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Resep Kue Balok Q Anom – During normal days or certain times like long holidays, these sweet cookies with cookies sell well. (/Jayadi Supriyadin).

, Garut – Talking about food problems in West Java, there is no end. Garut is one of them. The main dodol producing area has all the ways to cook delicious food to fill your stomach.

Resep Kue Balok Q Anom

Resep Kue Balok Q Anom

This time I try to present a small writing about the typical cake of the Garut people, namely the Molten Chocolate Brownie Block Cake. As the name suggests, this cake is really better served warm, to get the feeling of melting hot liquid chocolate on your tongue.

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A glass of hot tea,” said Windi, a loyal customer of the cake with cakes, Meler, the king of block Q’Anom, whose stall is located at Jalan Ranjuango, Garut, while waiting in line for cake orders, Wednesday (7/ 6/2017 ).

For those of you who come to this store for the first time, you really need to sacrifice to get this delicious destination food. Because in addition to having to stand in line, customers also have to receive a serial number when ordering, like a patient going to the doctor.

“I ordered it half an hour ago, it’s been a while, I usually have to wait an hour,” he said.

It is not an exaggeration, especially during the month of Ramadan, as the store’s opening hours are currently relatively short, from 14:00 WIB until after the Tarawih prayer. At the same time, queues are common on ordinary days.

Brownies Kue Balok Q Anom Cokelat Coklat Red Velvet Lumer Khas Garut

“If you don’t want to stay here for a long time, we usually ask first, there are employees we can call and ask

This typical cake from the residents of Kadungora District, Garut Regency has long been known to have a high taste. Garut residents who often migrate out of town naturally miss this cake when they go home to Garut.

In addition to being soft and tender in the mouth, this cake from king of blocks offers a new sensation in the form of melted hot chocolate. “It’s weird, the chocolate cake and the chocolate melted, brand new

Resep Kue Balok Q Anom

The owner of Raja Balok brownie, Merlin, said the recipe for the delicious cake he sells really lies in the dough used. “I choose first-class goods, from flour, milk, butter, sugar to chocolate, it’s nothing fancy (recipe), I guarantee it’s preservative-free,” he said.

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Resep Kue Balok Simpel Anti Gagal

It’s not surprising, even though it’s only been selling for the past five years, its loyal customers are still catching up. “Initially, I opened in Pengkolan (downtown) Garut, but due to complaints that it often causes traffic jams, I finally moved here,” he said, recalling his struggles to start selling these runny brownies.

He said the average weekday sales turnover reached 30 boxes (1 box contains 350 kueh blocks). Although some moments are during long holidays, sales are even better because they can reach 40 boxes.

To make a soft cake, as many as three stoves with the base ingredients of petai sengon charcoal are ready to glow. Wawan Setiawan, one of Raja Balok’s cake employees, said the use of wood was meant to produce even coals and a fragrant aroma for the cake.

“If it’s too hot, it’s easy to burn, or too slow, the fire isn’t optimal for the dough to expand, so use charcoal so it burns better,” he said.

Kue Balok Kang Mus, Kering Di Luar Lumer Di Dalam

“Boro-boro remember (eating), sometimes it’s hard for me to just sit,” he said, who admitted he often stood for hours serving customers, pouring the batter into the available cookie cutters.

Wawan is grateful, compared to normal days, the fasting month’s working hours are slightly shorter. About the clock is usually open from 08:00 to 22:00 WIB.

For those of you who are currently in Garut, there is nothing wrong if this melted brownie block cake is included in the dessert menu list after breaking the fast later.

Resep Kue Balok Q Anom

*Fact or hoax? To find out the truth of the information being circulated, please WhatsApp the fact checker number 0811 9787 670 by simply typing in the desired keywords.

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Elbows Borisa Simanic for kidney failure at FIBA ​​World Cup 2023, South Sudanese players receive racist attacks from netizens Kakbalkar are traditional cakes that come from West Java. This cake has been around since the Dutch colonial era. At that time, there were local people who worked as cooks and were responsible for making rations for the Dutch people. He tries to make a solid cake recipe that can be filling and sustainable. Then in the 1950s, this dense cake began to develop and was known as a block cake in the Bandung area, especially among the lower middle class.

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Jual Kue Balok Q Anom 8 Pcs

At that time, block cookies were often a breakfast menu item for pedicab drivers and traders in the Bandung area. This cake is very popular because it contains lots of calories and will instantly make you feel full even if you only eat one piece of fruit. Currently, kue blok is loved again and has become a hunt for culinary connoisseurs, especially for the people of Yogyakarta, who incidentally rarely consume this snack. The existing block cake has been modified in such a way that it has become a hit in the culinary world. One of the targets for the residents of Yogyakarta is Kang Mus Cake Block. Come on, look at the following reviews, Traveler Friends.

Block cakes generally have a dense texture, but this block cake is different. This Kang Mus Balok Cake has a texture that is so soft and tender. The outer texture of this cake is very dry, but melted chocolate will appear in the center of the cake. If you split it in half, you will see melted chocolate in the middle that is so melted. At first glance very similar

If you visit Yogyakarta, Friend Traveler can find this Kang Mus cake at Jl. Good km 5 Modinan, Banyuraden, Gamping Sleman. Open every day from 11:00-23:00, but you have to be patient because usually to buy a portion of this cake you have to spend

Resep Kue Balok Q Anom

Which is high, because you have to queue in advance. Although the Kue Balok Kang Mu outlet just opened at the beginning of 2019. When I tried to stop by the outlet today (11/8/2019), it seemed I was lucky, as the queue was not visible as usual. Because it coincides with Eid al-Adha.

Jual Agen Kue Balok Abah Garut Lamongan

If Friend Traveler doesn’t really like the taste of chocolate, in this Kang Mu block cake, there are other flavors to choose from. Like vanilla and green tea. The buyer can also have fun

Different flavors in one box. The price is also quite cheap. A box of 6 blocks costs IDR 15,000 for chocolate flavor and IDR 18,000 for mix. The most expensive price here is max 35,000 Rp, pretty cheap isn’t it?

This block cake is made from wheat flour mixed with ingredients such as eggs, milk, baking powder, margarine, vanilla and other ingredients. After being thoroughly mixed, the dough is baked on medium heat. To make a soft cake, once the dough is placed in the mold, the top of the mold containing the dough is covered with charcoal to give an even cake ripening and a fragrant aroma to the cake. This frying takes about 2 minutes. The block cake can then be enjoyed.

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The funny thing about this Kang Mouse Cake Block is that the food hygiene is very, very well maintained. When Friend Traveler visits, you can see all employees wearing masks. This is used to minimize bacteria if the cook has a cold and minimizes the smoke exposed to the cook. Although it is a small thing, it is very important and must be a concern of all culinary entrepreneurs.

Kue Balok Brownies Q Anom Garut

That’s why Friend Traveler must try this Kang Mouse Cake Block. Make sure it’s on your culinary list when you’re vacationing in Yogyakarta, okay? But if you’re too lazy to queue, you can order this block cake on GoFood or do GrabFood. Happy Culinary Tour, Friend Traveler! Garut – Culinary options from Garut are truly endless. In addition to various kinds of processed dodols and dishes made with lamb meat, there is now a new menu that has become an idol, namely kue blok.

Block cake is a legendary food typical of the country of Pasundan that we can find anywhere. However, processed cookie blocks from Garut are not common. This block cake is made from brownie dough.

The process of making this cake with cookies is not difficult. Brownie dough that has been watered, mixed with eggs, milk and other complementary ingredients. The ingredients were then mixed using

Resep Kue Balok Q Anom

The dough is then placed in a rectangular shape. After the dough has poured half of the mold, then add melted chocolate to the center of the dough and then burn it.

Kue Balok Q Anom

But unlike the usual block cakes that are burned on the stove, the block cakes here are burned over a fire that comes from coal, which makes the aroma of the cake unique.

The block cake is baked half cooked, just for 3 minutes, so that the liquid chocolate placed in the center of the dough melts and melts when eaten.

The cooked blocks are then immediately placed in boxes for sale. This brownie block cake is best eaten while still warm. Usually this legit block cake is eaten with hot coffee or tea.

In Garut itself, not many merchants provide the menu that is currently being hunted by young people. One of these menus is presented at Q’Anom Cake Block Warung.

Berita Dan Informasi Kue Balok Terkini Dan Terbaru Hari Ini

Q’Anom block cake stand owned by Cecep Rustandi is always crowded with visitors every day. In fact, there are often long lines of consumers here. No doubt Cecep had to use the queue number to arrange buyers so they wouldn’t fight over each other.

This cake with cookies is only set at IDR 20,000 per serving. Each portion contains 8 cookies with brownie blocks. You can get this block cake at Q’Anom Brownies Cake Warehouse located at Jalan Rankapalo, Cimanganten Village, Tarogong

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