Resep Kue Apem

Resep Kue Apem – Hihi..the name of the cake is cool friends..but don’t be fooled..this is not a white style pancake..but a Jowo/Javanese pancake..hihi…yapp..the name of this traditional cake is Kue Apem Beras. It’s really fun, I called it Javanese pancake… because when I make it, it looks fluffy… like a pancake… hihi. I actually rarely make apem myself…but when I make it for a festive event at my in-laws house…I make it often and a lot…but usually the dough is already made by my in-laws …so I just bake it . Well, this morning I was just idly thinking about making this apem… to test out the double pan snack maker I bought yesterday. turns out to be a good’s nice to make such round need to bother turning it back and forth..because the tool has double holes up and if you turn the cake over, just turn the tool the cake will be smooth. Sipp..I will be good at making mud cakes, cute martabak etc..nich..hihi..the problem is if you use a regular aluminum mud cake pan…sometimes it tends to stick or burn if the fire is too big so you have to be patient…with this tool… Ok, I think… to make all kinds of snacks, it is safe, does not burn easily and the result is soft, because it is made of thick , rust proof cast material.

This is the first time I made my own apem batter..and the results showed..when it was cooked I tried it was soft..and delicious. Curious, I called my mom in Yogya. Yes…if it’s just delicious like that…mom is good at making it too. In the past, every month there was a memorial ceremony for the family of the deceased, it was a tradition to do this kind of apem at home. I asked mom…how come the appetite is soft like a pancake…it’s like that…mom laughs…it’s actually delicious…that’s the truth…if it’s still hot then if it melts…later when it’s cold it hardens a bit. Mom said… wow… that’s how it is… so I’m not curious anymore… it’s just… it reminds me of the apple I often eat here, it’s a bit hard… and firm, it’s a bit sticky… maybe because it’s already cold. Yes, eat it… if I had it earlier… just when it was hot, it tasted like that… it was delicious… that’s why I call it Javanese Pancake… hihi. Sipp… it means the composition of my dough is ok… so I keep it here… ok… who knows, there are friends who need javanese apem recipe… please try.. .

Resep Kue Apem

Resep Kue Apem

In Java..Apem cake plays an important role in several traditional ceremonies..such as ruwahan..which is a tradition of making apem for the fasting month..and usually sharing it with neighbors. or also to celebrate family members who have passed away… one of the must-have foods to make is this apem. In Solo … apem festivals are often held, you know … it’s fun … making apem in large quantities is always fought for by the public. Come..come…for friends who are curious about the taste of Javanese apem..try it…it’s really delicious…it’s delicious when it’s still hot after baking it..but when it’s hardens a bit and still tastes like cake apem..hihi..

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Resep Apem Menu Enak Dan Mudah

Javanese rice pem cake Ingredients: 275 grams of rice flour 100 grams of cassava ribbon 1/2 tablespoon of instant yeast 100 grams of brown sugar, finely combed. 2 tablespoons granulated sugar 150 ml coconut water 1 egg 250 ml thick coconut milk 1/4 teaspoon salt How to make: Crush the tape with your hands, mix with sugar and instant yeast. Squeeze until the sugar dissolves. Add rice flour, stir well. Pour in the coconut water little by little while you knead for 15 minutes. Add the egg, knead again until the dough is smooth and soft. Let stand for 15 minutes Add salt and coconut milk little by little while kneading well. Let the dough rest for about 1 hour until it rises. Heat the apem/mud cake pan. Brush with a little oil. Pour in the apem mixture..wait until there are holes..then done and flip when the bottom side is cooked. Cover again and cook until both sides are cooked. Serve. Tips: Don’t add the salt right away… because it won’t kill the yeast. So let the yeast work first… then the salt goes in. So the resulting apple has nice holes and a nice texture.

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