) This is the yeast after 15 minutes, it looks spongy and has a lot of foam, which means the yeast is still active and ready to use.

6) Prepare a container to add rice flour, tapioca flour and granulated sugar. Add the activated yeast. Then we introduce the warm coconut milk while it is filtered. Enter some first. We blend this first until smooth and smooth, then add the remaining coconut milk.

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Dapur Griya Khayangan: Apem Selong

7) After the mixture is well blended and smooth, add the remaining coconut milk. Then mix again until well mixed and lump free. Mix while tapping. After that, cover and let the dough rest for 1 hour.

8) The dough after letting it rest for 1 hour looks like a lot of bubbles. Let’s stir the dough first and it’s ready to bake.

9) Prepare a baking sheet full of sand as a base so that the apem cake does not burn quickly. You can also place it with a nest for the steamer. Turn on the stove, let’s preheat the pancake mold.

Resep Kue Selong

10) Pour some water to check if the mold is hot enough. So if you hear a sound, it’s a sign that the mold is hot. We dry first. If using a non-stick pan, brush the tips of the pancake pan with vegetable oil.

Jual Cetakan Apem Selong/wingko/apem Jumbo/kue Lumpur/kue Serabi

12) After that, close it immediately and do not open it first so that the apex expands and does not collapse. Cook over medium heat so that the apex expands and boils.

13) Now, after it is half cooked and before the top gets dry, add the topping of jackfruit pieces or pandan leaves cut diagonally like this. Now, we reduce the heat of the stove until the edges are golden brown.

14) Now after the top is dry and the edges are golden, turn off the stove and remove the apem cake.

The selong apem cake is fluffy and bouncy, mamas. What a sweetie The apices are fibrous and fully nested. The texture of the apem is smooth and the edges are crispy. It tastes good, the sweetness is just right and smooth. Good luck moms and I hope this is helpful.

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