Resep Ikan Nila Bumbu Acar Kuning

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Resep Ikan Nila Bumbu Acar Kuning – Tired of the same processed fish? You must try the processed fish pesmol. Pesmol is a fish dish in a yellow spiced sauce with a spicy and sour Sundanese taste. Pesmol can be made from a variety of fish, tilapia pesmol being one of them.

Tilapia is known for its unique taste. Some people say that the taste is sweet, salty and sweet. The texture of the fish meat is chewy and thick, without any slight roughness in the flesh. Tilapia is very popular and can be cooked in a variety of ways.

Resep Ikan Nila Bumbu Acar Kuning

Resep Ikan Nila Bumbu Acar Kuning

Most of the Sundanese dishes have a distinct flavor of fresh sour, salty, spicy and light sweet. Including this tilapia pesmol!

Resep Ikan Goreng Bumbu Kuning

Fear of bad cholesterol, don’t worry, tilapia pesmol tastes the same without coconut milk. Here’s how to do it, it’s very easy to follow.

Spicy, sweet and fresh. The delicious combination you can get from the pickled tilapia fish pesmol is easy for you to make yourself at home.

Another easy recipe for making tilapia pesmol that you can follow. It might be a great idea for tomorrow’s menu.

This tilapia pesmol recipe will become a family favorite. In addition to taste, of course there is food, right?

Ikan Nila Acar Kuning

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Resep Ikan Nila Bumbu Acar Kuning

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