Resep Kue Coklat Stik

Resep Kue Coklat Stik – Classic cookies are a snack that can be prepared using sweetened condensed milk. The chocolate topping on top will further add to the enjoyment of the classic cookies. (DOC. SHUTTERSTOCK)

Pandan blanket chocolate cake can be one of the modern cakes that can be served during Eid celebrations with the family.

Resep Kue Coklat Stik

Resep Kue Coklat Stik

1. Beat the margarine, unsalted butter and powdered sugar until the texture is soft. After that, add the egg yolk and the pandan paste, beat again until all the ingredients are evenly mixed.

Kue Onde Onde Ketan Hitam, Ide Hantaran Cantik

2. Add flour, vanilla powder, and baking soda little by little to the butter mixture. Stir the mixture using a spatula until evenly mixed.

Until flat with a thickness of half a centimeter, then cut the dough into squares. Adjust the size of the shaped dough to the size of the chocolate stick pieces.

4. Stick the chocolate stick on top of the cake mix, then take a small amount of the cake mix and shape it into an oblong round shape as a cake belt.

6. Bake the dough in the oven at a temperature of 160 degrees Celsius for 20 minutes. Remove and allow the cake to reach room temperature.

Macam Kue Kering Cokelat Dan Tips Memulai Bisnis Makanan

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Resep Kue Coklat Stik

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