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Resep Kue Lontong Paris – Hello Paulin’sCakes viewers, how are you? …everything is fine as I am typing…hihihi….today the car is being fixed so I’m stuck at jintah’s place…this morning started with an order for chocolate pudding from my darling daughter…because it’s a shame the oven already it’s hot…keep doing lontong paris….homework from my dear KBB…it’s really amazing this time it’s so simple to do…no need to go to the supermarket…just buy peanuts at the nearest market….

Step 1: first clean the table, it was full of miscellaneous furniture, after the table is set, then process the ingredients, weigh the margarine 250, icing sugar 200, shake a little, not earlier than 5 minutes, add the yolks 2, shake quickly, add the dry ingredients: flour, milk powder, cornstarch, vanilla powder, stir with a spatula, do like this

Resep Kue Lontong Paris

Resep Kue Lontong Paris

Step 4: prepare the roasted peanuts, or bake them in the oven for 10 minutes so that they turn a brownish-yellow color, put them in the food processor, or you can also grind them

Simak Kue Lebaran Khas Pulau Sumatera Yang Enak Dan Membuat Ketagihan

Step 5: make the caramel, it’s very easy, just melt the sugar, use low heat, after the sugar melts with a yellow-brown color, brush the cookies with the caramel, dip them in the peanuts, put them on the shelf… wait a minute… ready to serve in the afternoon with hot tea… delicious…

This cake includes classic sweets. It is usually served during the old days of Eid. But now Lontong Paris is becoming rare.

Lontong Paris putty is actually plain, i.e. syringe putty. Just be patient to cover the cakes one by one with caramel and chopped nuts.

1. Beat the margarine and icing sugar until light but not too white. Enter the yolks, beat. Add the flour, meizena and powdered milk, little by little the vanilla. Stir well with a spatula.

Rekomendasi Hampers Lebaran Di 5 Toko Kue Jakarta Selatan

1. Melt a few tablespoons of sugar over low heat in a small saucepan. Let the sugar melt and brown. Stir gently. Then add the pastries one by one and cover with caramel until all parts of the cake are covered in caramel. The Eid al-Fitr moment is not only enlivened by the presence of obligatory dishes like ketupat and opor. When Idul Fitri arrives, many cakes are neatly arranged on the table in the living room to welcome guests, both relatives and neighbors, who come to keep in touch.

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Until now, many of us thought that Eid cakes consist of nastar, snow white, kestengel and peanut cakes. Although many regions in Indonesia have traditional cakes, both dry and wet versions that complement the celebration of Eid al-Fitr.

1. Lontong paris, which is synonymous with icing and sprinkled with peanuts, sweetens Eid al-Fitr celebrations in Aceh and Sulawesi

Resep Kue Lontong Paris

2. Gapit cakes or semprong cakes are Eid dishes in various regions of Java such as Cirebon, Kudus and Madiun

Omset Kue Kering Naik Menjelang Lebaran

3. The people of the Betawi tribe and many other regions of Indonesia never forgot the crispy Kembang Goyang cake as their Eid dish

4. The people of Gorontalo have their own Idul Fitri cake, which tastes sweet and has interesting decorations, called kue karawo

5. Maluku and Sulawesi, two regions in eastern Indonesia that never fail to serve bagea cakes when Idul Fitri arrives

6. Even though it takes a long time to prepare it, the people of Palembang City never fail to serve the soft cake for eight hours

Kue Lontong Paris (10 Bahan)

8. Amparan Tatak does not exist only during Ramadan. The people of Kalimantan present this legit cake on the guests’ table during Idul Fitri

10. Most areas, especially Java, serve the sweetness of temptingly colored anthill cakes for Eid al-Fitr.

There were ten dry and wet cakes that complement the Eid al-Fitr celebrations in different regions of Indonesia. So that it’s not just nastar or other pastries, try serving the cakes mentioned above. Guaranteed that everyone loves to have fun!

Resep Kue Lontong Paris

IDN Times Community is a media that provides a platform for writing. All written works are the sole responsibility of the author. A love letter from the presenter KBB#51 already received the challenge for Lontong Paris….hmmmm…at first reading it seemed strange, right? Lontong Paris? After reading all the emails, I found that Lontong Paris is Pastries, I immediately ran to Ms. Google, I found that this Parisian rice cake is a Sulawesi pastry. It’s usually called a date cake, although I don’t use dates, hehe , maybe because of the slightly oblong shape like dates, yes, and for some reason it turns out to be Parisian rice cake, hi..

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Cara Bikin Kue Kurma (lontong Paris)

1. Beat the margarine and icing sugar until light but not too white. Enter the yolks, beat. Add the flour, meizena and powdered milk, little by little the vanilla. Stir well with a spatula.

2. Wrap the dough in plastic until it is the size of a finger. Cut 5 cm long or to taste. Bake at 160ºC for 30 minutes or until cooked through. cold.

1. Melt a few tablespoons of sugar over low heat in a small saucepan. Let the sugar melt and brown. Stir gently. Then add the pastries one by one and cover with caramel until all parts of the cake are covered in caramel.

It’s been a long time since I made marble cake. By the way, someone ordered it, so I made it :), using Pak Sahak’s marble cake recipe, it’s delicious and simple to make. The marble cake is very tall, the top doesn’t break – amazing – it’s really good for me because every time I make this marble cake, the top breaks. I don’t know why this time it’s different, it’s because when I put the dough in the oven the oven temperature is too hot or because of some other factor, I don’t know hehe.. but it’s a shame right behind the cooling grid left the scratches haha.. I got the recipe from Nina’s MARMLE CAKE OLD CAKE by blog. Sahak Ingredients: 5 eggs 125 g of sugar (I use caster sugar) 1 teaspoon of emulsifier 1 teaspoon of vanilla 150 g of wheat flour 15 g of cornstarch 15 g of milk powder 100 g of margarine ( I mix butter + margarine), melt 50 g of vegetable oil 1-2 teaspoons of brown paste or black forest paste (I use mocca paste) How to do it: – Preheat the oven to 180’C. Prepare a 20 cm tulban mold, grease with margarine and sprinkle with flour. set aside. – Mix

Kbb #51 Lontong Paris

Well…I really like this cake, it’s not adventurous but it’s delicious, the tasty coconut and coconut milk are very tasty. Oh yes, this typical Betawi pancong cake in West Java is called Bandros, but when I tried it I found that the coconut was cut into small pieces instead of grated, the dough seemed to be mixed with flour so it hardened quickly, I don’t like it 🙂 Because all time I buy pancong in Bogor city this is the one I think is not good, I’m curious to make it myself. Searching on Google, the recipes are all the same. Pancong Cake Recipe Ingredients 100 g rice flour 100 g grated coconut (young) 300 ml coconut milk 1/4 tsp salt How to do it 1. Mix the rice flour, salt and grated coconut, mix well 2. Add coconut milk little by little. stirring well 3. Heat the mold over low heat, brush with oil/margarine so that it does not stick when removing 4. Place the dough, cover, let it cook 5. Remove from the mold 6. Sprinkle sugar on top will do Because I have a new mini mold martabak, tried some using this mold

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I really like this food. Usually, if you buy it at a bakery, it comes in plastic cups. But I’m still confused between srikaya and sarikaya haha… I don’t know why because different cities have different names but the kind of food is the same or maybe different but I know this food is srikaya hehe… This is the first time that I’m making, the recipe is more or less the result of a Google search, the ingredients are all the same. Results are mixed, it’s done 🙂 Srikaya Brown Sugar Egg Recipe Ingredients: 350 ml medium thick coconut milk (I use 180 ml coconut milk + water to make it 350 ml) 95-100 g brown sugar (Sweet to taste , for me 95 g sweetness (medium because you don’t like it too sweet) 3 eggs, shake it up Salt to taste 1 pandan leaf Method: 1. Boil coconut milk + brown sugar + pandan until the sugar dissolves while stirring Elevator Filter Cooling 2. Add the boiled coconut milk that has cooled/heated warm to the beaten eggs, add salt, mix well 3. Place in small or medium cup molds 4. Heat

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