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Resep Kentang Keju Kekinian – , Jakarta In the month of Ramadan or fasting, sahur is not just about filling the stomach. Sahur should also be optimized to fill our energy in completing fasting for a whole day.

But at dawn we usually feel lazy to eat or even lack appetite because our eyes feel sleepy. Because there is nothing wrong with eating food that makes us appetizing. Food that we really like so that it creates a feeling of appetite. One of them is french fries.

Resep Kentang Keju Kekinian

Resep Kentang Keju Kekinian

This food is truly a snack that is enjoyed by almost everyone. Not just for snacks, fried potatoes can also be the right breakfast menu and are eaten with rice and other side dishes. Here’s a recipe for making modern French fries, reported by Vemale.

Kuliner Lezat Kekinian Olahan Kentang Yang Viral

For fish lovers, Bintang Tasty has an easy recipe to make, you know. Come on, it’s time for you to make it yourself at home.

2. Add cornstarch, grated cheese, salt, ground pepper, chicken stock and celery to the potatoes. Mix all the ingredients to a smooth mixture and make sure the taste is right.

Eat fried potatoes with chili sauce or tomato sauce or other sauces. Or it can also be eaten with rice and other side dishes. There are still a number of recipes for sahur and fast menus that will be served during the month of Ramadan 1439 H. Long Potato Fries Recipe – Usually potatoes are processed into cakes, potato wedges or French fries. However, due to time, today potatoes can be processed into unique foods that are different from the usual, such as the “Long Potato”.

This long potato is a food made from the basic ingredients of potatoes which are then cooked with cheddar cheese, oregano and also flour so that it creates a soft but still crispy texture when eaten.

Kuliner Kekinian Cimol Kentang Viral, Cocok Jadi Camilan Nonton Drakor

In malls, these long fries are usually sold for IDR 15,000 to IDR 25,000 per serving. These long potatoes are best eaten warm, complete with dipping sauce and mayonnaise.

So because I often buy long potatoes at the mall, I finally tried to find recipes for long potato fries on the internet. Alhamdulillah, I found Endeus TV’s recipe for long potato fries. In my opinion, this long French fries recipe from Endeus TV is quite easy to follow. The ingredients needed are also not difficult to find, so anyone can practice this long french fries recipe at home.

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Apart from using sauce and mayonnaise toppings, you can also use spices such as hot chili powder, baberque seasoning, seaweed and cheese for the toppings for the recipe for the homemade long potato fries that you make.

Resep Kentang Keju Kekinian

It doesn’t take long to make this delicious potato dish. If it is a business opportunity, you can also sell the long potatoes. It’s not bad to fill the free time at home, the results can be used for the children’s needs and snacks hehehe πŸ˜€The current recipe for fried potato sticks will be shared for those of you who want snacks that are different from usual. Has anyone tried the popular snack now? In the past, there was a trend of long screw potatoes seasoned with powder or sauce. Now there is a new snack made from potatoes, which is called the modern potato stick. In fact, this snack has been around for the past few years since 2018. These modern potato sticks originally came from Japan, the trend for extra long french fries or french fries can reach 5 cm or even 15 cm in length.

Stik Kentang Keju Simpel, Camilan Sehat Di Rumah

The taste is even more delicious and tempting because these fries are served while they are still hot. Now these potatoes are made and fried right to order so when enjoyed they are still very crispy and delicious when enjoyed. The complementary toppings include a variety of salty, sweet and even spicy sauces that you can choose according to your taste. There is also a choice of powdered seasoning flavors such as barbecue, corn, balado, cheese, seaweed, spicy mayo and many more. This potato stick snack is quite popular and liked by young millennials.

The potato is a tuber plant that is popular among people in different parts of the world. Potatoes are one of the best food ingredients that can be processed into various delicious snacks, both made for snacks and even heavy meals. There are many types of snacks that are usually prepared from this potato ingredient, including french fries, potato chips, and many more. In addition to being delicious and delicious, potatoes are also known as foods rich in nutritional value. Apart from that, potatoes are also rich in carbohydrates and are usually used as a meal replacement for rice.

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So how is anyone curious about this potato stick snack? Anyone want to try it? Instead of buying and getting confused about where to look, because right now there are still very few for sale, it’s better to just make it yourself. If this is the material and the manufacturing process, let’s see and make it together:

It was a recipe for making modern fried potato sticks that you can try yourself at home. It is simple and practical to make, the ingredients are simple and easy to find.

Resep Olahan Kentang Untuk Lauk Makan, Lezat Dan Bergizi!

This modern fried potato sticks recipe can certainly be very useful if you can take chances and opportunities. The snack industry, especially food, has many fans, especially this type of snack which is now quite popular and even in Indonesia there are still quite a few people who sell this food. Of course that way you can take advantage and take the opportunity to open this fried potato stick snack business.

In addition to the possibilities that are quite bright, it is of course supported by the taste of snacks that are tasty, delicious and appetizing. The appearance is also quite interesting and unique, which will make it many fans. In Indonesia, we don’t find too many of these snacks. Not many have run this one business. So that is why this snack is worth trying and turning it into a business field. Armed with the recipe above, you can try making it from now on and then sell it on a small scale first or offer it to friends, relatives or neighbors.

Well, after that you can market online. Then start making the packaging more attractive so that customers are also interested and want to buy your product. Where can you get attractive packaging?

Resep Kentang Keju Kekinian

Relax, add different types of packaging boxes for this fried potato stick snack. Different types of packaging sizes, shapes and different packaging materials are also available. And what is certain is that it will help you create a modern and attractive packaging design. Even more interesting, we can make your dream design come true according to what you want.

Montato, Kentang Kekinian Paduan Rasa Gurih Dan Manis

What are you waiting for now? Make packing so much easier now. The advantages of ordering packaging are many, one of them is free design, free consultation, free shipping, quality materials and many other bonuses.

That’s all for our discussion this time, hopefully it can be helpful and useful for you readers. Good luck and good luck. This time I want to share a recipe for making cheese potato sticks with only 3 ingredients! It’s very simple but delicious plus addictive πŸ€­πŸ˜…

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Take the frozen dough out of the freezer and then cut the dough lengthwise or to taste, fry in hot oil, fry until dry brown, remove

How easy it is to make cheese potato sticks with only 3 ingredients πŸ˜‰ This is really delicious, let’s make it right now 🫢

Resep Camilan Dari Kentang, Kuliner Kekinian Untuk Teman Chill

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Resep Kentang Keju Kekinian

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Stik Kentang Keju

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