Resep Kue Pukis Spesial

Resep Kue Pukis Spesial – , Jakarta To enjoy soft and delicate pukis cakes, we can make them ourselves at home. The way to do this is quite easy. Below are five selected recipes for Pukis cake that you can try right away.

Mix flour, sugar, vanilla, baking soda and yeast. Stir until evenly mixed. Then gradually add coconut milk. Add coconut milk, stirring gently until the mixture is soft. Use a whisk to mix.

Resep Kue Pukis Spesial

Resep Kue Pukis Spesial

Add eggs, mix well. In the last stage, add liquid margarine. Mix again until there are no lumps.

Resep Pukis Empuk, Tanpa Mixer Dan Emulsifier

Set the dough aside for about 30 minutes until it rises. As the mass increases, stir the mixture again to get rid of the gas contained in it. Prepare a baking tray and preheat it. Pour the pukis mixture into the formed tin greased with margarine.

Use only low heat to cook puki. At low heat, it cooks evenly and does not burn easily. According to taste, we can add sprinkles or additions such as cheese, raisins or chocolate.

Isn’t it very easy to make soft pukis cookies without using a mixer? I wish you good luck and I hope you will take up baking cakes with more enthusiasm.

First prepare the ingredients. The method involves mixing 25 grams of wheat flour with 1 teaspoon of yeast and 50 ml of water. Mix well. Then leave for about 15 minutes.

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Resep Pukis Empuk, Enak Dan Lezat, Dijamin Mengembang!

Prepare a container. Add granulated sugar and eggs. Beat with a mixer until the mixture is thick and light white. Then gradually add flour and milk. Beat until mixture is evenly mixed.

Heat the mold. Grease the surface of the pan with butter. Pour the mixture halfway. Cook until the pukis dough is cooked. The fact that the cake is baked is indicated by the fact that after piercing it with a stick, the cake does not stick to the stick.

7. Pour the mixture into the pan. Cover for about 10 minutes. Add toppings. Cover again for about 5 minutes until cooked through. Remove the cake from the pan and serve. Continue this way until all the dough ingredients are used.

Resep Kue Pukis Spesial

9. Heat the pukis form and grease it with margarine. Insert the dough 3/4 of the way into each hole. Close the baking dish. Once the cake is ready, you can add cheese or raisins to decorate. Continue like this until you run out of dough.

Kue Pukis Kini Bisa Dibikin Sendiri Di Rumah! Sontek Resepnya Ala Ade Koerniawan Di Sini!

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