Resep Kue Kering Kecipir Manis

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Resep Kue Kering Kecipir Manis – Holla, how’s it going? Good luck. Okay, I haven’t written about cooking in a long time. Since there have been many requests to write a simple Easter cake recipe, I am going to share this recipe with all my friends.

This recipe is a recipe that was created by trial and error of mixing the ingredients to get the right (in my opinion) dosage. Has anyone ever known or eaten a cookie called winged beans before? Even in the area where you live, the name is different. Here, the name is winged bean because its shape resembles the winged bean plant (which is usually made as a vegetable). Every time there’s a wedding, they always deliver these baked goods, you know. So it’s a bit tricky if you’re suddenly craving that one cookie. It’s time to wait for someone who has desires. ha ha…

Resep Kue Kering Kecipir Manis

Resep Kue Kering Kecipir Manis

Winged bean pie is a traditional Indonesian pastry that is still widely served, especially when Eid is celebrated, it is served in many homes.

Resep Camilan Dari Tepung Terigu Enak, Praktis Dan Murah Meriah

The winged bean cake is made of glutinous rice flour, and its original flavor is glutinous rice flour with the addition of sweet sesame seeds. But over time, winged bean cake has many flavors, such as winged coconut cake, winged cheese cake, etc.

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That is why I am sharing the recipe with you so that you can prepare it yourself at home. Here is a wing bean recipe that is sure to be easy and tasty.

Fifth, add additional ingredients such as sesame or food coloring (according to taste). If you want to make cheesecakes with wings, just add cheese to the mixture and fry as usual.

Sixth, heat the oil in a pan, then squeeze the dough with a four-tooth syringe mold. Print directly on oil yes.

Resep Kue Kecipir Enak Dan Mudah

OK, this is a recipe that I hope all my friends will be able to follow. It can also be the inspiration for Eid cakes. Hope this helps. How to make Coconut Root Cake – Wikipedia version, Coconut Root Cake is a traditional Eid cake that is native to Betawi and the surrounding area. Coconut root pie, which is also nicknamed fiber root pie, areca root pie, winged bean pie, and root pie, is actually an old school pie that is hard to find these days.

Coconut cake is usually served with rengginang and fried peanuts during special events such as Eid al-Fitr and celebrations. Today, the city of Bekasi is the largest producer of coconut root cookies, which are now made with cheese. But because with the passage of time, this cake is no longer mass-produced.

Today’s recipe for a modern coconut cake is churros. Churros are fried pastries originating from abroad that are now popular in Indonesia. In my opinion, the way of making coconut cake is almost the same as the process of making churros. Namely, both are made from a simple dough, then processed by frying in a cake mold or sprayed from a paper bag with a star-shaped mold.

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Resep Kue Kering Kecipir Manis

These churros are very similar in shape to coconut root cakes. It’s just that the coconut root is smaller than churros. When serving, the tastiest churros are eaten with a little powdered sugar or with a chocolate sauce. As for the coconut root fritter itself, it is simply served and eaten immediately, and its sweet and spicy flavor comes from the coconut milk and margarine.

Resep Kue Garpu

In my opinion, making coconut cookies that will be crispy and tasty is not difficult. It’s just that when frying, you need to be patient, like when making a crunchy, glutinous sesame flour cake that I shared some time ago. When frying, use a small fire to make the coconut root batter crispy, crispy, and not hard when eaten.

Those who miss processed coconut root cookies, let’s try making them at home! Here are the ingredients and how to make an easy and practical cake with sticky coconut roots.

Given the history of coconut cake, it is said that the name “coconut root” comes from its shape, which resembles a real coconut root. An additional attraction of this cake is the salty-sweet taste. It is an obligation for the Betawi area and its surrounding area that during Eid a cake is always present with fried peanuts as well as ketapang seed cake.

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