Resep Kue Basah Kukus Tanpa Mixer

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Resep Kue Basah Kukus Tanpa Mixer – – Steamed pastries are an important snack for some people. This appetizer is very tasty when served with tea or other drinks. It is eaten while chatting or just relaxing with the family at home. Besides you can buy cake in the store, it would be interesting if you could make it yourself at home.

Speaking of steamed cakes, the process of making steamed cakes is identical to that of a mixer. Unfortunately not everyone has that sophisticated tool. Therefore, it is no wonder that sometimes you are lazy to make cakes because you do not have a mixer. But now you don’t need to worry because there are a lot of desserts that you can make with just a whisk, you know.

Resep Kue Basah Kukus Tanpa Mixer

Resep Kue Basah Kukus Tanpa Mixer

Although you do not use a mixer, the taste of this steamed cake is no less delicious and special. How to do it also remains practical and does not take much time. There are many wet and steamed desserts that you can make. Starting from chocolate cakes, bananas, carrots, lava cakes, tarts, donuts, etc.

Resep Kue Basah

What steamed cakes can you make without a stand mixer? Let’s take a look at 10 delicious and easy dessert recipes, compiled by from various sources on Wednesday (9/23).

3. Make a hole in the middle, add sugar and beaten eggs (use a whisk). Add the melted butter and mix well.

1. Mix grated carrots, grated pineapple, eggs, balsamic, cinnamon, allspice, grated ginger, grated nutmeg, vanilla extract, almonds, margarine and oil. We stir them well.

3. Pour 1/2 of the carrot mixture into the bowl with the flour. Stir it a bit and then add the rest of the batter until it’s all gone. Mix well Jakarta caramel cake or ant nest cake has a special flavor. The flavor of sugar and caramel makes this sponge cake so special. We can do it ourselves at home.

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Resep Kue Basah Hits Dan Kekinian, Sederhana Serta Ekonomis Buat Jualan

This time, we’re sharing five delicious and legit caramel sponge recipes. There is steamed caramel cake, there is also a special baked ants nest cake. For more, just look here, okay?

1. Melt the sugar in a pan over low heat (without stirring). After all the sugar has dissolved, add the hot water a little at a time. Mix slowly in one direction. Add the butter, wait until the butter melts. Turn off the heat and let it rest.

1. Make the caramel first. The method is to heat the sugar in a non-stick pan over low heat, no need to stir. Once the sugar has turned to caramel, add the hot water a little at a time. When it dissolves and mixes well without lumps, turn off the flame. Cool at room temperature for 2-3 hours.

Resep Kue Basah Kukus Tanpa Mixer

5. It’s time to mix the ingredients. Add the sifted flour little by little to the egg mixture. Drizzled with drizzled caramel. Do it until everything is evenly mixed.

Resep Bolu Kukus Sederhana

Now you are no longer confused about how to make caramel cake at home? We hope the recipe roundup will be an inspiration and useful reference for all of you, OK?

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Being the rarely seen father-in-law of the president, here are 10 portraits of Selvi Ananda’s look, which is always elegant and classy. people like Including me! I’m also a big fan of various steamed brownies. Whether it’s simple steamed brownies, rudimentary brownies, cheese topping brownies, chocolate brownies, coffee brownies, pandan brownies, pondan brownies, cashew brownies, Nutella, strawberries, young coconuts, almonds or steamed premium brownies steamed with super hot dark chocolate. Mrs. Liem’s ​​brownie style.

Actually, it’s back to taste, buns, I really like steamed brownies. Although they also like elaborate baked brownies that are prepared by baking them in the oven. The main reason I love making steamed brownies is that the texture is soft, slightly moist and doesn’t crawl when you eat it. It’s different from baked brownies, which have a slightly firmer texture because they look dry. The point is to get back to each other’s tastes.

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Rainbow Cake Kukus Cantik Mudah Dibuat

In addition to the toppings that affect the taste, the main ingredients used in the preparation of the brownie recipe also have a great effect on the taste. For example, like brownies with the main ingredients of potatoes, purple sweet potatoes, bananas, sticky black rice, milo and steamed chocolate brownie recipes that I will share this time. What makes steamed chocolate brownies different from regular chocolate brownies is their distinct chocolatey chocolate flavor.

And to add flavor to each part of the brownie cake, many are now adding jam to the middle of the brownie cake. Starting from strawberry jam, in addition to pineapple, blueberry jam, chocolate jam, peanut butter, apple jam and even sweet Nutella.

Now for those of you who want to enjoy chocolate dust in a different way, let’s take a look at the ingredients and how to make steamed chocolate brownies, which are included in a simple brownie recipe that you can make without the need to use a mixer and an oven as follows.

Resep Kue Basah Kukus Tanpa Mixer

Who says you can’t make delicious brownies with simple ingredients? Try this by trying the following chocolate brownie recipe. It feels delicious guaranteed!

Resep Cake Cokelat Praktis Super Moist Tanpa Mixer Dan Oven

You don’t need a lot of capital to make this anti-failure steamed chocolate recipe, because it only costs about IDR 20,000, – you can make it yourself at home. Although it is an economic chocolate brownie, in terms of taste it is certainly delicious, high quality and not inferior to the well-known Amanda brownie brand.

If you see a home business opportunity, you can try your luck with this hot chocolate brownie business. With only about 20k equity, you can resell it for IDR 35,000 per can. Wow, not bad right?

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Come, create your own business opportunity by trying to make this simple recipe for steamed chocolate brownies without a mixer and an oven, which is often called steamed brownies. Or it can also be prepared for tea with friends when you get together with family, serve social gatherings, recitals and also fill food – Moist cakes are known to have a soft and tender texture. Wet cakes can be made from a variety of ingredients, such as rice, wheat flour, rice flour, glutinous rice, etc. There are different ways to process it, one of which is steaming.

Many traditional wet sweets are famous in Indonesia. Generally, these wet cakes are often sold in markets and are also known as market snack cakes. Some examples of wet cakes include lemper, cake trays, karabikang, apem, steam cakes and cakes.

Resep Kue Basah Kukus, Enak Dan Mudah Dibuat

For those of you who want to serve this snack for events at home, you can make this wet cake yourself. How to prepare this traditional wet cake is not difficult and very practical. Even without a mixer, you can beat the dough until it is soft and smooth.

1. Omelette filling with rolls: Boil water with sugar until it dissolves. Filter. Add the grated coconut, cook until the water reduces while stirring.

2. Mix the flour, baking powder and salt in another bowl. Strain and then pour in the egg mixture earlier, stirring it in using a whisk.

Resep Kue Basah Kukus Tanpa Mixer

3. Heat the steamer. Take enough leather material, stuff it with enough stuffing, wrap it in banana leaves. Make it to the end.

Resep Bolu Pisang Kukus

3. Take 1 tablespoon of glutinous rice flour mixed with 5 tablespoons of water. Divide into 18 grams each and round up.

3. Pour the coconut milk little by little. Add flour and potatoes little by little. We stir them well. Enter the melted blue ribbon.

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