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Resep Kue Kering Khas Aceh – Knowing Special Cakes from Traditional Indonesian Ancestral Recipes – One of the popular snacks among the community is kueh kueh which is a type of cake that has a hard and crunchy texture that is usually cooked by baking it in the oven. This cake has a high level of crispiness because the water content in the cake is very low. Due to the low water content, this type of cake is very durable and not difficult to store. Generally, these cakes are made using basic flour ingredients such as rice flour, flour, cassava, sago, glutinous flour, and other types of flour.

Commonly known crunchy textured confections are cookies and biscuits. These imported snack products are widely produced in the form of tins and packaging and are very easily available in the market. powder and so on.

Resep Kue Kering Khas Aceh

Resep Kue Kering Khas Aceh

But did you know that our country also has a type of small crispy-textured pastries from traditional recipes that taste no less delicious than cookies and biscuits. Let’s explore together what kind of pastry is the traditional recipe of our country:

Resep Kue Bagiak, Kue Kering Khas Banyuwangi

This cake comes from the westernmost tip of Indonesia, namely Aceh Darussalam. Bhoi cakes have a dense texture on the outside, but soft on the inside. The sweetness that is not excessive makes this cake suitable to be served with a cup of sweet tea or hot coffee in the afternoon. Bhoi cakes are baked in various shapes, including flower, fish and star shapes. Actually this cake is identified with sponge cake because the ingredients are almost the same, but the texture becomes rougher and harder and the size of the cake becomes smaller.

This dry food comes from the Malay culture that is widespread in Riau. In fact, the popularity of this cake has been carried to another country, namely Malaysia. Kuih Bangkit or some call it Kuih Babon, is one of the snacks in Riau that must be served on holidays. The taste of this small cake is sweet and crunchy, and the appetizing taste is also evident because this cake uses coconut milk as the basic ingredient added with a mixture of sago flour and sugar.

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This dry cake is a cake whose basic ingredient does not use wheat flour, but uses mung bean flour as its trademark. Some say that this cake comes from West Java, but not a few say that this cake comes from Jakarta. This cake is called Satu because when pressed into the pan, the dough is added and baked one by one. Another name for this kuih is kuih koyah, with a sweet taste and fragrant green beans, as well as a distinctive kuih texture that is hard and rough on the tongue.

This snack is very well known by the Maluku community. Using the basic ingredient of sago flour which is also a staple food in this region, Bagea is often used as a snack to accompany a hot cup of coffee in the morning. Additional complementary ingredients that complete the Bagea cake recipe are generally coconut sugar, walnuts, and additional spices such as cloves and cinnamon. This pastry has a crunchy texture with a delicious sweetness mixed with a tempting cinnamon aroma.

Kuliner Khas Lebaran Di Aceh, Idul Fitri Makin Meriah Di Serambi Mekkah

This is a new type of pastry. Not to mention the specialties and regional drinks that are the mascots of every region in Indonesia. This shows that Indonesia is actually very rich, right? I still remember the first cultural festival event on campus, where there was a session where different types of special cuisines from each region were showcased. And if it is served at the table, it is not enough. So many food menus. So, what’s your favorite pastry? For me, it is a type of kastengel and nastar that is a must-have menu for making pastries at home. After all, it’s delicious… hahaha Aceh is not only famous for Gayo coffee which is one of the best coffees in Indonesia in the whole world. Aceh also has a variety of special Acehnese snacks that you must taste when visiting Aceh. This special snack is very special from Aceh. Acehnese snacks that you must enjoy while visiting Aceh include:

Bhoi is a traditional Acehnese sponge cake. Although the outer texture is dry, this cake has a very soft texture on the inside. This cake is usually served with a hot cup of coffee. The shapes are different from the shapes of fish, flowers, other animals, or those printed on baking sheets.

Timphan is a typical Acehnese snack wrapped in young banana leaves. Timphan has a variety of flavors, starting from purple sweet potato, durian, coconut, and srikaya. Timphan is also suitable served with a cup of coffee. These snacks are often served at large events such as gatherings, gatherings, and Aidilfitri.

Resep Kue Kering Khas Aceh

Keukrah or Kuih Karah is a popular snack among Acehnese people. This cake is made of rice flour and is shaped like a lump of dry vermicelli. This snack is also often said to resemble a bird’s nest. This sweet and crunchy snack originally developed on the west coast of Aceh. Keukarah is often served in customary and traditional events, especially in West Aceh.

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Resep Kue Kering Lebaran Paling Enak, Mudah Dibuat, Renyah, Dan Praktis

Kuih Adee Meureudu is often said to be Acehnese bingkang cake because of its almost similar texture. This cake is made from duck eggs mixed with coconut milk. Its soft texture and sweet taste make this snack perfect to eat with a cup of coffee or tea. The special aroma of fried onions and the slightly blackened surface of the cake make this cake a must for you to taste when visiting Aceh. Kuih Adee Meureudu is quite popular in Pidie Jaya, Aceh.

You might think that bakpia only exists in Yogyakarta. Aceh also has a special snack called Bakpia Aceh. The taste is also not less delicious. Bakpia Aceh factory is located in Pantai Kasih, Sabang. You can also watch the manufacturing process. However, you don’t have to come to the factory to buy these snacks. You just have to visit the souvenir shop in Banda Aceh.

Kembang Loyang is a typical Acehnese snack that looks like flowers or flowers. This cake is made from rice flour mixed with sesame. The flower shape is obtained from the use of a cake mold during the frying process. It tastes sweet and savory and is often served during the Aidilfitri celebration in Aceh.

In addition to Timphan, there is also another Acehnese snack wrapped in banana leaves called Lepat. Lepat is made of glutinous rice flour filled with brown sugar and sprinkled with fried grated coconut in the middle. This snack is usually found during Gayo community celebrations.

Cara Membuat Kue Bhoi, Khas Aceh

Jadah Lemang is an Acehnese snack made from glutinous rice and coconut milk. This snack is a special food of Aceh Singkil. Jadah Lemang cooked with bamboo has a good taste. This dish is suitable to be paired with side dishes such as rendang and includes culinary dishes that are often served on Eid al-Fitr and Aidil Adha.

Banana Sale is a special food of Aceh made from bananas. This snack is made from bananas coated in cane sugar and smoked. Banana sales have existed since ancient times. This snack is very popular because of its sweet and distinctive taste.

Dodoi in Indonesian is called dodol. Dodoi Teupong is an Acehnese snack that is popular among Acehnese people. This original Acehnese dodol has a sweet, legit, and delicious taste. In addition, this dish is often used as a wedding cake by the majority of the Acehnese community. The process of making Dodoi Teupong is very difficult and tiring. The cooking process takes a long time. This is so that this Acehnese snack lasts a long time and does not spoil quickly.

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Resep Kue Kering Khas Aceh

Besides Dodoi Teupong, Aceh also has Dodoi Breuh. At first glance, this Dodoi is not much different from Dodoi Teupong. However, if touched, this dodoi has a rougher texture. This is because Dodoi Breuh is made from glutinous rice, not from flour like Dodoi Teupong.

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Bu Gring is an Acehnese snack made from rice. The rice is dried in the sun and then fried. After that, the rice is mixed with caramelized sugar and put into the mold. This cake has a sweet and crunchy taste.

Meuseukat is an Acehnese snack that has a very beautiful and soft appearance. The yellow color of this cake comes from the yellow color of the pineapple contained in it. The texture of the cake is very soft, so you don’t need to chew because the cake just melts in your mouth.

14. Sweet Nutmeg Nutmeg is made from nutmeg. Nutmeg is the biggest commodity in Aceh. Many Acehnese produce this sweet. Don’t forget this sweetness if you visit South Aceh.

15. Bohromrom Bohromrom or in the Acehnese language is often called Kuih Boh Deuk Beudeh. This cake is made of glutinous rice flour with brown sugar filling. Bohromrom is served with a sprinkle of grated coconut. If you look at it, this snack is similar to Klepon Kuih in Java. However, the color of this cake is different from Klepon.

Resep Timpan, Kue Makanan Khas Aceh Yang Legit!

16. Roti Canai Aceh Roti Canai Aceh is a typical Acehnese snack that is famous among the general public. This bread is made from wheat flour and cooked with butter. The bread is round in shape and added with different flavors. Its soft texture makes this cake very suitable to be eaten with lamb curry sauce.

Rujak Aceh Samalanga can be found in various corners of the village in Aceh. This special Acehnese rujak is very distinctive with its sweet, sour and spicy taste. Rujak Aceh Samalanga is almost similar to fruit salad in general. The ingredients used consist of mango, papaya, yam, kedondong, pineapple, cucumber, and guava. However, the use of reeds in Rujak Aceh Samalanga makes this Rujak Aceh very distinctive. The spices used consist of salt, cayenne pepper, tamarind, palm/red sugar, banana (rock banana), peanuts, and reeds.

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