Resep Keripik Pare Renyah Tidak Pahit

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Resep Keripik Pare Renyah Tidak Pahit – Pare is usually fried and cooked as a side dish. The taste is slightly bitter, but with proper processing, the bitter taste can be easily removed.

In addition to serving as a side dish, bitter melon can be processed into a snack, you know. Pare chips are perhaps rarely heard, right? Slice it, then dip it in a flour mixture and fry it dry.

Resep Keripik Pare Renyah Tidak Pahit

Resep Keripik Pare Renyah Tidak Pahit

If you are a bitter gourd lover and want to try a unique preparation, here is a way or recipe for bitter gourd chips that are crunchy and not bitter. Really suitable for watching Korean dramas as a friend, here!

Resep Keripik Pare Pedas Krispi

Cut the slice in half, scoop out the contents and discard. After dredging, prepare a cutting board and knife. Slice all the bitter gourds about half an inch thick.

Next, take a fairly large basin and fill it with water. Add the coarse salt and mix first. Then add all the sliced ​​slices. Let it sit for 20 minutes, then remove or discard the water.

Then thoroughly wash the part soaked in salt water. If necessary, rinse three to four times to completely remove the bitter taste.

First, you need to toast the coriander and hazelnuts. Then prepare the mortar and pestle and add the fried ingredients.

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After that, add garlic and salt and grind until soft. Once it has softened, take it and put it in a bowl from which you will make the dough. Put some water in the mortar and pestle, then clean and pour the water into the ground spice container.

Place the rice flour, tapioca flour and wheat flour in a bowl. Put an egg in it. Add ground pepper and broth powder.

Then slowly add the prepared water. As you pour water into the pot, stir it with a spatula. Adjust the thickness of the prepared dough. Make sure it’s not too runny or thick.

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Resep Keripik Pare Renyah Tidak Pahit

Afterwards, finely slice the lime leaves. Add it to the mixture, then mix it with the ingredients of the dough until smooth to coat it.

Cara Membuat Keripik Pare Anti Pahit Dan Gagal Serta Manfaatnya

Prepare a pan, fill it with oil and heat it first. Once boiling, add the bitter gourd to the mixture. Then put the chipped dough into the hot oil. Use medium heat when frying, okay?

When it is baked, wait until it turns a little brown. Slowly turn it to the side. When you feel it is perfectly cooked, remove the chips and drain thoroughly.

Well, try to use a lot of oil when frying. It is better if the fried pare is fried in the oil, so that it is fried evenly from all sides. Best presented with dipping chili sauce.

You already have a friend who can watch Drakor here. It sure gets better, right? Make sure the bitter taste of the pare is gone, okay? Apart from salt, there are many ways to get rid of the bitter taste of bitter gourd. You can search, you know!

Dapur Miranti: Keripik Bayam Dan Keripik Pare

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The result of finding it in the supermarket was a vegetable disc, buy one free. I bought spinach which cost 850 silver for a ticket because you get one free so it cost almost 400 silver… very cheap. Spinach chips are made from Capcus, and the rest are pure vegetables.

Why is it that I have joined the topic of spinach chips and chips this time on this site. The reason is simply pithy, because I use the same flour dough.

Resep Keripik Pare Renyah Tidak Pahit

I like this recipe. I have made spinach chips before and wrote the recipe on this blog and used them again.

Si Pahit Kaya Manfaat, Olahannya Sukses Sampai Ke Jerman Dan Rusia

The chips are guaranteed not to be hard, they are definitely crunchy… of course they will last a long time… as long as they are stored in a dry, airtight place.

This is enough for the recipe below. I can make 2 types of chips. I use 3 pieces for paré, 3/4 of a bunch for spinach.

For the spinach, of course, the spinach leaves can be picked and washed, then drained, and then added to the flour mixture and baked.

In the same bowl, add the finely chopped onion and the hazelnuts. Pour enough water (about just a little) and mix until it becomes a thin mass, but still sets firmly.

Camilan Unik! Pria Di Bali Ini Berhasil Olah Buah Pare Jadi Keripik Yang Gurih Dan Renyah!

Directly dip or dip the ingredients to be prepared one at a time into the thin flour mixture until cooked. Don’t forget to heat the cooking oil beforehand.

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For the bitter gourd chips… first of all, of course, we have to prepare to wash the slice clean. Then cut in half to remove the seeds and slice thinly.

You can make hot water and salt to remove the bitterness. Pour a lot of salt into the hot water, then add the bitter melon slices. Let it sit for at least an hour. I even spent the night, only processing it in the morning.

Resep Keripik Pare Renyah Tidak Pahit

After soaking, wash the bitter gourd and drain thoroughly. It can also be dried first parenya to dry.

Menit Sebelum Dimasak, Coba Balur Pare Dengan Bumbu Dapur Ini, Dijamin Rasa Pahitnya Hilang Dan Hasilnya Bikin Nagih

Bitter gourd chips take a little longer to cook than spinach. Of course, because the pare is thicker. If you want it to be very crispy, you can first dry the paré in the sun, then half-bake it, and then dry-fry it again. By processing the slice into chips, some people start to like paré. Because when making bitter gourd chips, the bitter taste of steamed vegetables is lost. How to make bitter gourd chips using the tips we have summarized will eliminate the bitter taste of bitter gourd. Today’s article is about the recipe for delicious bitter gourd chips.

There is no record of the exact origin of this bitter vegetable, but it is believed to have originated in tropical South Asia. Momordica charantia, also known as pariah, belongs to the Cucurbitaceae family, which grows in tropical and subtropical areas. From Asia to the United States, this bitter fruit vegetable has been cultivated for hundreds of years. The distribution of this pristine is widespread throughout the world because it is a source of nutrition and medicine. Despite its reputation, the origin of the pristine plant is not confirmed by historical records. Botanists have little opinion, claiming that the pristine plants are native to Asia, particularly India and southern China. The pariah is said to have spread to several countries in Asia. Later, Pariah spread to Africa, the Americas and the Caribbean. In 1578, a Chinese botanist named Li wrote in a note that since the 16th century, farmers in southern China had been cultivating wild, untouched plants. Paria is an important vegetable in this area.

Although the National Herbarium Center indicates that the dispersal of intact animals to the Americas (Puerto Rico) and West Africa probably occurred during the slave trade era of 1885. After that, pariahs flourished in tropical America and the southern United States. At the time, some farmers in the United States were using local varieties from Asia for small-scale cultivation.

In Indonesia, meanwhile, there is no clear record of when untouchables entered the archipelago. However, in Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and several other islands, pariahs are very well known. In this area, this plant has many names. In Javanese, it is known as pariah, pare, bitter pare or pepareh. The Sumatrans call it prieu, fori, pepare, kambeh or pariah.

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Cara Membuat Keripik Pare

To reduce the bitter taste of bitter gourd, first scrape off the rough surface on top of the bitter gourd. Peeling can make the surface of the bitter gourd smooth, which can help. As the bitterness wears off, you can definitely enjoy the delicious saltiness.

When ready, remove the rusty surface, cut into thin slices and remove the seeds. The next step is mixing the salt into it. Salt is especially helpful as it draws out the bitter juices from the bitter gourd. All you have to do is rub the bitter gourd slices with salt and then put them in a bowl for 20-30 minutes before cooking.

After rubbing with salt, don’t forget to squeeze out the juice of the bitter gourd. Rinse under running water and press dry again for best results.

Resep Keripik Pare Renyah Tidak Pahit

Another way to get rid of the bitter taste is to melt pieces of bitter melon in diluted yogurt. Melt the yogurt until melted, then soak the pumpkin pieces for about 1 hour.

Modal Tipis, Wanita Ini ‘sulap’ Pare Jadi Keripik Hingga Sambal

That’s all for today’s article about the recipe for delicious bitter gourd chips, how to make bitter gourd chips, I hope it will be useful for those who want a healthy snack, you can also make tempeh chips, a delicious and easy snack to make at home with your family. that’s it and thank – Pare is known as a simple vegetable that can be used to make a variety of dishes. This single food is known to have many beneficial effects on the body. reports that bitter melon is rich in vitamin C and A, beta-carotene, fiber, which is good for eye health, digestive system, immunity and more.

Although it is known to be healthy, many people avoid bitter melon. This is because pare has a bitter taste and is less enjoyable on the tongue. The still bitter paré was usually not cleaned and processed properly. In fact, there are many ways to remove the bitter taste.

Therefore, those who do not like processed pare as a vegetable menu can make a snack out of it, which also makes chips. It is guaranteed that anyone who did not like bitter melon at first will also like this vegetable. One netizen shared how to make it by uploading it on TheHasanVideo’s YouTube account.

In addition to being crunchy, these bitter gourd chips are no longer bitter and will keep for up to 2 months. The owner of the YouTube account TheHasanVideo also explained that the capital required to make bitter melon chips is also affordable which is only 30 thousand rupees, so it can be used as a profitable business idea.

Jual Zakrezz Keripik Pare / Pare Crispy 100gr

First, wash the slice and cut it in half to expose the middle. Then thinly slice the bitter gourd and soak it in salted water for about 15-20 minutes. This soaking process removes the juice, the source of the bitter melon flavor.

After soaking, the bitter melon should be rinsed two or three times with running water to remove the juice. The woman also explained on TheHasanVideo YouTube account that bitter melon can be re-soaked.

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