Resep Kue Gambung Khas Luwu

Resep Kue Gambung Khas Luwu – Marten Paiding attended the Pada’idi IKAMI South Sulawesi Mimika Chapter event, this is the message from the head of South Sulawesi BNN visited the mayor of Palopo City PJ to discuss drug handling issues in a solemn and festive event, Pa Lobo prison commemorates the birthday of the prophetess Makassar tells the story of being a victim of sexual harassment, the perpetrator’s wet dream story model Many volunteer cadres were allegedly harassed, former MPK KPAY FM Palobo chairman: Take firm action against the perpetrators

PALOPO — NIZAH_BAKERY is a typical food production in the city of Palobo (Sulsel), South Sulawesi, in the form of rolls of shredded bread. The hand-shredded rolls were made by Nur Hikma, a resident of Jalan Bitti, Barandai village, Palobo Barra district.

Resep Kue Gambung Khas Luwu

Resep Kue Gambung Khas Luwu

The shredded roll itself is a typical food from several regions such as: Manowari (West Papua) and Solo (Central Java). This food is often used as souvenirs for people visiting the area.

Jual Kue Jawa Terbaru

In order to be more easily discovered by the Luurayan people, especially the Palobo people, Nur Hikma took the initiative to make his own unique Abon Roll. By his own admission, he came up with the idea because he regularly eats bread, which is common in Papua.

“I started making shredded pork rolls because I love eating this bread that can only be found in Papua,” Nur Hikma said on Monday (March 27, 2023).

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He said he had lived in the Sorong region of West Papua for about six years. According to him, shredded pork is a food that many tourists are interested in.

“I have lived in Sorong, West Papua, for about six years. This food is highly sought after by tourists who often visit Papua,” said Noor Hikma.

Bolu Rampa Ummi Shizy/bolu Cukke/bolu Gula Merah/bolu Bolu Makassar

With the texture and texture of the fluffy bread, combined with the savory shredded meat, this flavor combination is a hit with many. In addition to bagea and Gambung cakes, shredded meat rolls are often used as souvenirs for people visiting Palopo City.

“We use high-quality ingredients only used by reputable baking companies and use secret butchery fillings,” he said.

For those interested in making this type of food at home as an iftar meal, we’ve outlined a few recipes you’ll need to prepare.

Resep Kue Gambung Khas Luwu

3. Add ice water little by little to avoid too much water/soft dough, then mix until smooth (non-stick container)

Jual Kue Khas Terbaru

11. Heat the oven to medium heat, not high, not low…use the top oven so it cooks perfectly.

Shredded pork is a food made from animal meat. In addition to being delicious, shredded pork also has good nutrients for the human immune system. 100 grams of beef pine contains these nutrients and has 212 calories. Serve 5 days before at room temperature or 7 days in the refrigerator.

If you visit Luwu Raya, don’t forget to taste Palobo’s typical rolled silk souvenirs via WhatsApp 082189429723.

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