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Resep Kolak Labu – Sahur with Shredded Chicken Soup can increase nutritional value. Ending with the iftar menu Soaked pumpkin, warms the body and fried shrimp in delicious onion sauce.

Hot Shredded Chicken Soup This savory treat is perfect for breakfast. In addition to being warm This delicious chicken broth also adds a nutritional boost. Plus adding a variety of vegetables that you like.

Resep Kolak Labu

Resep Kolak Labu

Breaking the fast is a sunnah of eating sweet food. You can make pumpkin compote as an iftar snack. The compote also keeps an empty stomach warm throughout the day due to fasting.

Kolak, Sejarah Dan Resep Kolak Lengkap, Menu Spesial Buka Puasa

After breaking the fast with takjil followed by a delicious dinner Fried shrimp with onion sauce is another interesting choice. Complete with warm rice

Chicken soup is famous for warming up the body. Suitable for eating at dawn not only to warm the body but also add nutrients from the soup as well

If compote is common You can also add pumpkin which is known for its nutritional content. These include vitamins, fiber and protein.

Dinner after fasting all day was delicious with a variety of side dishes. The side dish you can have is fried prawns served with spicy onion sauce.

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Resep Kolak Labu Simole

Sahur recipes for Ramadan food menu 2023, Ramadan daily menu Pumpkin Compote Fried Prawn Compote, Chicken Prawn Soup, Ramadan Menu 1444h., 30 Sahur and Iftar recipes Pumpkin Compote Recipe – Who likes compote here? wow i like them all Golak is the food synonymous with the month of Ramadan. When the month of Ramadan arrives Mothers at home often serve a variety of iftar dishes such as mixed ice, grated cucumber ice, fennel seeds and fruit compote.

Kollak is often part of the takjil for breaking the fast as it has a well-balanced filling, helping to support the stomach after a full day’s fasting before the main course.

Go Lak is sweet. It is therefore not surprising that many people choose fruit compote as the main dish when breaking their fast after a date.

Resep Kolak Labu

Compote is usually made from water mixed with coconut milk and brown sugar. They usually contain various fillings such as bananas, fries, sago, cassava, and sweet potatoes.

Manisnya Berbuka Puasa Dengan Kolak Labu Kuning Dan Pisang Halaman All

If you are getting bored with compote with the same stuffing. You can use pumpkin as a distraction in compote.

The procedure for cooking compote is quite simple and practical. And this time I would like to offer a recipe for making pumpkin compote by adding young plantain and cauliflower stuffing.

For those who are learning to make compote or are confused about what takjil menu to make today. You need to try this easy and delicious pumpkin compote recipe, let’s hear it!

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The sweet sauce mixed with coconut milk and pumpkin, banana and cabbage is the perfect combination. Let’s make steamed buns!

Kolak Pisang Labu Susu

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Resep Kolak Labu

– One of the most popular Indonesian desserts today is golak. Compote is a type of food whose basic ingredients are palm sugar or coconut sugar, coconut milk, pandan leaves, and other fillings such as bananas, sweet potatoes and others according to taste.

Diah Didi’s Kitchen: Variasi Kolak Untuk Berbuka Puasa

Golak is known for its spicy flavor and soft texture. Therefore, it is often used as a meal after the main meal.

In addition to sweet potatoes and banana compote. One type of compote that many people eat today is pumpkin compote. Yellow pumpkin is one of the stuffing compotes that are tender and rich in nutrients.

In addition, the aroma of the pumpkin compote is very distinctive and attractive, so it can create a unique flavor to the compote.

Therefore, if you are interested in trying pumpkin compote at home, you can try the recipe below. This time we will introduce a sweet potato dip recipe that is easy but delicious.

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Resep Kolak Labu Kuning

Well, it’s very easy, isn’t it? You can add compote filling on top if you like. Hope our review is helpful and good luck.

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