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Resep Kue Molen Terbaru – This time we want to introduce you to information on how to make a chocolate mole. Molen is a meal or snack that is usually made from bananas covered in a batter made from flour.

The fried flour ingredients are definitely perfect if enjoyed in the afternoon or early morning, and best enjoyed with hot tea or coffee. Most people refer to this snack as banana molen.

Resep Kue Molen Terbaru

Resep Kue Molen Terbaru

Molen bananas are familiar to everyone, many people have a taste, and many are also sold in shops and street vendors as fryers. But do you know where this mashed banana comes from? Taken from wikipedia, mole bananas actually come from North Sumatra.

Berita Dan Informasi Pisang Molen Terkini Dan Terbaru Hari Ini

We are already familiar with these snacks or fried foods because many people sell them in markets or pastry shops. However, it is much better if we make it ourselves at home, it will be more hygienic and it will be much tastier.

The first thing to pay attention to is that the dough is not dense, stiff or crunchy. And that in the use of materials and also the composition. Using protein flour and mixed with a little cornstarch.

On this occasion, I will tell you several types of mole recipes and how to make melted chocolate molen, the ingredients of which you can easily find in the nearest minimarket or stalls.

Just like the previous how to make chocolate mashed bananas, we only need to combine bananas with chocolate. You can try this at home as the ingredients are easily available and it is very easy to make.

Resep Molen Pisang Dari @lisna_lisnawati71

After frying and cooking according to what we want, we drain the mole on a plate on which we have put paper or a tissue. Leave the blender you just removed from the pan until the oil is gone.

To make a banana molen that needs to be taken into account, the banana to taste good. After that, just carefully process part of the skin. Not all bananas are suitable for dessert. The best type of banana for making moles is the uli banana. Starting with fried bananas, leker filling, even compote, is perfect when you use banana hives.

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The taste of banana uli is so sweet, with a soft and delicate texture, perfect for banana molena filling. The size is not too big and not too small.

Resep Kue Molen Terbaru

In addition, the bananas used must be bananas with a relatively low water content. This is because if the type of banana used is the uli banana type which is generally soft and has a moist texture.

Resep Molen Keju Dari @wawawiati

Maybe when we fry it, the texture of the banana will be soggy and it’s hard to get a crispy banana. It is this that can reduce the enjoyment of processed fried bananas.

One of these types of bananas is the best banana for frying. In processed fried bananas for some fried banana merchants, they will tend to use this type of banana as the main ingredient.

Because this type of banana uli is a type of banana that meets the criteria for bananas that are suitable for us to fry. In addition, the texture of this banana is thicker and allows you to get a delicious and delicious banana taste when we eat it.

For maximum results, be sure to choose the right type of flour. Different types of flour, of course the results will also be different. The higher the flour, the softer and chewier the texture will be. Therefore, use moderate protein flour to make moleskin.

Daftar Harga Menu Delivery Molly Molen, Sumbersari, Malang Terbaru 2023

If you still have a supply of medium protein flour at home, make sure the quality of the flour is still good. This is very important to determine the quality of the resulting mixer. So if you have leftover flour, store it properly so that it can be used many times without diminishing the results of the dish.

Do not be lazy to use a scale and check proven recipes. Follow the instructions and don’t just guess. The mutual balance of the portions is very important to create the texture of Molen’s skin, which is just the right amount of crispy. Add 3 tablespoons of cornstarch to 250 grams of flour. Sift everything until smooth.

After sifting flour with sugar, salt and margarine until mixed. Knead the dough in ice water. This is a trick to keep the mole skin from getting tough after frying. Knead until smooth and non-sticky, OK?

Resep Kue Molen Terbaru

When all the dough is ready, fry the ground meat in new and hot oil. The skin will be crispy. In addition, we fry using the technique of turning the dough back and forth in the oil so that it cooks evenly.

Cara Membuat Molen Enak Gapake Ribet!

Of course, if we use bananas in the filling, we can get some benefits for our body. Moms can attract our children’s interest in eating nutritious foods like bananas to fill the source of nutrition as well.

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One way is to reshape ripe bananas into unique and enticing creations for our children to taste. Friends can try banana creations by turning them into a banana mole. You can also combine banana preparations with some of our kids’ favorite flavors like cheese, chocolate and so on.

Bananas can suppress your appetite because they contain fiber that can keep hunger at bay until it’s time to eat. However, as a processed banana food, the portion of chocolate mole bananas still needs to be controlled so that obesity does not occur in our body.

If mothers at home want to give their children natural food supplements so that their children are always in good health, then bananas are the answer to this problem. Bananas can be a very good source of energy to meet the energy needs of our body. Bananas are one of the best fruits because they contain a lot of fiber and nutrients.

Daftar Resep Kue Dan Roti Terbaru Bisa Dicoba Di Rumah

Another advantage of bananas is the content of pectin compounds, or insoluble fiber, which can maintain digestion and prevent diarrhea. The soft pulp of bananas can also coat the walls of the stomach and intestines, so it can become an anti-inflammatory layer for the stomach.

Maybe these are just some of the benefits of bananas that you may know, it turns out that only Molen bananas contain various benefits for our body. Especially for our kids who don’t like bananas.

Friends can create bananas by turning them into chocolate mashed bananas. Of course, our children will definitely like one of the bananas processed in this way. Ok, I hope that’s enough from me, I’m more or less sorry, that’s all and thank you.- There are plenty of snack menus that can be an option for fun dining with family and friends. For those of you who love sweet snacks, you can really try making processed banana snacks. Bananas are truly champions in their processing into various delicious dishes. Not only can they be steamed or fried, bananas are also excellent to prepare as the main ingredient for mole snacks. This Molen flour cake has a distinct sweet, salty, legit and crunchy flavor in every bite.

Resep Kue Molen Terbaru

Banana mole is so delicious to eat with a glass of coffee or tea. Suitable for serving at any time for family, guests, big events, even Molen snacks can be one of the culinary business ideas, you know. Over time, the molen, which is usually filled with bananas, takes on different flavors.

Resep Pisang Molen

How to make a molen is very simple. For the pastry ingredients, mix the flour, cornstarch, eggs and margarine together until smooth. Then wrap the dough with the main ingredient. In addition to bananas, you can add other ingredients to your taste. For example, cheese, pineapple, chocolate, green beans, or others.

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How to make molen is very easy, with thin dough ingredients you can cover the stuffing with skin. Do not forget, fried in oil and you can eat immediately. The rim, the sweet aroma of bananas and the salty crunch of the peel cannot be denied.

Come on, make the following recipe to make molen. It’s perfect if you’re stuck at home. This molen is convenient and delicious to enjoy in the morning and have breakfast before activity. Good luck.

1. Skin: Mix all ingredients except cold water and margarine. Mix well, adding water a little at a time until smooth. Add margarine, knead again until smooth. Leave on for 20 minutes.

Aneka Cara Membuat Molen Pisang Berbagai Rasa !!

This is the sequence and instructions for using Viva Rose Water for morning and night skin care, for a white, clear, bright and glowing face! Follow the procedure and instructions for use here. Mashed banana is a recipe for a delicious snack that will never lose its charm. Crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside and always brings a delicious feeling with every bite. Banana molen originally comes from the Netherlands and then spread to various countries including Indonesia. This snack is a favorite of many people because of the mixture of soft banana texture and spicy pastry crust.

Of course, eating mole bananas will be more enjoyable if you enjoy them in a comfortable home like Avoria Estate.

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Resep Kue Molen Terbaru

For those of you looking for variations on the banana mole recipe to try something new. This article is ready to provide inspiration with five options for crispy and tender recipes. It is good to enjoy it in the afternoon or as a faithful friend while resting. Here are five variations of the mashed banana recipe that are sure to capture your heart and tongue.

Baru Goreng Pembeli Sudah Antre, Cemilan Lembut Dan Renyah Isi Pisang, Ide Jualan Untung Besar

The classic recipe for mole banana is the simplest version that presents the original taste of mole bananas. Here are the ingredients needed:

Do you want to try something richer in taste? Chocolate Cheese Bananas are a perfect choice. The mixture between the sweetness of the banana, the pleasure of the chocolate and the spicy taste of the cheese will transport you to an unforgettable taste paradise.

Want to try a more interesting option? Chocolate cheese mashed bananas are the right choice. The combination of salty cheese and sweet chocolate will delight your taste buds.

Flirting with sweet feelings? Banana Molen Crispy Caramel is the best choice for you. The delicious taste of crunchy caramel will make you addicted.

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