Resep Kompiang Manggarai Flores

Resep Kompiang Manggarai Flores – JAKARTA – When you hear the words Labuan Bajo and East Nusa Tenggara, what comes to mind? Natural beauty spots, Komodo Island, Rinca Island?

It is interesting to explore the original snacks of Labuan Bajo, not only because of its extraordinary natural wealth. One of the typical souvenirs of Labuan Bajo is Kompiang.

Resep Kompiang Manggarai Flores

Resep Kompiang Manggarai Flores

The typical Flores bread, also known as compiang bread or compiang longa, is round or oval in shape and generally brown, similar to the color of the bread.

Jadi Tuan Rumah Ktt Asean, Ini Makanan Khas Ntt Di Labuan Bajo Yang Wajib Kamu Coba

Like onde-onde, coated with sesame seeds. Meanwhile, the word longa in the Manggara Flores language means “sesame”. According to history, this dish first appeared in 1983 in a town called Ruteng.

Adapted to Chinese culture, this bread is perfect as a snack to accompany coffee and tea.

Over time, kompiang bread has come with a variety of fillings. One brand you can find is Kompiang Bajo. Kompiang Bajo comes in a variety of flavors including original, chocolate, tuna, meat, chicken, banana, and cheese.

But don’t be surprised, the structure of compian is tougher than regular bread. That’s why compiang is better for dipping in drinks.

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As for the production process, the method of making this snack was still traditional, so it took up to 12 hours.

This bread is baked or cooked in a fire oven and is usually eaten at night. This hard-textured bread has been around for a long time, but over time, it has begun to reach a wider market.

You can buy comps individually or as a box. The unit price ranges from 1000 to 9000 rubles. Each box is then sold for 10 compiangs ranging from IDR 15,000 to IDR 95,000.

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Resep Kompiang Manggarai Flores

Sharing food reviews from multiple sources and tips for cool places to eat and drink in various cities. Flores Island is currently famous for its tourist attractions. The heritage, environment, culture and food of our ancestors have been preserved to this day. One of them is compiang bread from Flores.

Jual Kompyang Harga Terbaik & Termurah November 2023

Flores itself is an island under the umbrella of East Nusa Tenggara. Compiang bread is a hidden dish in Flores until it became popular outside of Flores.

Below we provide information about typical Flores compiang bread along with its origin and recipe so that those who are interested in tasting compiang bread can make it at home.

The first recorded history dates back to 1563, when Japanese pirates and Ming Dynasty soldiers engaged in battle. Qi Zhiguang, the army commander, knew that Japanese pirates could always follow his troops.

It was found that the cause was the smoke rising into the sky during food preparation. They were armed with onigiri, or steamed rice, so Japanese pirates didn’t have this problem.

Ikan Kuah Asam Dan Nasi Bambu Jadi Menu Gala Dinner Ktt Asean

Making wheat bread is another concept found in Qi Jiguan. Interestingly, each cake has a hole in the center, making it easy to connect them together and carry them in a collision.

After the battle in which the Qi Zhiguan warriors were finally victorious, Guan bing or Compia bread was named in their honor.

The traditional bread known as Kompyang or Kompiang originates from Manggarai, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT). It is burnt in the oven or on coals to give it a yellowish brown color.

Resep Kompiang Manggarai Flores

One of the specialties of Kompiang Flores bread is the sesame seeds on top called “longa” in manggarai. Because of this, the locals call it kompiang longa.

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At first, roti kompiang sounds Chinese based on its name. This is legal. Because a mother of Chinese origin took the initiative to produce compiang.

The mother, who had lived in NTT for a long time, moved to Ruteng in Manggarain in 1983 and was known as Toko Tarsang’s “aci” mother. (my flower)

Even though she was matched with Chinese bread, Ms. Achi changed her appearance. If the kompyang has a hole in the middle in the country, it is made by the manufacturer without a hole in Ruteng.

Historically, this dish, also a simple snack, first appeared in Ruteng in 1983. Although this is appropriate for Chinese culture, the bread takes a different form.

Jual Kompiang Khas Flores, Ntt

Kompiang originated in China and has a hole in the center like a doughnut, but the current popular form does not have a hole in the center.

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Because making typical Flores compiang bread is different than it is today. This snack was made the old fashioned way and took 12 hours to prepare.

Over time, this bread became known as a typical dish of Manggarai, Flores, and was highly sought after by local and foreign tourists who spent their holidays on Flores Island or Labuan Bajo.

Resep Kompiang Manggarai Flores

Sesame and wheat flour are used to make the main ingredients of this bread. Kompiang is a great choice for a snack while relaxing.

Kopi Manggarai Bergairah Bidik Pasar Ekspor

Enjoy this bread with a steaming cup of coffee in the morning or afternoon with family and friends.

This snack is widely available in local markets or places that sell special Flores delicacies. Sometimes in coffee cafes and shops along the highway.

Tennis ball-sized loaves can be stored at room temperature for three days, but can be refrigerated for up to a week.

Even the price of this bread is not very expensive, so it can be said that it is affordable. This bread costs a thousand dollars a loaf in the regular market.

Agustina. Kimia Pangan Lokal

The main elements of this classic dish are the same as in most breads: wheat flour, sugar, milk, yeast and other substances.

However, what sets it apart from the regular bread is that Flores adds a sprinkling of sesame seeds to the top of the bread.

In addition, ordinary bread is baked in the oven, while kompiang bread is baked in the oven, resulting in a hard and dry texture.

Resep Kompiang Manggarai Flores

The bread itself has a firmer texture than regular bread, so you can dip it in coffee or tea before eating.

Makanan Khas Ntt Yang Terpopuler, Wajib Coba!

This bread can be made just like any other bread by mixing all the ingredients in a bowl. Yeast is used as a leavening agent in the preparation of bread. Kompiang Lejong was first made in Ruteng, Manggarain before 1980. Kompiang is a type of round bread sprinkled with sesame seeds as a result of Chinese culture. Kompyang Lejong is generally chewy and crunchy, unlike bread.

Kompiang is a daily snack in Labuan Bajo and has a close relationship with the residents. This makes compiang a proud cake and souvenir to bring back from Labuan Bajo.

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Paket Wisata Bromo Sunrise

It will be open from 07.00 to 21.30, so we are ready to serve #TemanLejong who have visited the store. Choose your favorite version immediately or try it on the spot first. Freshly baked from the oven!

I think this is one of the best Compiangs around Labuan Bajo, the legendary “hard” bread. They added different fillings like chicken, chocolate and even coffee. The best way to enjoy it is first grilled or baked, which softens it. Manggars often take this bread as a gift.

Kompiang is the tastiest and most filling compared to other places! Other souvenirs are also much cheaper than the gift shop! The best!

Resep Kompiang Manggarai Flores

I came here with the intention of buying compiang as a gift, but when I walked in, it smelled so good that I wanted to eat Sei too.

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As for kompiang, there are no fillings, sweet kompiang, kompiang with meat, and some original ones with fish filling. The beef is really tasty, the smell of smoke is very strong, the meat is thick cut, highly recommended

Shipped cold for extra safety/freshness (shelf life approx. 12 hours)

The name Lejong itself comes from the Manggarai culture, which means to visit, to be connected, to gather together. The name comes from the fact that the Manggarai have a tradition of having coffee with kompiang when welcoming guests or organizing an event. Kompiang Pie has been revamped by increasing the variety of fillings such as chicken with seaweed, tuna, black pepper beef and beef. sweet Flores coffee cream.

Ten years ago, I was very enthusiastic when I took a field assignment in Manggarai, East Nusa Tenggara. The Manggarai ethnic group is the largest ethnic group in West Flores, and according to oral tradition, they came from Bonengkabo (Minangkabau), passed through Gorontalo and settled in what is now Manggara.

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In addition, there is also a historical path that made Manggarai the name of a district in South Jakarta. Over time, Manggara Regency (Ruteng) was expanded to Manggara West Regency (Labuan Bajo) in 2003 and Manggara East Regency (Borong) in 2007.

Ruteng, the capital of Manggarai province, is almost always foggy and rainy. When the sun is shining, cold air blows cool. Sindha Hotel, a popular hotel in the heart of Ruteng, serves breakfast with a cup of Flores coffee and warm cake.

At that time, I was staying at the Sindha Hotel while obtaining a research permit in the district. Right across from the Sindha Hotel is a grocery store owned by a baba who speaks East Javanese. While the store sells a variety of goods, the compiang cake is always served on the glass shelf in front.

Resep Kompiang Manggarai Flores

Baba, the owner of the grocery store, always tells new customers that there are three types of compiang cakes, originally called compia, original without filling, filled with sei pork, and filled with green beans. He also suggested that the compiang cake should be consumed within a day. If the cake starts to harden, it should be steamed or fried again to make it chewy again.

Kehati Dorong Penguatan Kelembagaan Mpig Kopi Flores

With a soft and firm texture, this wheat cake is filling for the stomach. I usually buy five original fruits and mix them with mayonnaise

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