Resep Kue Putri Selat Tradisional Sumatera

Resep Kue Putri Selat Tradisional Sumatera – Known for its delicious taste and beautiful appearance, many people choose cake as part of their banquet menu. What’s more, this cake has a wonderful name that starts with “Princess.” As the name of the cake suggests, it tastes and looks beautiful, right?

This cake with the name of the first princess is a typical princess cake from Banjarmasin Palace, which is unique and is the nickname of the kingdom on the island of Java.

Resep Kue Putri Selat Tradisional Sumatera

Resep Kue Putri Selat Tradisional Sumatera

When making this traditional cake, the palace princess cake is considered unusual as it is different from regular cakes that are made without using flour as a basic ingredient. Instead of biscuits, use sweetened condensed milk, beaten egg yolks, butter, beaten egg whites, salt, and vanilla.

Ida’s Homemade……: Agustus 2014

Who doesn’t know about Snow White cookies? Along with Nasta Cake and his friends, this Snow White Cake is perfect for Eid al-Fitr, Christmas, Chinese New Year,

Other. The snow-white shape of a crescent moon sprinkled with powdered sugar creates an even warmer atmosphere.

Snow White Cake is a bit soft, but with the sweetness of powdered sugar, it’s instantly addictive and now comes in many interesting variations.

Made from grated cassava, banana, and grated coconut, this cake has many nicknames, including wheel eye cake, sunglass cake, and putrinun cake.

Wadai 41 Macam

In Sundanese, the nickname Putri Noon itself is interpreted as a banana that appears to be peeking inside the cake.

The names of this cake vary from region to region and sound unique, but they have one thing in common: they refer to eye-shaped cakes. In fact, there is no difference in taste or texture – sweet and chewy.

Depending on the region, this traditional cake also has many nicknames such as Bugis Mandi, Mendut Cake and Putri Mandi Cake. It got its name because the colorful balls of coconut kernels soaked in coconut milk sauce look like princesses taking a bath.

Resep Kue Putri Selat Tradisional Sumatera

Apart from its appetizing appearance, the taste produced by Putri Mandi cake is a delicious combination of sticky and chewy that truly satisfies the taste buds.

Kue Dengan Nama Putri

Apart from palace princess cakes, Banjarmasin also has another type of princess cakes that are equally appealing. It’s the Straits Princess Cake.

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The mixture of dough ingredients is steamed in stages until a beautiful layer is formed. Then steam it again until it is completely cooked.

This traditional Jambi cake, which looks layered, is a layered cake that the local community recognizes as a special treat for certain events, one of which is:

It is part of the wedding procession where the prospective groom’s family delivers various shopping packages to the prospective bride before the wedding. One of them delivered Kandis’s princess cake.

Resep Nagasari Jagung Manis, Kue Tradisional Enak Dan Lembut Yang Selalu Pas Di Lidah

The cakes nicknamed Princess above not only have a beautiful and enchanting appearance, but also have a unique taste that will make you addicted. Which one would you like to try?

IDN Times Community is a medium that provides a platform for writing. All copyrighted works are the responsibility of the author.I participated in IDFB Challenge #10 for the first time with the theme of her layered cake. Layer cake is a typical Indonesian dish made of many layers, usually two or more colors. Generally, this layer cake is made by adding coconut milk, sugar, and different food coloring for each layer to the main ingredient flour (rice flour, starch, sago flour, wheat flour, etc.), and then steamed or baked. This layered cake can be found in many regions of Indonesia, and even though the ingredients and method are the same, it may have different names depending on the region.

As soon as I learned about the IDFB challenge on layer cakes, I searched for layer cake recipes on Google and found that there are a lot of traditional layer cakes out there. These include lapis legit, lapis Surabaya, lapis cassava, lapis sago/pepe cake from Betawi, lapis sticky from Sumatra, and the typical layered milk cake from Pontianak. In fact, there are many layered cakes, but their names do not include the element of layers, such as the typical Jambi Princess Kandis Cake, Putri Straits, and Maksubah of Palembang.

Resep Kue Putri Selat Tradisional Sumatera

Among the types of layer cakes I know from Google, the ones I’m interested in are sticky rice layer cake and putrikandis cake. However, for the first IDFB challenge I participated in, I ended up choosing a layered cake made from Sarikaya sticky rice from Sumatra. In Sumatra, this cake is known as selimka, and some call it sarikaya sticky rice layer or surikaya sticky rice layer. According to sources I have read, Sarikaya sticky rice is commonly eaten during the fasting month and was once often referred to as “in-law food” by local residents. This is because in ancient times, during the fasting month, Sarikaya sticky rice was placed in a basket and delivered to the in-laws. Over time, due to its unique taste, Sarikaya sticky rice is no longer a food only for the in-laws, but a typical food for all groups.

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Resep Kue Basah Khas Banjarmasin, Cocok Jadi Menu Takjil!

This cake has nothing to do with Surikaya fruit and does not use any essence related to Surikaya in its ingredients, but some people call it Surikaya layered mochi because of the custom of ancient people to write Sarikaya as Surikaya. Masu.

When I googled it, I found a lot of recipes for sticky rice, and I couldn’t tell which one was the original recipe, but from what I saw, they seemed to use almost the same ingredients and methods. The layers of Sarikaya sticky rice I made using a recipe from detikfood.

This Sarikaya glutinous rice layer cake has a pandan green top layer and white glutinous rice bottom layer, and is beautifully proportioned to the balance between the soft flavor of the bottom layer and the gentle sweetness and aroma of the top layer. It’s an attractive color combination. The scent of pandan. Hmm, it’s very appetizing and the cake is so delicious that I want to make it again. I made this a week ago, so the only picture is of the layered cake. I’m swallowing my saliva as I type this, so I want another layer of sticky rice. 1. Layer I together, add rice flour, potato starch, sugar, and suji leaf water and mix. Pour in the warm coconut milk and mix well. Brew with warm coconut milk. Stir well. Let’s set it aside.

3. Stir together rice flour, starch and warm coconut milk. Add coconut milk and brown sugar mixture. Stir well. Let’s set it aside.

Batas Daratan Pulau Sumatera Serta Provinsi Di Dalamnya

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Resep Kue Putri Selat Tradisional Sumatera

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Dessert Khas Kalimantan Selatan Berbahan Tepung Beras

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Resep Aneka Kue Basah Dari Tepung Beras

Check your information before it’s too late. 7 signs you don’t know you have an ant nest in your home. One of them is the noise coming from the walls.

#How to clean without disassembling #How to store #Pertamina #Fan #Durability #Ryan Tumlin #Cassava #Garlic #Characteristics of women with strong sexual desire Indonesia is not only rich in natural and cultural resources, but also has a variety of cooking. Indonesia’s delicious cuisine is known all over the world and its deliciousness is recognized by tourists from different countries. So this time, we will introduce you to the most delicious traditional Indonesian cake that you will be addicted to once you try it. Without further ado, here is a list of the 10 most delicious Indonesian traditional cakes.

If Western countries are proud of their delicious chocolate, Indonesia has a sweet treat called wasik that is just as delicious as Cadbury’s chocolate. Wasik is a traditional Indonesian cake made by mixing sticky rice and Javanese sugar, and its brownish color whets the appetite.

Resep Kue Putri Selat Tradisional Sumatera

Once you bite into a diamond, you will definitely be addicted to it. You can enjoy the sweetness that fills your mouth and the chewy texture of sticky rice. Diamonds are usually very good to serve as an appetizer or an afternoon snack.

Uts Pengolahan Makanan Indonesia

The color is also very beautiful, like a five-star hotel dessert. Putri Serat is a typical Indonesian dish originating from the island of Sumatra. This wet cake is characterized by its bright green color from pandan leaves and the sweetness and flavor from coconut milk and granulated sugar. Like other traditional Indonesian cakes made from rice flour, putri serat has a chewy and slightly sticky texture, but is very delicious to eat as a snack.

This wide, round cake exudes the typical romance of Central Java, full of noble character and oriental values. Serabi Soro is a typical Indonesian dish made by mixing rice flour and coconut milk. This batter is then cooked in a recessed iron skillet. The bottom of the pancake, which comes in direct contact with the fire, is brownish and has a crispy texture. The top remains white, has a very soft texture, and is usually sprinkled with sprinkles or banana pieces. It’s very delicious when eaten while it’s still warm.

Putumayan is one of the most beautiful traditional Indonesian cakes. Decorated with bright colors obtained from natural dyes, putu mayang is a market snack whose basic ingredient is red sweet potato, which is relatively inexpensive. Served with grated coconut, putu mayang is best eaten on your terrace with a cup of hot tea and listening to the voices of Javanese men and women.

The shape is simple and round, and the brown color comes from sugar.

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