Resep Ketupat Sayur Bandung

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Resep Ketupat Sayur Bandung – Come, make your own beef curry lontong! You can make popular Bandung breakfast yourself at home. Serve with delicious accompaniments!

Kupat tofu, yellow rice, chicken porridge, and lontong curry are some breakfast foods that will be easy to find if you travel to the city of Bandung. This breakfast is a lontong meal with beef curry with curry spices which is very thin or ‘light’.

Resep Ketupat Sayur Bandung

Resep Ketupat Sayur Bandung

While a portion of lontong or vegetable ketupat in coconut milk sauce is eaten with boiled eggs and crackers, this Bandung version of lontong in curry spices is special because it is added with a sprinkling of fried soybeans . The crunchy sensation that makes eating more!

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To shorten the process, use ready-made lontong or ketupat that you can order or buy at traditional stores. In fact, Bandung curry lontong uses kikil as its filling. This time I want to make a version

Use beef shank. The fat content is less but it does not reduce the taste of lontong in curry sauce which should be spicy and delicious.

Heat oil, saute the ground spices until fragrant. Lower the heat, add cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, lemongrass, pandan, and turmeric. Saute until fragrant and cooked.

Pour in coconut milk, low-fat milk and Royco Beef Broth, cook until cooked and the sauce thickens, remove from heat. Help with lontong.

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Resep Lontong Sayur Rumahan, Gurih Sedap

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