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Resep Ketupat – It doesn’t feel like Eid is only a few days away. After almost a month of fasting, you will certainly be very happy when you arrive at the festival and meet all your relatives and friends. On Hari Raya or Eid, one of the typical Eid edition dishes and which is a must is Ketupati. Yes, Ketupati is a special food that is very synonymous with celebrations. If normal ketupat has only normal taste. This time Vemale brings you Ketupati recipe which has a savory and delicious taste. Are you wondering how to make savory and delicious ketupa? Check out the following recipe. material

This is how savory and delicious Ketufat is prepared. This ketupati will be tastier if served with chicken opor, young jackfruit lode vegetable or other coconut lode vegetable. Enjoy this recipe and have savory and delicious Ketupati for your beloved family on the occasion.

Resep Ketupat

Resep Ketupat

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Resep Ketupat Opor Ayam Archives

For some people, armpit hair is not a problem. But there are also people who think that having hair on their arms is something that will lower their confidence. Here’s how to get rid of arm hair..Bayram is synonymous with Eid specialties like ketupati, chicken curry, rendang and more. Ketupati is a food that is usually the main dish when Eid comes around. However, not too few people find it difficult to make Ketupati. For those who want to make their own Ketupati at home, this article will provide you with practical tips and recipes for making delicious and tender Ketupati. Also Read: 5 Must-Have Food Recipes for Eid Al-Fitr What is Ketupati?

Before considering how to make Ketupati, you need to know what Ketupati is. Ketupati is a typical Indonesian food made from rice wrapped in coconut or coconut leaves. Ketupati is usually served with various side dishes such as chicken opori, rendang, satay, or served with peanut sauce.

Ketupati dishes from each region of Indonesia are also quite different from each other, from the vegetables used, spices to the side dishes, so you can make your own ketupati at home, just be sure to pay attention to the recipe and how. To do it below.! Recipes and how to prepare Ketupati Eid against failure

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Cara Membuat Ketupat Tidak Cepat Basi

Making Ketupati for Eid is not difficult if you know the tips and tricks for making it. With the recipes and tips mentioned above, you can easily prepare soft and delicious ketupat at home. Remember to use good quality rice and follow the steps carefully so that the resulting ketupat has a soft texture and delicious taste.

If you want to find quality rice for Eid ketupat ingredients, you can easily get Raja Platinum Slyp Super Rice 5kg, Puregreen Pulen Wangi Rice 1kg/Organic Rice, or Sumo Hijau Premium Rice 5kg/Rice only on Astro app easily. With the Astro app, you can quickly shop for various needs of the fasting month and Eid just through your smartphone. What are you waiting for? come in! Go shopping for all your needs on the astro.Jakarta app. Eid is incomplete without a dish of Ketupati, warm side dishes prepared to be eaten together. Wow, it tastes so good when eaten with a large family after a halal bihalal event.

But you should also know that preparing Ketupati needs its own way and technique. Apart from choosing good coconut and rice, we also need to pay attention to how to cook them. To make Ketupati soft and delicious quickly, follow the tips below.

Resep Ketupat

The rice to be used for Ketupati should be soaked for 30 minutes and then drained. If using fluffy rice, fill only 2/3 of the ketupati casing. If there is little rice, just add 1/3 of it.

Ketupat Ketan Khas Sumatra Yang Pulen Gurih, Sajian Istimewa Hari Raya

If you are using a regular pot, choose a large pot. Then add water and cook until the water boils. Only then add the ketupati filled with rice. If the water curdles, add more boiling water to keep the temperature steady.

Thus, it will take 4-5 hours for the ketupats to become really soft and cooked. After the ketupat is cooked, drain and air dry first to make the ketupat last longer.

Prepare a pressure cooker full of water. Make sure that the ketupati filled with rice can be completely submerged in the water. Then cook until boiling (indicated by the loud sound coming from the pressure cooker). Lower the heat, then simmer for another 1 hour on medium heat.

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Remove the steam from the pressure cooker before opening the lid of the pressure cooker. method? It is very simple, it is enough to attach it to the lid of the pot with an iron spoon or other object. After all the steam comes out, open the lid of the pot. Take the ketupati, drain it and then hang it or cool it.

Resep Ketupat Lebaran, Pilih Daun Kelapa Kuning Kehijauan Agar Tidak Cepat Basi

You can store ketupati in the refrigerator by wrapping it in plastic first. You can steam (do not boil) to reheat. Whole diamonds are more durable than cut diamonds.

* Facts or a joke? To verify the accuracy of the information shared, please simply type the keywords you want on the fact check number on WhatsApp 0811 9787 670. When you think of holiday nostalgia, diamonds usually pop into your head. Indeed, you cannot experience the nuances of Hari Raya without this one food. Ahead of Hari Raya, green diamonds will definitely be scattered and sold. The tradition of Ketupati on Hari Raya is not new, you know. Ketupati was introduced to the Javanese community by Sunan Kalijaga a long time ago and of course this teaching continues to this day. Not only in Indonesia, the diamond is also popular outside of Indonesia, especially in Southeast Asian countries that also celebrate Hari Raya, such as Malaysia and Singapore.

This time I will share with you a super practical recipe for preparing Ketupati, and the ingredients are easy to find. And as usual, the ingredients required for this Ketupati recipe are readily available at your favorite supermarket!

Resep Ketupat

Although the preparation process is quite lengthy, the steps to prepare Ketupati are quite short, right? But Ketupati alone is definitely not enough! To make your Hari Raya meals even more interesting, let’s pair Ketupati with the following side dishes! Psst, if you’re interested in making one of the dishes below, the blog already has the recipe, you know! Just click on the link and go to the recipe of the dish you want.

Cara Membuat Ketupat Pulut & Ketupat Beras Untuk Idul Fitri 2022

Let’s go! Since Ketupati is made from rice, it is very suitable as a side dish for soups such as soup. See the soup recipe here.

Opori is a typical Hari Raya dish that is no less iconic than Ketupati. Therefore, Opori and Ketupati really match each other! Click on this link to check out the opor recipe from

You don’t have to go far to Padang to enjoy rendang. The gravy and tender meat of this one dish is perfect to complete your Hari Raya plate. interesting? Check out the Rendang recipe here.

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Similar to but not the same as rendang, beef is also no less popular in Indonesian family dinners and certainly contributes to the soft texture of ketupati as well. See the beef stew recipe here.

Resep Ketupat Enak Dan Mudah

This is a Ketupati recipe to liven up your Hari Raya! Don’t forget, you can get all the ingredients for this recipe from websites or apps in the App Store and Google Play Store. Maybe replace the rice with brown rice? Your order can be customized however you like with the buyer notes feature, you know. Plus, keep an eye out for a variety of limited-time promos you won’t want to miss. Check out our social media for the latest updates on monthly promotions, from discounts to free shipping. A flexible shopping experience, only at !Ketupat, as if it has become the ‘icon’ of Eid. It is usually served with chicken opor, curry and vegetables. At a glance, how to make it simple. But the reality is not as simple as we imagine.

Because there are some tips and tricks to be followed while making Ketupati. Here is the recipe and how to make delicious and durable Ketupati Eid.

As the main ingredient in Ketupati Eid preparation, selection of rice is the most important factor in Ketupati preparation. Rice should be fluffier and better quality. After that, let the rice stand for about 30 minutes.

Resep Ketupat

Choose young coconut leaves to get a good mat. The leaves are still fresh, so they don’t easily break and get damaged when cooked with rice. As a result, the ketupati will be tastier, softer and will last longer.

Cara Membuat Ketupat, Sajian Khas Indonosia

After defining rice and matte, there are a few things to look out for. The recommended measurement of rice for making Ketupati Eid is 2/3 of the volume of woven Ketupati.

Meanwhile, if you are using pera rice or not so fluffy, just fill it up to 1/3. This should be taken into account because it is one of the factors that makes rice perfectly expandable.

When boiling, use a regular pot, preferably a larger one. The large size allows the Ketupati to cook more thoroughly.

Finally, it is better to keep it in the refrigerator. But before that, you should wrap it in plastic so that it does not dry out quickly. If you want to eat it, steam (not boil) it first to warm it up.

Mau Buat Ketupat Praktis? Buat Ketupat Plastik Aja Guys

Here’s how to make an Eid Ketupati that you can follow to become the main dish later on Eid Al-Fitr. Good luck, Bella!

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