Resep Kolak Candil Tepung Ketan

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Resep Kolak Candil Tepung Ketan – Candil porridge or salak seed porridge is one of the most popular porridges. During the fasting month, this porridge is often seen in takjil vendors along with other types of porridge. You can imagine the soft and melt-in-your-mouth rice balls when you see this porridge, especially during the month of fasting, you buy it immediately.

It turns out that making candil porridge is not as difficult as it seems. Also, by doing it ourselves, we can add as much as we want. Well, let’s take a look at the steps to do it!

Resep Kolak Candil Tepung Ketan

Resep Kolak Candil Tepung Ketan

Some people usually mix rice flour with sago flour or tapioca flour. Candil, which is made with puffed rice flour, creates a soft but soft texture.

Resep Bubur Sumsum Candil Yang Lembut

Candil flour is made by first mixing flour with salt. Then it is kneaded by adding a little warm water until the dough becomes easy and workable.

The flat bread is formed into pieces about the size of a longan fruit. While rolling the dough, boil the water to boil the balls to save time. After the water boils, add the candles and boil until the balls float. After that, drain until cold.

The sauce is made by boiling component B except for the strained solution. Put all the ingredients in the pot until it melts and boils. After that, add the coconut water and the cooked onions in it.

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Siraman coconut milk is made by mixing coconut milk with a little salt, to make it sweet. Cook the coconut milk on low flame while continuously stirring so that the coconut milk does not curdle.

Resep Kolak Buat Takjil Buka Puasa, Yang Baru Belajar Masak Wajib Coba!

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