Resep Kacang Bawang

Resep Kacang Bawang – , Jakarta How to make onion beans can be a fun activity at home. Nuts, which are often a dish during Eid, are ideal as a snack while relaxing. In addition, it tastes very crunchy and delicious, which makes you unable to stop chewing.

Not only do they taste delicious and crunchy, onion peas are also a source of vegetable protein that is good for body health. Apart from that, peanuts also contain fiber and magnesium which can prevent various diseases,

Resep Kacang Bawang

Resep Kacang Bawang

Onion beans are not that difficult to make. The challenge is how to make the nuts soft and crunchy. For taste, you can add whatever spices you want. You can even add orange aroma to make it more delicious.

Memulai Bisnis Kacang Bawang: Peluang Dan Cara Membuat

1. The first step is to wash the peanuts and then immerse them in boiling water until cool. If so, peel the skin from the nuts completely, drain.

4. Prepare a frying pan filled with cooking oil, Fry the peanuts with the sliced ​​onions until dry or crispy.

5. Add the sliced ​​garlic and lime leaves to the half-cooked refried beans. Stir and fry until the beans and onions are cooked.

3. Preheat the oven for 15 minutes over high heat. After that, transfer the beans to a baking dish and sprinkle with sliced ​​garlic. Then oven over low heat, turn the beans back and forth, and stir the beans to cook.

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Resep Kacang Telur Manis Sederhana, Cocok Untuk Camilan!

5. If all the peanuts are fried, cool them in a container. When it’s cold, mix it with the garlic that was thinly sliced ​​and fried before.

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Resep Kacang Bawang

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