Resep Jasuke Paling Enak

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Resep Jasuke Paling Enak – A small shop selling various snacks. One snack I almost never miss is yasuke, which is short for corn, milk and cheese. Yasuke is served with a little sweet cream and sprinkled with grated cheese.

Jasuke is quite expensive. Especially if you buy it often like I do. In the end, I tried to make it myself at home. Not only easy, the materials used are of higher quality and more economical!

Resep Jasuke Paling Enak

Resep Jasuke Paling Enak

If you want your Yasuke to taste good, don’t make the mistake of choosing corn. Choose sweet corn that is not too old, so that it is not heavy. Even better if the corn kernels are large. Because it is thicker and will make every bite softer and crispier.

Daily Fresh, Pabean Cantian, Surabaya

To make yasuke, all you need are corn kernels. So, first you need to peel or comb the corn kernels from the cob.

Shredding corn kernels can be done with a knife. Or if you want neater results, use a special corn husker sold in markets and stores

During this time, many are confused, corn for Yasuke is boiled or steamed. The answer is obvious. Because if you boil it, there is a possibility that the corn will

Boil water in a steamer. Then steam the shelled corn for about 10 minutes until soft. While steaming, make sure that the corn kernels do not pile on top of each other and spread over the entire surface of the pot. So, corn kernels can be evenly cooked and soft.

Ide Jualan Terbaru! Resep Jasuke Panggang Yang Lumer Dan Ngeju Banget! Baru Buka Pembeli Langsung Borong, Wow!

So use Tupperware Steam It (see on Lazada DISCOUNT) which is made of typical Tupperware (propylene) material. Guaranteed safe, high quality and has good heat resistance. With a 2-level pan, you can steam more without overlapping. The corn was evenly cooked and soft.

Besides sweet corn, there are 2 other ingredients you need to make yasuke, which are margarine and sweetened condensed cream. All these ingredients must be placed in the dish in order so that the flavors are balanced and the cream does not melt quickly. The order is corn, margarine, corn and sweetened condensed cream.

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The taste of Yasuke is dominated by sweet and salty. If you like it spicy, you can add chili sauce or chili powder. Guaranteed better taste!

Resep Jasuke Paling Enak

He has educational experience in the field of hospitality and journalism. Hobbies include writing, traveling and cooking. S2 Gadjah University Communication Studies Mada Yasuke is a snack made from corn, milk and cheese. It turns out that this one snack is very popular with both children and adults. The taste is excellent, a combination of sweet and salty and the crunchy texture of the corn

Resep Dan Cara Membuat Jasuke Mozarella Ala Rumahan Yang Lembut, Creamy, Dan Mudah Dibuat

In fact, this yasuke is very easy to find in the market. The price is also pocket friendly and suitable for kids snacks. But instead of snacking all the time, it’s better to make it yourself at home. Besides being more efficient and cleaner, the taste can also be adjusted to individual taste. Come on, just check out the next 5 picks for Yasuke’s recipe creations!

And it doesn’t take long to serve. It is also suitable for children at home. Here are the ingredients and how to make it.

Yasuke emphasizes savory and salty flavors more. How to make it practical and can be a hunger booster before it’s time for the big meal. Here is the recipe for making it

Next up is Yasuke’s delicious pearl mash creation. This menu is perfect for a healthy and filling snack for kids. Here is the complete recipe for making melted pearl jasuka.

Jasuke Anti Gagal

If you get bored of the same taste of jasuka, then you can try the chocolate variant of jasuka. This snack is perfect for lovers of sweet taste. Here is a recipe for making delicious and delicious chocolate yasuke

Yasuke can be a snack of choice at home for children and other family members. How to make it easy and can be created as desired. Saiurfriends can get the ingredients to make yasuke at . Just click on the ingredients listed in the recipe to make your purchase. Practical, easy and fast without having to spend a lot of time shopping.

Represents a large selection of complete foods for all Saiurfriends. Yasuke’s creations can be easily made thanks to the fast and complete service here. Choose which Yasuke’s creation best suits your taste and want to try it at home!

Resep Jasuke Paling Enak

! This snack is easy to love because it tastes good and is filling. Especially if it is created with more diverse tastes, it will definitely be more interesting. The ingredients used can also be changed as desired to produce a tastier variant of yasuke to taste. Let’s make next level pillows! Seriously, this is the most delicious yasuke I’ve ever tasted. It’s creamy, sweet and cheesy! 😍 How can it not be delicious, Yasuke uses 3 types of cheese that everyone will surely like. This could also be a selling idea, let’s try it! 😍

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Resep Jasuke Enak, Empuk Dan Creamy, Harga Ekonomis

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Resep Jasuke Paling Enak

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Healthy and Easy Bakery-Style Chocolate Chip Muffins Hey hello, let’s make muffins. No mixer required and the recipe is very simple. It is suitable as a tea or coffee companion, and children will also like it. Oh yeah, even though I use bananas, the flavor isn’t overpowering, either way, don’t forget to tag me if you make it! ☺ Ingredients for 12 muffins (in the video I made 2 re grace 0 likes Jasuke or Cheese Milk Corn is a very famous specialty of West Java. In addition to being delicious, this food is easy to make so jasuke is suitable as a snack during work or to sit back BP- Guide will give you Yasuke’s recipe with ingredients and a pretty easy method, just check it out now!

When evening came, many people gathered at home with their families. Afternoon conversation with the family will be more fun if one is used as a snack. Luckily in Indonesia, there are already plenty of light bites in the afternoon for the heavy food vendors who go around selling their food.

Resep Jasuke Lumer Mudah Dan Simpel, Hangatkan Suasana Bunda Dan Keluarga

One of the delicious and very popular snacks is yasuke. Vendors usually go around in the afternoon or stop somewhere to sell their wares. This one snack is known to be delicious with a very tempting aroma.

Nutritious because the main ingredient is just corn mixed with milk and cheese. Yasuke is very popular with all groups because he is delicious to eat. In fact, there are already many flavor choices, you know, for example chocolate flavor.

A snack called Yasuke is indeed classified as a contemporary food. This is because the presentation of the corn has been modified to make it more pleasant to eat. This food originated in West Java and is now spreading throughout Indonesia.

Resep Jasuke Paling Enak

This kulin isn’t just delicious for the afternoon, you know. Even for the morning, this food is suitable as a breakfast menu because it contains a lot of nutrients from corn and milk. So, why is this one food so popular and popular?

Resep Olahan Gurih Jagung Lezat Dan Mudah

It has a salty taste with a characteristic aroma of milk. Delicious eaten directly or used as an additional ingredient for snacks and food makes cheese very popular. Almost all people love cheese because it is addictive.

In this regard, a researcher from the University of Michigan said that cheese is one of many addictive foods. Cheese is easy to process and has a high content of nutrients.

This makes cheese a great choice for just garnishing or as a main ingredient in food. You really like cheese too, don’t you? Especially if consumed in the form of yasuke, yes. Hmm, the pleasure must be doubled.

Afternoon is a good time to have a snack while waiting for dinner time. Snacks are necessary to lift the stomach. Yasuke has many fans because of its good taste and of course its cheap price.

Pasti Rasanya Enak Nih, Inilah Bahan Dan Cara Membuat Makanan Jagung Susu Keju

At an affordable price of only IDR 3,000, you can enjoy a portion of this food. Corn on the cob mixed with milk, especially cheese, will definitely make your stomach fuller

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