Resep Kue Kembang Seruni Khas Makassar

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Resep Kue Kembang Seruni Khas Makassar – One of the popular traditional cakes in Makassar is chrysanthemum cake. The cake looks similar to a chrysanthemum flower. Usually, this cake is often served at engagement parties, girls’ nights out or Bugis Makassar weddings.

The skin is made from glutinous rice flour and coconut milk. Meanwhile, the filling is made from puree mixed with sugar.

Resep Kue Kembang Seruni Khas Makassar

Resep Kue Kembang Seruni Khas Makassar

The first step is to make the outer skin first. The trick, heat the thin coconut milk until it is almost boiling. Next, take a bowl and mix the glutinous rice flour, granulated sugar and salt, then mix until smooth. Pour in the hot coconut milk a little at a time until the dough is cleanable.

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After that, divide the dough into three parts. Then, give the color according to the desired color. If you want only one color, it is better and tastier if you use only pandan water.

Next process, take two potatoes. Wash thoroughly. Then steam the potatoes in a pot heated on the stove. Remove the potatoes when cooked. Let it cool a little, then peel it and make puree. Put aside.

Take enough dough from the outer skin, flatten it. Then, add the potato filling. Tighten and round shape. Decorate the surface of the cake in the form of chrysanthemums using tweezers or serrated pliers. Then, pinch starting from the middle outwards.

Before steaming the chrysanthemum cake, first heat the steamer pan. Then cover the formed cake with a base of banana leaf that has been smeared with oil. Then, steam for about 10 minutes. Do not forget to open the lid of the steamer every two minutes so that the cake does not swell and the final cake does not match.

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While you wait for the cake to cook, don’t forget to prepare the coconut milk sauce. Boil the thick coconut milk while stirring until the coconut milk explodes. After that, add flour, sugar, salt and pandan leaves. Wait until it boils. Step aside if you have.

The combination of sweet and savory flavors, as well as its chewy texture on the outside and soft on the inside, have made this chrysanthemum cake a time-honored favorite. The taste is delicious and legit, typical of traditional coconut milk cakes.

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This chrysanthemum cake is certainly very suitable to be enjoyed while it is still warm with your beloved family. Good luck at home, okay! Good luck!

Resep Kue Kembang Seruni Khas Makassar

IDN Times Community is a media that provides a writing platform. All written works are the full responsibility of the author. Each region in Indonesia has a variety of traditional foods with distinctive flavors. It is often accompanied by philosophical values ‚Äč‚Äčthat make it even more special. Due to its delicious taste and philosophy, it is no wonder that traditional cakes are often present at important moments in society, for example as proposal cakes.

Kafe Sajikan Camilan Tradisional Indonesia Yang Sediakan Lupis Hingga Lunpia, Jajan Dengan Nuansa Kekinian

One area that has a variety of unique traditional cakes with a distinctive taste is South Sulawesi, especially the Bugis tribe, Makassar. A variety of soft and sweet traditional cakes from this area are perfect for filling proposal trays or wedding favors. Here are some of them:

This traditional cake from South Sulawesi has a unique name, “sweet beautiful cake” or often called “miss sweet cake”. As the name implies, this cake made from flour, cornstarch, sugar, eggs, coconut milk and pandan looks beautiful and appetizing. Saucer-shaped, green with a white center.

A fragrant aroma of pandan, a soft, chewy texture, with a sweet and salty taste from this sweet nona cake that fits perfectly on the tongue. It is not surprising that this cake is often found in sending applications as well as in various important events and moments of the Bugis community. However, this cake is called Miss Manis cake because it is inspired by the beauty of Indonesian women, you know!

Shaped like chrysanthemums or chrysanthemums, chrysanthemum flower cake is one of the special snacks in Makassar, South Sulawesi. The basic ingredients are glutinous rice flour, granulated sugar and coconut milk, with a sweet filling made from potatoes and granulated sugar. Served with a thick coconut milk sauce, this beautiful traditional cake is very pleasant to eat.

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Cakes made with colorful pasta usually only appear on special occasions, such as weddings. This chrysanthemum cake is served in a bosara, which is a closed serving dish. You can also make it a unique proposal cake to add color to your wedding delivery.

Barongko, a traditional snack wrapped in banana leaves, is a special cake for the people of South Sulawesi. In the past, barongko cakes were only served to the kings or nobility of the Bugis kingdom on certain occasions such as traditional, religious or wedding ceremonies.

The word barongko itself comes from the abbreviation “barangku mua udoko” which in the Bugis-Makasar language means “my own things that I pack”. The Bugis-Makasar people place a very important value on the concept of “siri” or self-respect. Therefore, maintaining self-respect is considered an act carried out by the “siri” culture of maintaining dignity and honor.

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Resep Kue Kembang Seruni Khas Makassar

Not only that, the banana leaf used to wrap the banana filling actually has a philosophy of honesty, namely that what is visible on the outside should match the contents inside. This represents the importance of consistency between feelings, thoughts and actions. In the context of marriage or household, this principle is the main basis in building a harmonious family.

Mama Toko Kue, Kafe Dengan Ragam Kuliner Makassar Yang Menggiurkan

Over time, this traditional cake made from plantains, eggs, coconut milk and granulated sugar has become more and more popular and can be enjoyed by the general public. But its existence still has something special because its philosophy is so deep for the Bugis-Makasar people. Although it looks simple at first glance, barongko cake has a sweet and soft taste that can be addictive. Well, it’s perfect for making a wedding proposal cake, isn’t it?!

There is also kathirisala, a cake made from glutinous rice and coconut milk, with a savory flavor with a soft sweet coating made from a mixture of eggs, coconut milk and brown sugar. Katrisala cakes are also often served at major events for the Bugis community, South Sulawesi, including weddings.

The origin of the word ‘kathrisala’ comes from the amalgamation of the words ‘tiri’ meaning ‘to flow’ or ‘drip’ and ‘sala’ which refers to ‘wrong’ or ‘mistake’. Literally, this word can be translated as “wrong drop”. This term refers to the process of making and presenting it which is different from other cakes.

In the normal process of making this cake, glutinous rice will be added before the brown sugar. However, in the kathirisala cake, this process is reversed as the brown sugar flows down and sticks to the glutinous rice, so the presentation reverses the positions of the glutinous rice and the brown sugar, with the brown sugar on top and the glutinous rice on the bottom. .

Toko Shoimah, Jl.tekampanglima Hulu

This traditional sweet cake has a philosophical meaning that is closely related to everyday life. The sweet-tasting sugar symbolizes pleasure and intimacy, so when this cake is served it is hoped that it can strengthen relationships and increase happiness and prosperity in the lives of those who enjoy it.

Moreover, the glutinous rice that forms the layer of this katrisala cake symbolizes both strength and endurance in facing the challenges of everyday life. So we hope that by consuming kathirisala cakes made from glutinous rice and brown sugar, Bugis people hope that their lives will always go well and be full of strength.

Thus, this food is considered a source of strength and inspiration for the Bugis people. The traditional cake, which often fills wedding trays, is also designated by the Directorate of Cultural Heritage and Diplomacy of the Republic of Indonesia as one of the intangible cultural heritages.

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Resep Kue Kembang Seruni Khas Makassar

Attitudeoro is a type of traditional cake that is popular in Makassar. This beautiful flower-shaped cake is made from a mixture of rice flour, coconut milk and eggs. This cake has a yellow-green color and a sweet taste.

Resep Kue Kembang Seruni, Kenyal Di Luar Lembut Di Dalam!

Attitudeoro looks like a pudding because of its bright color. Even so, this cake has a taste that is not too sweet because it uses only a little sugar as an additional ingredient. Other ingredients used to make this cake are egg whites, rice flour, thick coconut milk, pandan paste and agar-agar. When chewed, this cake feels soft in the mouth.

However, Atituoro has a philosophical meaning as a hope that a man and woman who are stable in building a household will be gentle with each other. Makassars believe that tenderness and affection are the main basis for building a harmonious family.

Earlier, this cake was only available to the nobles, but with the passage of time, it can now be enjoyed by the general public as well. Usually this cake is served at weddings or as a dish to welcome guests.

Another traditional food that must be present in various rituals or thanksgiving events for the Bugis-Makasar people is umba-umba or also known as dumplings in other areas, this cake has been around since the 13th to 14th century.

Rekomendasi Kue Hantaran Lamaran Unik Khas Bugis Makassar Yang Manis Dan Legit

This traditional cake has a delicious taste. Melted brown sugar shavings give it a distinctly sweet, sticky flavor, while rice flour and shredded coconut add a subtle salty flavor. The combination of flavors is enough to spoil the tongue.

However, the existence of umba-umba cake in the thanksgiving ritual of the Bugis-Makasar people is not only due to its delicious taste. This cake also contains various hopes and prayers.

Umba-umba is made from three main ingredients that have symbolic meaning for the Bugis-Makasar people, namely brown sugar, rice flour and coconut. These three ingredients are considered fundamental in the production of Bugis-Makassar traditional food. Brown sugar represents joy, rice flour represents strength, and coconut represents pleasure.

Resep Kue Kembang Seruni Khas Makassar

This typical Bugis-Makasar cake is called Taloba with the distinctive feature of the striking color of the yolk. This beautiful and delicious cake recipe was created by Mane’ne Karenta Balasari, the 32nd wife of the King of Bones around the 1930s. However, the empress always directly monitored the processing of this cake, and sometimes even intervened herself to ensure the right measure and taste.

Macam Kue Hantaran Lamaran Sederhana, Pilihan Elegan Dengan Harga Terjangkau

In the past, this beautiful and legal cake was only available on certain occasions for royalty. It was not surprising because at that time it was difficult to get the raw materials for making this cake. For example, the butter used to make this cake is not the usual type of margarine, but cream butter which is a luxury and rare product with a high price tag.

Although no philosophy was found

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