Resep Kare Ayam Tahu

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Resep Kare Ayam Tahu – Curry dishes are very popular in South and Southeast Asia, including Indonesia. If all this time the Sweet Couple ate chicken curry a lot, this time we present the most delicious chicken tofu recipe with a thick and fresh broth.

Tofu chicken curry has a delicious taste due to the combination of various spices cooked with chicken and tofu ingredients. This dish becomes even more delicious when it is cooked with the texture of tender chicken meat and tofu that doesn’t fall apart easily. Who doesn’t love curry? In fact, many people are looking for a recipe for curried chicken tofu in the style of Indian cuisine.

Resep Kare Ayam Tahu

Resep Kare Ayam Tahu

The chicken curry recipe is actually very simple. The necessary ingredients can be easily prepared. The cooking time is not too long. If you miss this meal, the Sweet Couple doesn’t have to bother buying it from the restaurant. Just follow the following tofu chicken curry recipe. Don’t miss the steps!

Resep Kari Ayam Ala Rumahan, Enak, Sederhana, Dan Mudah Dibuat

Curry chicken tofu is cooked and ready to eat with the family as a lunch or dinner menu. This dish is best eaten while warm. The broth is very refreshing and the sprinkling of fried onions in the broth makes this dish even more delicious. Not just the fried onions, the coconut milk mixture that is cooked with it makes the dish even more delicious.

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Obviously, the chicken curry recipe is very simple. Do not hesitate to try this very simple recipe. Come, experience the fun right now!

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