Resep Kue Pia

Resep Kue Pia – Today afternoon came Ngelapak On Air Sebayu FM who participated in supporting POSE (Sebayu FM Podcast) program, especially in Tegal Selatan district, namely Kue Pia Keysha with owner, Mr. Ferry Septiarso, Jl Semarang No. 3 RT 04 05 Debong Tengah Tegal City (West MI Ehsaniya Chowk).

Pia Keysha Cakes offers a variety of the most common Pia Cakes and consists of 9 flavors including Green Bean, Chocolate, Fruit, Milk, Cheese, Onion, Palm Sugar, Pineapple, Durian. The advantage of Pia Keysha Cake compared to other pia cakes is that consumers can immediately come and enjoy the pia cake that is still hot (fresh from the oven), size, content and taste guaranteed BIG SIZE, Cheap price in Tegal city, without security. Or artificial sweeteners and no old stock.

Resep Kue Pia

Resep Kue Pia

The price of Pia Keysha cake is very pocket friendly, starting from just IDR 1,700/piece and varies from IDR for cheese flavor. 2,000 / seeds and dates cost Rp. 2,500/seed and also provides boxes and baskets. The price of the box is IDR 17,000/box with 10 pieces and a basket of IDR. 34,000/besek consisting of 20 pia. For taste, you can combine special biscuits and boxes.

Resep Bakpia Kacang Hijau Homemade Enak Dan Mudah

Pia Keysha Cakes provides a promo for minimum purchase of IDR 70,000, you will get 1 coupon and you can collect up to 10 coupons, you will get 1 free box of Pia Cakes in each flavor or flavor of your choice can choose The shelf life of Pia Cake is 6 days at room temperature and about 1 week at cold temperature. Pia Kesha Cakes accepts orders Monday to Saturday from 9am to 5pm.

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For those interested, you can directly contact 085747999661 and social media FB: Kue Pia Keysha or IG: kuepiakeyshaofficial. Bakpia is a common Indonesian food that is often consumed as a souvenir after holidays. But, don’t worry, during the current pandemic, you can still enjoy it, even at home.

You can easily and practically make your own Bakapiya at home. Below is the recipe for bakpea with different fillings and cooking methods.

1. Mix flour, sugar, yeast and salt until evenly mixed. Put in hot water, stir well. After that, add butter, knead until soft or dough can be formed. Let the dough rest for 30 minutes.

Kenapa Bakpia Sangat Identik Dengan Yogyakarta?

1. For the filling, mix the steamed green vegetables with all the prepared filling ingredients, mix well. set aside

3. Prepare the plastic/base. Take component 1, salt it. Add ingredients 2 on top, close like a wrap, roll out. Repeat 3-4 times (as the texture is layered).

According to taste. Place the bakpea in the oven at 180°C for 10 minutes, bake for 30-40 minutes. Take and serve.

Resep Kue Pia

2. Flour, sugar, yeast, salt. Beat well. Then, add margarine and water. Knead until smooth. Let the dough rest for 30 minutes. Cover with cloth/handkerchief.

Jual Kue Pia Bandung Coklat, Keju, Coklat Keju Murah Homemade Oleh Oleh Khas Bandung Kekinian Kahayang

4. Put on Teflon, and cook on low heat. Once slightly browned, turn the bakpea over. Bake until brown again. Take and serve.

2. Add sifted flour, cocoa powder and baking powder, beat until smooth. After that, add cooking oil, stir again until smooth. set aside

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4. Next, pour the mixture halfway into a greased muffin tin. Steam in a preheated steamer for 10 minutes.

5. Next, add the chocolate filling, then cover with the rest of the flour until the pan is full. Steam again for 15 minutes. Once cooked, remove from heat and serve.

Resep Pia Kacang Tanah

1. Mix all the skin dough ingredients except the water. After that, add water and oil little by little, knead until we can give a shape, roll into small balls until the dough is finished, keep aside.

2. For the filling, combine the ground green vegetables with all the filling ingredients over medium heat. Knead until the dough forms, roll it into a ball and keep aside.

3. Even out the skin mixture, then fill with the green vegetable mixture and adjust to taste, repeat until done.

Resep Kue Pia

I shouted very loudly, but no one heard. So, I decided to write. IG account: anthologykata_id

Kue Pia Eiji Khas Bali Asli Enak, Makanan & Minuman, Snek Di Carousell

IDN Times Community is a media that provides a platform for writing. All written work created is the sole responsibility of the author. Indonesian women thrive on the power of dreams Recipe for Piya with Peanuts No less delicious than Piya with Green Beans

You can make a bowl full of peanuts for 10 pieces. For the filling, you need to prepare ingredients like chopped peanuts and sweetened condensed milk.

-Tired of wet bakkie filled with green vegetables? Try following this recipe for dry peanut cake.

You can make about 10-15 pieces according to the required size. The texture of the papaya skin is full of sweetness and flavor.

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Sama Enaknya! Kalau Jogja Punya Bakpia, Kota Malang Punya Pia Mangkok

Sprinkle black sesame seeds as a topping to make the pie cake attractive. Check out the recipe from the book “Annika Bakery Series Book Volume 01 24 Recipes for Processing and Transforming Spicy Chicken Folded Bread” (2013) by Dapur Delish Team published by Medantaara Infoprasada.

The book “Aneka Bakery Series Book Volume 01 24 Recipes for Processing and Modifying Spicy Chicken Folded Bread” (2013) by Dapur Delicious Team published by Mediaantara Infopersada can be purchased at

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Resep Kue Pia

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Latopia Khas Tegal Kue Pia Dahlia

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