Resep Ikan Wader Goreng

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Resep Ikan Wader Goreng – Have you ever eaten a wader fish… or your friend’s wader fish? Apparently there are many types of wader fish… just google it. The thing is, I know wader fish, wader fish… I don’t know the species. As for wader fish… since childhood… I have eaten it many times.

Once upon a time..hihi..*emphasize the story..*..when I was my house in Yogya..beside the house there was a clear river with beautiful water..and..i that river there is a lot of people ..not scum,…but little creatures that live in the river..waders..little river breams, a * cetul* too..(this is wader’s younger brother..this fish looks smaller.. hihi..). There are also large freshwater fish… like… tawes… badar… catfish… kuthuk. In the old days.. you didn’t buy protein sources.. just look for them in the river.. rays., how much does it cost to buy waders a gift shop you can get 60 thousand for a the market near my house..sometimes also..i sometimes not..depending on the season.a Kilo of 40 thousand..not bad.. cheaper than ma2 store.

Resep Ikan Wader Goreng

Resep Ikan Wader Goreng

The wader fish in the market near my house is sold in a dry state… because the fish is fresh, caught in the river and then fried in flour. Be as shady as a souvenir shop… and fry it at home. And the result is just like the picture above…smelly…tasty…like fresh water fish. but..what’s better than this market-style wader..the taste is so authentic..I bought it at a souvenir’s already packed..mixed with anchovies..fuhu. .so it’s not good.. My tongue always knows when anchovy is mixed in like this. The taste is very different because… it’s like wader fish which is sweet, not salty like anchovies.

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Ikan Wader Goreng

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