Resep Kue Cincin Tanpa Kelapa Parut

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Resep Kue Cincin Tanpa Kelapa Parut – Finally it’s better to fail to make a ring cake today, so ring cake too Although I’m not sure if it’s successful or not, after tasting one and yes, I finally like it It’s really good, flavorful, sweet and soft flavor, like the ring cake that failed before because it’s really hard to bite into.

This ring cake or ali cake is very well known, you know bun in Betawi and West Java area, especially for beautiful people like Tehung who are not familiar with this ring cake because always every family event such as celebration.

Resep Kue Cincin Tanpa Kelapa Parut

Resep Kue Cincin Tanpa Kelapa Parut

It is better to make ring cakes using fresh rice flour, because if you use packaged rice flour, which is sold in stalls and supermarkets, apart from the low moisture, the smell is not as good as fresh ground. Rice flour If forced to use packaged rice flour, the ring cake will be dry and tough

Resep Kue Cincin Untuk Teman Ngeteh

I got this recipe from a favorite family recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation, so let’s just share savory, sweet and soft ring cake recipes.

Prepare a frying pan, mix all the ingredients together except the rice flour Cook on low heat while continuing to stir while cooking

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Cook until the sugar changes or thickens Then after it thickens add all the rice flour, stir until well mixed Then after it is mixed well, take out the ring cake batter

After removing all the dough in the bowl, let the dough rest for 3 hours, so that the dough does not become sticky and it is easy to form the rings.

Resep Kue Ali Agrem Yang Rasa Manis Gurihnya Pas

After letting it sit for 4 hours, stir it briefly with a spatula to make sure that the ring cake batter is not sticky and that it is not easy to form rings.

After that, heat the oil on medium until it becomes hot, then roll the dough into a ring and fry it immediately in the hot oil until it cooks or turns brown. Don’t fry it for too long, it will burn till it turns slightly brown Pick up

If the above explanation is still unclear, please watch the video How to Make Savory, Sweet and Soft Ring Cake: Betawi Brown Sugar Ring Cake Recipe – Want to have a family celebration, but confused about what food or snack to prepare? Wow, well, bun, because this time Recipe Daily will be sharing delicious and delicious cake recipes. Known as Cui Sisin, one of the common cakes from Betawi has a delicious, sweet and savory taste. Perfect when served as a snack during family events

Resep Kue Cincin Tanpa Kelapa Parut

Such as social gathering events, birthday events, weddings or circumcisions Ring cake itself is really famous in Betawi region as it is served as a delicious cake food to welcome guests. Having a small round shape like a donut or a ring is really unique and attractive So this common Betawi cake is often called Sisin Cake or Ali Dawal Cake because of its ring-like shape.

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Resep Ali Agrem (kue Cincin) Anti Gagal

So if you usually enjoy a variety of donuts using toppings like chocolate sprinkles, strawberry jam, peanut butter, etc. This is different from betawi ring cake or ali dalhan cake Because the toppings used are very simple, i.e. using only brown sugar or brown sugar The unique aroma of brown sugar or Javanese sugar in this ring cake or oli vajo is enough to make you want to enjoy it all the time.

Besides having a special taste of brown sugar, surely using brown sugar toppings will be more effective or economical, right? So for those of you who want a delicious meal or snack for the occasion, there is nothing wrong if you make this simple Betawi Sisin Cake at home. Easily available and affordable ingredients will surely make it easy for you to prepare You can find the necessary goods near your home in traditional markets or other shopping places

Family and guests at home will surely love the simple betawi sisin cake you make Because it tastes good, sweet and perfect if enjoyed fresh or with warm cold drinks For present mothers or young mothers who like to prepare delicious food, there is nothing wrong in trying to make this ring cake at home. For more details on ingredients and how to make ring cakes, please see the recipe article below.

Done, that’s how to make Betawir Ring Cake or Ali Samati with the ingredients Pretty easy right? Please try and get creative with this Betawi Brown Sugar Ring Cake recipe at home. Also open information on other food or snack recipes such as the recipe for making the original delicious Bandung Typical Kambro that you will also try to make at home. Thanks for opening Recipe Daily, I hope the recipes we share can be useful That’s it 🙂

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Ali Agrem/jalabia/kue Cincin/wadai Cincin (simple Ekonomis) (9 Bahan)

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