Resep Ketupat Lebaran

Resep Ketupat Lebaran – Ketupat or kupat is a food made from rice wrapped in woven young coconut leaves (janur), or some also use date leaves.

In its development, Indonesian Lebaran ketupat has spread to other countries, from Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore to the south of Thailand.

Resep Ketupat Lebaran

Resep Ketupat Lebaran

Ketupat is one of the must-have menus when celebrating Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Usually ketupat is cooked in large quantities, so it’s important to know the ketupat recipe so it doesn’t go stale quickly.

Ketupat Sayur Lodeh Spesial Lebaran

In addition to rice served in woven coconut leaves, Ketupat is usually prepared with chicken opor. Not only the right way to cook ketupat, you also need to know the ketupat recipe so it doesn’t go stale quickly, for example choosing the right coconut leaves.

So that the Ketupat you make can still be eaten for a few days after Hari Raya, here are tips you can try so that the Ketupat does not go stale quickly, as quoted by!

Therefore, make sure you choose good quality ingredients such as coconut leaves and rice. Do not use materials contaminated with fungi or bacteria!

Not only during storage, so that the ketupat does not go stale, you also need to choose the right wrapping material, which is coconut leaves.

Resep Ketupat Opor Ayam, Sajian Wajib Saat Kumpul Lebaran Idul Fitri 2023

Therefore, try to use greenish light yellow coconut leaves. Avoid using coconut leaves that are too young because this can cause the ketupat to sweat quickly and become stale.

While preparing the rice filling for the ketupat, add some lime water to it. In addition to making the ketupat have a more chewy texture, this water will also make the ketupat last longer.

Add camphor water before putting the rice in the ketupat container. To keep it tasty, also add a little salt.

Resep Ketupat Lebaran

In the middle of the ketupat boiling process, you need to add hot water. Be sure to use freshly boiled hot water to minimize bacteria.

Resep Dan Cara Mudah Membuat Ketupat Untuk Lebaran, Gampang Banget!

If the ketupat is cooked, take it out and drain it in a container that can drain the remaining water (perforated) so that there is no water left in the ketupat so that it does not go stale.

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After that, pour the ketupat with ice water so that the color of the ketupat remains yellow and does not easily turn brown (indicating that it is stale).

If you no longer want to eat ketupat, store ketupat in the refrigerator. Before that, make sure the ketupat is at room temperature.

Ketupat Lebaran 2023 Aidilfitri holiday ketupat recipe coconut leaves so that it does not go stale quickly lime water sirehair refrigerator hot water how to cook ketupat

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Resep Ketupat Lebaran

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But it’s also not as easy as you might imagine. There are some tips and tricks that must be applied when cooking ketupat. This is a recipe and how to make a delicious Eid ketupat. Don’t worry, it’s easy!

Resep Ketupat Lebaran

As the main ingredient, the selection of rice is the most important factor when cooking ketupat. The rice must be fluffy and good quality. After that, soak the rice for 30 minutes.

Resep Membuat Ketupat Lebaran Anti Gagal

To get a good weave, choose young coconut leaves. The leaves are still fresh, so that they are not easily broken and damaged when boiled with rice. As a result, ketupat will taste tastier, softer and last longer.

After deciding on the rice and the weave, there are a few things you should pay attention to. The recommended amount of rice to make ketupat is 2/3 of the volume of the woven ketupat.

While if using rice that is soft or not too fluffy, only fill 1/3 of it. This must be paid attention to, because it is one of the factors that make the rice expand perfectly.

When boiling, use a regular pan, preferably a larger one. The large size allows the ketupat to be cooked more perfectly. Then, observe the water in the pan. It is best to add water so that it starts to shrink so that the temperature remains stable.

Cara Bikin Ketupat Lebaran Dengan Mudah, Dijamin Berhasil!

Finally, when stored better in the refrigerator. But before that, it has to be wrapped in plastic so that it doesn’t dry quickly. If you want to eat it, steam it first (not boil) to heat it up.

It’s really easy to make a holiday ketupat recipe and how to make it? There’s still plenty of time to learn how to make something tastier and fluffier. Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri is indeed synonymous with special holiday dishes such as ketupat, chicken opor, rendang and others. Ketupat is a food that is usually the main dish when Hari Raya arrives. However, quite a few people find it difficult to make ketupat. For those of you who want to make your own ketupat at home, this article will provide practical tips and recipes for making delicious and soft ketupat. Also read: 5 must-have food recipes for Aidilfitri

Before discussing how to make ketupat, you need to know what ketupat is. Ketupat is a typical Indonesian food made from rice wrapped in coconut leaves or palm leaves. Ketupat is usually served with various side dishes such as chicken opor, rendang, satay, or eaten with peanut sauce.

Resep Ketupat Lebaran

The ketupat dishes from each region in Indonesia are also quite different from each other, from the vegetables used, the spices to the side dishes, so you can make your own ketupat at home, just make sure you pay attention to the recipe and how to make it. below.! Recipes and How to Make Eid Ketupat Fail-proof

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Ini Cara Praktis Membuat Ketupat Lebaran Yang Empuk

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Making ketupat for Eid is not difficult, as long as you know the tips and tricks to make it. With the recipes and tips mentioned above, you can easily make soft and delicious ketupat at home. Don’t forget to use good quality rice and follow the steps carefully so that the resulting ketupat has a soft texture and a good taste.

If you want to find quality rice for Eid ketupat, you can get Super Slyp Raja Platinum Rice 5kg, Puregreen Fragrant Pulen Rice 1 kg/Organic Rice, or Premium Sumo Rice 5kg/Rice only on the Astro application easily. Through the Astro application you can shop for various needs for the fasting month and holidays quickly just through your smartphone. So what are you waiting for? Come on, shop for all your needs on the astro app. Hari Raya without ketupat must be lonely and incomplete. Usually, this dish is widely sold in the market before Eid al-Fitr. However, there is no harm in trying to make your own ketupat.

The origin of ketupat as a holiday dish has been around for a long time. It’s no wonder that ketupat is always a mandatory dish during Eid at home.

Cara Membuat Ketupat Lebaran Lembut, Empuk, Dan Antigagal

To make it you only need 3 main ingredients which are rice, water and its own wrapper made of woven young coconut leaves.

If you have prepared the three main ingredients, you just have to follow the steps to make a more fluffy and compact ketupat one by one.

1. Prepare rice with a content of 40 percent soft rice and 60 percent soft rice. Wash until clean, then fill with diamond skin using a 40/60 ratio.

Resep Ketupat Lebaran

3. Then, boil until it boils in a covered pan so that the process is faster. Cook for about 30 minutes or 15-20 minutes if you are using a pressure cooker.

Resep Ketupat Rice Cooker Anti Gagal

4. After cooking, lift and drain the ketupat, then leave it until it reaches room temperature. If so, Ketupat is ready to eat with other delicious dishes.

In the first step, it is said to use a ratio of 40 percent soft rice and 60 percent soft rice. However, what is the difference between the two types of rice? We will talk one by one.

Rice contains amylose, which can determine the degree of fluffiness or juiciness of the rice. If the amylose is high, the rice will be drier, which is often known as dry rice.

While low amylose will produce softer and sticky rice. Well, this type is better known as fluffy rice.

Tips Membuat Ketupat Yang Empuk Dan Tahan Lama

In terms of shape, fluffy rice grains are shorter than long rice grains. Generally, pera rice is more suitable for making fried rice, uduk rice and ketupat.

To cook ketupat, you can choose one of three tools, namely a rice cooker, a lidded pot, and a pressure cooker.

So, if you want to use a more traditional method, you can use a large pan with a lid. Below are suggestions for pans you can buy.

Resep Ketupat Lebaran

However, if you want to cook faster and tastier, you can use a pressure cooker, as below.

Berita Dan Informasi Lauk Ketupat Lebaran Terkini Dan Terbaru Hari Ini

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