Resep Kolak Mutiara

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Resep Kolak Mutiara – Mutiara sago stew is one of the body-warming foods that you can choose. In general, this food is usually served in the month of Ramadan as an iftar menu. However, outside the month of Ramadan you can still serve again, right.

Pour enough water into the pot. When done, put a pot of water on the stove. Then turn on the stove on a medium flame, and cook the water until it boils.

Resep Kolak Mutiara

Resep Kolak Mutiara

After the water boils, immediately add pandan leaves and pearl sago. Then, cook pearl sago for 5 minutes in a closed pan.

Resep Pie Kolak Mutiara Dari @friel_sit

After cooking for 5 minutes, immediately turn off the heat. Leave the sago pearls in a closed pot for 30 minutes. After that, turn the stove back on and cook the sago pearls for 7 minutes until clear.

When you feel that the pearl sago is cooked with clear characteristics, reduce the flame, then add brown sugar and salt. Don’t forget to mix well with a spatula, OK?

After adding sugar and salt, continue to cook until the sugar dissolves. When the sugar has dissolved, immediately add the coconut milk, then cook, stirring occasionally, until it boils.

This is done in an effort to keep the coconut milk from breaking and not spoiling the flavor of the coconut milk. Well, if the coconut milk seems to have boiled, immediately turn off the flame. Let the hot steam in the pearl compote break down.

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Kreasi Resep Kolak Pisang Yang Segar Untuk Berbuka Puasa

Only then, the pearl compote is ready for you to serve while warm. The combination of chewy, sweet and savory texture of Kolak Mutiara is guaranteed to make you addicted.

If you want to eat compote with more portions, this pearl compote can be added with filling according to taste. It’s guaranteed to be more delicious. Good luck!

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Resep Kolak Mutiara

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