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Resep Kue Gemblong Empuk – Gemblong…it’s the same as crisp in Java…only for this gemblong it’s better to use brown sugar…or java sugar. I’ve never tried or eaten this besta java sugar… so I’m curious to know the taste. In Central Java…getas always use besta white granulated sugar…so the cake is coated with pure white sugar…like the recipe I shared before HERE

Well this time I made the best version using brown sugar…turns out delicious…not really that sweet…and tastier! but i still love both…either white bestan or this brown sugar…because i love glutinous rice flour cakes.

Resep Kue Gemblong Empuk

Resep Kue Gemblong Empuk

Making this gumblong or shortcake is very easy…just mix all the ingredients, then fry…then besta. The only challenge for beginners might be the frying technique… so sometimes friends say if you’re making a crisp or a gem, the medium is raw…etc. It’s just because I don’t know the frying technique, maybe my friends do. Frying fried cakes…it’s easy, but for friends who are just learning to cook…sometimes there are problems…for example, the fried food becomes greasy or the inside is still raw. You can get around this by…frying it in lots of oil and submerging it so it’s perfectly cooked inside and out. Do not increase the fire, but do not reduce it. Add the fried cake after the oil is first heated… so it won’t absorb the oil from the cake. The oil is already hot… when you pour the cake… oil bubbles will appear. Don’t add too much cake… the oil is a bit hot but still stable. Let the fried cake cook on one side, then turn it over. Don’t stir it before it’s cooked to one side…so it doesn’t soak up the oil and break the cake.

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Resep Kue Tradisional Pakai Tepung Ketan Dan Kelapa

To make this gem… the basic recipe is the same as the crisps I made before… but this time I tried using a bit of tapioca mix… not rice flour… the results… gemblong just as tasty and soft is But if you like clay gem, just use all the extra flour.

150 grams of glutinous rice flour, 25 grams of tapioca flour, 150 grams of grated coconut, 1/2 teaspoon of salt, 125 ml of warm coconut milk.

Mix all the ingredients until you get a homogeneous dough that can be shaped like this. Flat oval round shape.

We prepare the besta ingredients: 100 grams of brown sugar, 50 grams of granulated sugar, 2 pandan leaves, 50 ml of water.

Resep Enak Bikin Kue Gemblong, Jajanan Pasar Yang Selalu Disuka

How to prepare besta. Boil the brown sugar, water and pandan leaves over low heat until the sugar dissolves, strain. Reheat the brown sugar, add the granulated sugar, cook and stir the besta ingredients again on low heat until fluffy and thick…add the gumblong cake, stir quickly and turn off the heat immediately. Transfer to another container and let the besta harden, then serve.- For today’s generation of children, the word “gemblong” may still be unfamiliar. In fact, this traditional dish was very popular at that time. Several sources say that the name gemblong comes from its round and oval shape.

However, the origin of gemblong cake is still not known clearly because it is not yet known where this cake comes from, although this cake is often found in Bandung. Apart from Bandung, gemblong cake can also be found in East Java under a different name, getas, but both use the main ingredient, glutinous rice.

The only difference is the type of glutinous rice used, Getas use black glutinous rice while gemblong use a white glutinous rice flour batter that is kneaded until it feels smooth. Only then is it round in shape, like a ball or an oval. To make shortbread, it’s actually pretty much the same, but using black glutinous rice instead of white glutinous rice.

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Resep Kue Gemblong Empuk

Apart from white glutinous rice flour, gemblong’s main ingredients consist of starch, young coconut, coconut milk, margarine and salt. After that, the mixture is fried in hot oil until cooked evenly. Gemblong is usually coated with heated palm sugar or granulated sugar to make it tastier. As a result, this snack tastes crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.

Cara Membuat Gemblong Ketan Putih Gula Pasir

In fact, a traditional food, gemblong cake is very tasty, especially with its delicious soft texture, gemblong cake can be a morning snack companion or as a stomach-stimulating food because of its high protein content.

You can try making your own gumblong cake, especially since the ingredients are quite easy to come by, namely glutinous rice flour, starch, grated coconut, coconut milk, salt and margarine. The preparation method is quite easy, first heat the coconut milk, then add the glutinous rice flour and mix and add the starch, salt, grated coconut and margarine until the dough is smooth, shape the dough into an oval shape, then fry in it. hot oil

If you want to add variety to the gumblong cake, you can add melted brown sugar on top to make the taste more delicious. However, for Baraya who don’t have time to make gemblong cake, you can buy it directly from traditional markets.

If it’s a Sunday morning, Baraya who likes to exercise at Lapang Gasibu, Gedung Sat, there are many people around selling cakes labeled Gemblong Asli Ketan Bu Juju at IDR 1000/piece. Yes, these gem vendors sell dome cakes made by Bu Juju, which is manufactured in Pasir Kalili, Bandung. Enjoy the soft and delicious taste of this dome cake.* harie –

Resep Olahan Santan, Tepung Ketan, Dan Gula Merah Jadi Cemilan Legit Tradisional, Cocok Untuk Ide Jualan

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This traditional snack is covered in caramelized sugar, so the sweet taste really lingers. Come on, try to make collard greens with the following recipe.

Resep Kue Gemblong Empuk

First, peel the cassava and young coconut until clean. Start grating the cassava until it is finished, then put it aside for a while. In another container, grate the young coconut until it is done.

Resep Gemblong ✨ Ide Cemilan Manis Yang Ekonomis

Then add the grated coconut on top of the grated collard greens. Mix the two together until evenly mixed, then pour in the coconut milk a little at a time, continuing to knead until smooth.

If the gambloon dough is ready, take enough dough and form a smooth round shape. Do this until the dough is done and set aside in a container first.

After that, pour oil into the pan and heat it until it boils. Fry the gumblong until it changes color and turns brownish yellow on medium heat. When it is cooked, remove from heat and drain thoroughly.

While waiting for the gem to cool, prepare the sugar coating mixture. Bring the granulated sugar, brown sugar, pandan leaves and water to a boil. Add a little salt, then stir until it boils and thickens.

Cara Membuat Gemblong Ketan Enak

Immediately add the cooked collards to the coating mixture. Mix evenly until it covers all parts of the dome. Turn off the heat, then the collards are ready to serve.

This is the recipe for making delicious collard greens. Very convenient for snacks during activities at home. Good luck!

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