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Resep Kentucky Kfc – In these difficult times, we must always be creative and innovative. Be sharp in seeing and taking advantage of existing opportunities. One business that is quite timeless is food because it is included in basic needs. In the food category, the Kentucky Fried Chicken business has been selling quite well and has been booming since the beginning of the financial crisis in 1998 until now without stopping.

However, when starting a business, we need to have a good business plan. Not just taking other people’s ideas without creativity so that there are no problems like the Grepek Bensu chicken that was recently widely discussed.

Resep Kentucky Kfc

Resep Kentucky Kfc

Before starting this super crispy fried chicken business, we should try to analyze and make an example of a simple business plan and what should be considered when making a chicken food business plan. So, if you are interested in getting into the raw chicken business, readers now have a complete picture.

Resep Ayam Goreng Crispy Ala Kfc Yang Bikin Nagih Halaman 1

Starting your own business requires a lot of courage and motivation, so you should start first with a series of inspirational SME fried chicken business success stories, until finally you will explain what is needed and a simple business plan.

The fried chicken business also involves small and medium business participants such as small traders or those who open stalls in their yards. The recipe and production process are easy to adapt to give you a unique and distinctive taste. Although it is simpler, this business is quite promising. In a startup business with only 1 cart, the net profit reaches IDR. 6.5 million per month.

Connoisseurs of fried chicken, crispy fried chicken who never give up, bring their own fortune to Kentucky Fried Chicken-style fried chicken merchants.

Even people with lower incomes can try this menu at a more economical price. Although it does not bear the name of a big, famous franchise and is self-operated, the fried chicken cart business is considered to be in demand and has been around for a long time.

Resep Ayam Goreng Ala Fried Chicken

One successful example is a fried chicken vendor named Rahman. This guy has been in the fried chicken business for 12 years. This man previously worked as an employee at a retail company in Jakarta. But his company goes bankrupt and he loses his job. Rahman also tried to open a flour fried chicken business.

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At first he only tried in front of the house because he had to support his wife and children. The spice mix was also bought ready to use at that time, the price was around Rp. 15,000 in one day with 10 chickens. Eventually, however, he tried to make his own flour seasoning after several attempts until he was able to find the right composition and a crisp that would suit the tastes of the local people. This homemade flour seasoning is more economical and can increase the net profit.

Every day, Rahman eats 10 chickens, each of which weighs about 1.2 kg. Each tail is divided into 16 parts. Since they are small, he sells his chickens at a unit price of Rp. 3500. “It’s better if the price is low but the size is small so that it is suitable for the lower economic class buyers we are targeting,” said the man who sells daily in the North Bekasi area .

Resep Kentucky Kfc

Regarding the use of oil, Rahman admits that he only uses packaged cooking oil, not bulk, whose quality is difficult to predict. He admitted that packaged cooking oil is more durable, pure and healthy. Fry every day with 5 liters of oil in a ratio of 2 liters of newly bottled oil and supplemented with 3 liters of oil left over from the previous day.

Apa Yang Membuat Ayam Kfc Berbeda Dari Ayam Goreng Lainnya?

To keep it fresh, Rahman’s fried chicken is not fried all at once, but divided into 3 stages. When the chicken was almost sold out, Rahman refried the chicken stock he kept in the refrigerator or cooler. Rows of fried chicken are illuminated by what Rahman calls “oven lights.” In addition to making the chicken look appetizing, the lamp can also help the chicken stay warm so that it is always tasty, crispy and crunchy when eaten.

When it comes to analyzing and calculating the cost of return on capital for a fried chicken business like the one Rahman successfully owns, the costs incurred each day include 10 chickens per head weighing 1.2 kg, purchased at a cost of 24,000 IDR to IDR 28,000. Every day he also buys 2 liters of cooking oil at around IDR 20,000. Other expenses incurred are bulk chili sauce, spices and flour.

The daily turnover and profit can be more than 500,000 IDR, and the profit is about half of that. So around IDR 200,000 per day net income or minimum IDR. 6 million per month,” Rahman said. Rahman also regularly receives large orders of fried chicken in the neighborhood, where he sells whenever there is a social gathering or RT/RW meeting. Just by relying on passers-by, this pushcart SME business returns its capital in less than a month.

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There are several business tips run by this guy from Tasikmalaya. After he was quite successful and returned his capital with a fried chicken business in front of his house. So he began to look for and set up a business in a strategic location, namely on a road that is the entrance to several residential complexes. Since he had started his business at a strategic location, Rahman also started using the logo symbol for his fried chicken business and to create the logo design, Rahman ordered a luxury logo design package for Rp. 375,000 with detailed packages can be seen here

Resep Aneka Olahan Ayam Goreng Tepung Ala Restoran, Mudah Dibuat

Once he has a logo that adequately represents his fried chicken business, he doesn’t hesitate to make concessions either. “My subscription usually doesn’t buy one or two pieces, just say IDR 10,000, IDR 20,000, then I immediately give 3 pieces and 6 pieces. Buyers already know.”

According to Rahman, this fried chicken business is a business that is not difficult to manage. Compared to other culinary delights, this chicken is more practical and brings good profit. As long as you are consistent and master the science of managing it. As an illustration, selling 5 chickens a day is enough to support 2 people. Sufficient capital Rp. 3 million includes raw materials, carts and logo design. “It seems trivial, but it’s actually promising,” he concluded.

If you don’t want to bother going through the training process and want to have a fried chicken shop that can immediately bring in profits and money, you can partner with several franchises. A list of a few trusted fried chicken franchises is as follows:

Resep Kentucky Kfc

The Orchi Fried Chicken partnership promises profits of around Rs 5 crore per month. There are 2 packages available, namely the Lux package which costs IDR 8 million and also the Exclusive package which costs IDR 9 million. Includes chicken frying training and outlet equipment. Headquartered in Pulogebang, East Jakarta, Orchi now has hundreds of branches. And the Orchi Fried Chicken franchise has been around since 2009 and has received many awards.

Cara Membuat Ayam Kfc Renyah Dan Gurih

The Van Java Fried Chicken partnership has the advantage of no royalty fees, franchise fees or maintenance fees. With an initial investment of IDR 7.5 million to IDR 8.7 million, you can use the name Van Java Fried Chicken along with cooking training, marketing assistance and cooking equipment from this franchise business from Garut, West Java.

With an investment cost of Rp. 10,000,000, you can have a typical Crispyku Fried Chicken business. This price includes a display case, various cooking equipment, as well as 10 bags of spices for 200 chickens. As written on the Crispy Fried Chicken Franchise website, Crispyku now has more than 50 stores and is headquartered in the North Jakarta area.

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Although not native to America, fried chicken has become America’s national food. Many restaurants and households have a favorite fried chicken recipe. In addition to spices, the flour mixture has many variations. Come on, make yourself some fried chicken!

This recipe is a traditional American style fried chicken recipe. Before frying, the chicken is seasoned and dipped in milk and egg. Coated in flour and then fried. The taste is more spicy, delicious and crunchy.

Bumbu Resep Rahasia Ayam Goreng Kfc Bocor, Kamu Bisa Mencobanya Di Rumah

Crispy fried chicken is loved by many people. Unsurprisingly, from carts to well-known fast food chains, there is never a shortage of shoppers. Interested in opening a fried chicken business? Let’s take a course here first!

To make the fried chicken produced delicious, crispy and curly and profitable, we must learn from the experts. In Jakarta and Serpong, there are several courses to choose from. The following is the required information for the course:

Description: A class on chicken cutting, seasoning and flouring tricks. Practice directly and take the results home. You can repeat it for free by bringing the original recipe.

Resep Kentucky Kfc

Description: A class on how to make flour fried chicken, an industrial recipe that is crispy and lasts up to three hours, plus recipes for crispy chicken, soft-bone chicken and crispy chicken. The allure of Kentucky Fried Food is unmatched, that’s because for the presence of the famous restaurant Kentucky Fried Chicken That! Let’s see how to make crispy Kentucky watercress!

Inilah Rahasia Resep Ayam Goreng Kfc Bisa Enak Dan Renyah, Catat Penjelasannya

KFC’s presence in Indonesia in 1978 caused the Kentucky-style fried food phenomenon to grow everywhere. The fast food restaurant, which is famous for its slogan “Jagonya Ayam” in Indonesia, has a special place in people’s hearts. So people are curious, how do you make Kentucky KFC delicious?

In fact, there are many variants of Kentucky Fried Food that already exist in Indonesia, such as Kentucky Fried Shrimp, Fish, Shrimp, even Gut. More and more curious how to prepare tasty and delicious Kentucky!

First there is sweetrip’s legendary KFC fried chicken recipe. A lot of KFC secret recipes are out there, but I don’t know if it’s true or not hahaha! Here’s how to make Kentucky Fried Chicken!

Then there’s how to make Chef’s Recipe Crispy Kentucky Mushrooms that have a crunchy texture on the outside and a typical chewy mushroom inside that will have you hooked!

Resep Ayam Kentucky Kriuk Anti Gagal Dan Simpel

Then there’s how to make Kentucky TV Intestines from Endeus TV, this recipe is perfect for those of you who love offal or are confused about what kind of intestines to make, just fry Kentucky Intestines!

Seafood does not escape this phenomenon, as resepedia reports, there is a great way to make Kentucky shrimp when eaten with warm rice!


Resep Kentucky Kfc

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