Resep Isi Pangsit Ayam

Resep Isi Pangsit Ayam – Steamed chicken dumplings or dumplings are a common Chinese appetizer Steamed chicken dumplings are very popular in Indonesia Not as an appetizer, but makes a delicious snack

From street stalls to fancy restaurants, many people sell these steamed dumplings. With the recipe below, you can also make your own steamed chicken dumplings, you know Check out the Steamed Chicken Dumpling recipe below!

Resep Isi Pangsit Ayam

Resep Isi Pangsit Ayam

Then add soy sauce, oyster sauce, sesame oil, salt, sugar and ground pepper to the chicken mixture. Blend again until smooth and all the spices are evenly mixed

Resep Pangsit Ayam + Udang. Mau Direbus Atau Digoreng? Sama Enaknya!

Take a piece of wonton skin, then fill it with a spoonful of chicken mixture Brush the edges of the skin with water, then fold it in half, so that it forms a semicircle.

Next, form pleats around the edges of the dumpling skin and close it while gently pressing When it is strained, place the chicken dumplings in a bowl Do this until the filling mixture and the dumpling skin are finished

Place the chicken dumplings in a hot steamer pan Cover the pan and steam the chicken dumplings for about 20 minutes or until cooked and tender.

If you feel that it is cooked and spread enough, immediately switch off the oven and take it out Serve the chicken dumplings with the prepared sauce Make sure you enjoy it while it’s hot, okay?

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Resep Pangsit Isi Sosis Oleh Yuli Tiarni

So, that’s the recipe and how to make really soft steamed chicken dumplings The filling is plentiful, the taste is guaranteed to make you addicted Good luck!

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