Resep Kue Gula Palem

Resep Kue Gula Palem – Not your usual cookies, this time we combine them with cheese and palm sugar. This dry cake is really suitable for those who don’t know what to make today, because you can enjoy the results together with your little one and your family. Come watch the video and try to practice it yourself at home.

It doesn’t feel like Eid is around the corner. In addition to buying new clothes, also prepare food as a celebration or as a family snack when you get together. Making cookies at home is also not difficult. There are even dry cakes that can be made with only 5 ingredients. The ingredients are easy to find and can be processed immediately.

Resep Kue Gula Palem

Resep Kue Gula Palem

For example, these Palm Sugar Cheesecake Cookies. The combination of savory and sweet flavors of cheese and palm sugar can make anyone addicted. Also, its crunchy and soft texture really makes you forget yourself. These delicious Palm Sugar Cheesecake Cookies can be made with just 5 ingredients.

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Palm Sugar Cheesecakes are also very easy to make, just beat the butter until soft, then add the other ingredients. When the dough is ready, roll out the dough to 1 cm thick and cut into pieces according to size. Before placing them on the baking sheet, first sprinkle them with palm sugar. Bake at 180 degrees for 16 minutes. Don’t forget to cool on a cooling rack before placing in the jar to prevent the cake from going moldy as it dries. You also have to be careful when assembling these palm sugar cheese cookies so they don’t break easily. Seal the jar in an air-tight manner to keep the crunch for a long time. You can follow this premium Eid dry cake recipe. Make 900 grams of palm sugar cookies.

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– Apart from cheese or chocolate, you can use palm sugar or palm sugar as ingredients in making Eid cookies.

This palm sugar cookie recipe makes 900 grams of cookies. Ingredients such as butter, margarine and medium protein wheat flour are used.

Contains ingredients like palm sugar and grated cheddar cheese. Check out the 900 gram palm sugar cookie recipe from Indriani’s book 35 Sweet and Savory Dry Cake Recipes (2020) published by PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama.

Resep Donat Tape Gula Palem

35 Sweet and Savory Cake Recipes (2020) by Indriani, published by PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama, is available at

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Resep Kue Gula Palem

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Your details will be used to verify your account when you need help or when unusual activity is detected on your account. Do you know what cookies are? Chui yes! but this time with palm sugar 🤎 The taste is even better, the sweetness is just right, crunchy, you can fill a jar at home 🥰

✨Add palm sugar, granulated sugar, oil, butter, wheat flour, baking powder, soda, salt and eggs to a bowl

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Resep Kue Gula Palem

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