Resep Kue Keciput Yang Renyah

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Resep Kue Keciput Yang Renyah – Eid is made by creating art in the market. Not only modern, there are also various traditional dishes that can be served.

Even though Eid is still far away, bakers and vendors have started operating in the market. Spread through traditional markets, online shops, to premium bakeries.

Resep Kue Keciput Yang Renyah

Resep Kue Keciput Yang Renyah

If you want something different, you can serve traditional cookies on Eid. This traditional dry cake tastes no less delicious than the modern one. There are keciput cakes and betawi ketapang seeds.

Kue Kering Lebaran Terbaru 2022

Satu or satru cake is a traditional cake that is often served during Eid. One of the most popular cakes in the Central Java area. This white cake has a slightly rough texture.

The satay cake is made from depilated green bean pollen and ground sugar. To do this, you use a special form of wood. Usually this cake is small.

The flavor of this cake is sweet and tart because of the green bean powder. But the texture is rotten once eaten. Because a dry meal is prepared. If you want to buy it, you can visit the online shop on Instagram @indy_cemalcemil.

Keciput at first glance has a similar appearance to the onde-onde. It is still mini in shape with a sweet crunchy taste and savory sesame seeds.

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The texture of the keciput is very crunchy and hollow inside, and again it has a chewy texture and is filled with machata green beans. This cake is made from egg, margarine and flour.

Then they form small or elongated balls and roll them over the sesame seeds. After this, until the texture is fried. This is called keciput cake from Jepara, Central Java. The online shop that offers keciput is @salsa.kudus on Instagram.

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Resep Kue Keciput Yang Renyah

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