Resep Kue Lumpur Untuk Dijual

Resep Kue Lumpur Untuk Dijual – Home Cooking Soft, salty and fragrant steamed Heaven Mud Cake recipe, easy to follow for beginners, takes only 30 minutes to make and perfect for selling!

Soft, salty and fragrant steamed Heaven Mud Cake recipe, easy to follow for beginners, takes only 30 minutes to make and perfect for selling!

Resep Kue Lumpur Untuk Dijual

Resep Kue Lumpur Untuk Dijual

– Heavenly Mud Cake, a soft sweet dish with a salty coconut milk flavor, is still a popular snack.

Resep Kue Lumpur Surga Untuk Dijual Enak Dan Mudah

This cake is very practical to serve in a cup and its beauty combining the green color of pandan and the white of coconut milk will always whet your appetite.

Often served as takjil during the month of Ramadan, now you can enjoy this delicious heavenly mud cake anytime.

Just by following this easy recipe and using simple ingredients, you can make a heavenly mud cake that is ready to be enjoyed. Interested in how it’s done?

Green layer: Beat eggs and sugar first. Pour in the coconut milk and pandan water, stir until the sugar dissolves. Add the wheat flour, mix until smooth and strain.

Sensasi Kue Lumpur Tungku, Lembut Dan Lumer

White layer: Cook all the ingredients for the white layer in a pan over low heat. Stir occasionally until mixture bubbles, then remove from heat.

Pour the white mixture over the green layer. Steam again for 10 minutes until cooked. Remove and serve cold.

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Resep Kue Lumpur Untuk Dijual

Analysis (264) Beauty (11) BOOKS (124) Diurna (38) Wisdom (37) Science and Technology (101) Culinary (537) Literature (13) Food (2) Editorial (40) Football (13) Picture (68) Story ( 292) Thengul (12) Video (33)Sidoarjo – A visit to Sidoarjo is not complete without tasting the local specialties. One menu worth trying is the mud cake. The snack is made from coconut milk, potatoes, wheat flour and eggs.

Resep Kue Lumpur Surga Kukus Yang Lembut, Gurih, Dan Harum, Mudah Diikuti Oleh Pemula, Hanya Memerlukan 30 Menit Untuk Dibuat Dan Cocok Untuk Dijual!

There are many mud cake vendors in Shrimp City. Among them is Lilik Resiyowati (69). The place of business is also named after the owner. Namely Bu Lilik’s mud cake. The location is Jalan Hangtuah, Sidokumpul, Sidoarjo. Right next to the temple and Sidoarjo fish market. Bu Lilik’s Mud Cake is open from 07:00 WIB until noon.

Lilik said there is no special recipe for making mud cakes. Continuous maintenance of food quality is the key to the recipe itself.

“There are no different recipes, everything is the same. But my late husband and I have always been consistent in not changing the measurements of the dough ingredients at all. Although the price of raw materials increased, I did not change the ingredients of the dough at all. “The key for me and my late husband is just to maintain the quality of the taste that customers know, that’s the only key,” said Lilik, who opened the business in 2006.

The charcoal grilling method is still used in the mud cakes made by Lilik. He does not use a gas or electric stove for printing. This is also one of the things that determine the taste and aroma.

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“So the mixture is poured into the mold. “After that, cover it on the stove with charcoal on top for 7 minutes,” he added.

Liliki has two flavors of mud cakes. Namely, the original is sold at IDR 31,000 per box and the young coconut variant at IDR 36,000 per box. One box contains 10 edible mud cakes.

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Lilik can use at least 25 kg of wheat flour per day as the basic ingredient for mud cakes. So it’s no surprise that you can sell hundreds of boxes of mud cakes a day.

Resep Kue Lumpur Untuk Dijual

One of Bu Lilik’s Mud Cake customers is Anita from Surabaya. He admitted that he had been a customer for a long time. You can buy Mrs. Lilik’s mud cake several times a month.

Resep Kue Lumpur Anti Gagal

“I fit here, sir. All the way from downtown Surabaya here, I bought this for my family and I to consume. Sometimes you can buy 3-4 boxes at a time. “The taste has not changed since then,” said Anita.

Bu Lilik’s mud cakes, which can be eaten alone, are also suitable as a meal or a treat for a foreign family.

By the way, my family recommended coming here and it’s really delicious. “I’ve tried it several times in other places, but nothing is as delicious as Bu Lilik’s mud cake,” he explained.

This time, the legendary Indonesian band Dewa 19 feat Virzha will perform at Play Music in Surabaya. One mud cake made by Verina is not enough to eat. The texture is soft on the inside, dry on the outside. It’s delicious to chew slowly!

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Who doesn’t know mud cake? One of the traditional market snacks with a texture as soft as mud. Some are made from wheat flour and some are mixed with potatoes. Delicious to chew while still warm while steaming.

If you want to taste a soft, creamy cake, you can try the Wolak Walik potato mud cake. This snack is cooked twice and flipped in an iron grill so that the top and bottom of the cake cook evenly and are slightly dry.

Wolak-walik mud cake seller Verina revealed to detikcom (11/03) that she has been selling at Oro-Oro Dowo Market since 2016. However, she has started this business since 2012 by selling on CFD (Car Free Day).

Resep Kue Lumpur Untuk Dijual

“The reason I sell mud cakes is because I like making cakes. There is a lot of demand for mud cakes and they sell a lot,” she explained.

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Resep Kue Lumpur Untuk Jualan Yang Menguntungkan

Mud cakes are sold at IDR 5,000 per piece. This cake also has several filling options that customers can choose from, namely raisins, cheese and coconut.

Verina can sell up to 550 mud cakes per day on weekdays and 800 mud cakes on weekends. Verina admits that she consumes 18-20 kilos of potatoes a day and up to 30 kilos on weekends.

So what makes Verina’s mud cake different from others? The mud cake dough uses a potato mixture, so it is soft. In addition to this, the cooking process is reversed or “reversed”.

First, the mud cake dough is shaped with a mud cake mold. When the cake is cooked, it is removed and baked on an iron plate heated by fire. Grill on both sides until slightly brown and dry.

Resep Lumpur Surga

The surface of the Wolak-Walik mud cake dries out and turns brown. Meanwhile, the rest of the mud cakes remain pale yellow and slightly wet. When you chew it, it feels crunchy and melts inside, with the fragrant aroma of grilling. This is why you can’t eat just one mud cake. Absolutely addicting!

“People say our mud cakes are softer because we use more potatoes here. What’s wrong with this wolak-walik? The problem is that before mud cakes had to have charcoal on top, if you used charcoal it was complicated, so I was a walik and finally it was “The feature is that it can last up to 2 days because it is cooked in Walik, it can also be sent outside the city, often also to Jakarta,” explained Verina to detikcom.

Verina’s company is a family business and all her employees are members, from younger sister, older brother, to sister-in-law. In addition to Oro-Oro Dowo Market, Verina’s mud cake business is also currently open in Sawojajar Market, Malang.

Resep Kue Lumpur Untuk Dijual

When detikcom stopped by this shop at 10:00 WIB, many customers were in line and there were already 64 orders waiting.

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“Yes, you have to order if you want to get it, usually those who just came to the market order right away and then stay for shopping first,” said Verina.

The store opens at 7 a.m. and sells cakes until they run out. Mud cakes are usually sold out by 11 or 12.

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