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Resep Ikan Naniura – Listening to the lyrics of the song above, can you imagine the fish being cooked? Yes, the lyrics above are part of the song tabo do dekke naniura. This song is about a traditional Batak dish, which is Dekke Naniura.

Dekke Naniura’s delicious food inspired the songwriter to write a song called a prayer for his parents. To be allowed to marry a woman from the shores of Lake Toba. In this way the poet seems to think, he can enjoy the pleasures of Dekke Naniura at any time.

Resep Ikan Naniura

Resep Ikan Naniura

As for Dekke Naniura, this dish is like sashimi. Sashimi is a traditional Japanese food, in the form of seafood, sliced ​​meat, beancurd and fresh vegetables, eaten raw with spices such as soy sauce, grated ginger and wasabi.

Makanan Khas Batak Terpopuler

Meanwhile, dekke naniura is made from fresh fish cooked without grilling over the fire. But the process of cooking the fish is made into a special acid. This tamarind is an exotic plant that only grows in the Lake Toba region. Tamarind in the Batak language is called utte, so the name of the acid is tamarind jungga or utte jungga.

Dekke naniura is a traditional Batak dish, a recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation from the ancestors of the Batak people living on the shores of Lake Toba. In the past, Batak fish or called ihan was the main ingredient in making dekke naniura, as other choices of fish, we could choose carp, tilapia, mujahir fish and other types of fish.

Dekke naniura used to be served only on special occasions. Dekke naniura is used as a special dish served to the king. And in traditional ceremonies in Batak country. In fact, only certain people are responsible for making dekke naniura.

The appearance of the dekke naniura first should be uneven from head to tail. The way to cut a fish is to cut it in half without breaking it. So at the time of delivery, the shape of this fish is very interesting because it is placed in a wide plate. Plus the beautiful colors of the best spices are prepared from fresh spices.

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Makanan Khas Batak Toba Yang Tidak Boleh Terlewatkan!

Now, Dekke Naniura can be enjoyed as a daily food that we can find in different Batak restaurants. Here we can buy in bulk or in proportion to what we use.

Friends who want to try making Dekke Naniura preparation, here we will share the ingredients and how to make Dekke Naniura menu.

1. Clean the goldfish, then remove the scales, then cut the goldfish into 2 pieces without cutting them. Remove the shells then the carp wash and eat.

Resep Ikan Naniura

2. Cut the whole mixture in half, then drain the water and pour it over the carp meat. To make the process of cooking fish easier, you can cut the flesh of the fish with the skin to absorb the acid better.

Olahan Ikan Khas Nusantara Cocok Untuk Diet

5. Grind until smooth the turmeric, cayenne pepper, and andaliman, and other roasted spices, then add salt.

8. After 2 hours, remove the carp from the tamarind water and season it with all the spices.

Curious about how to make Dekke Naniura perfect? Well, friends can try the recipe above. Finally, we wish you good cooking, friends. *JmhNaniura is known to be similar to Sushi Batak and tastier than Naniura. This traditional dish comes from Tapanuli, an area around Lake Toba. Naniura is a traditional Batak dish famous for its uncooked fish, but it is just finished. In the Batak language, Naniura is the chosen fish. However, fish can be happy, because adding tamarind, of course, chemicals, can make raw fish smell fishy.

Previously, Tapanuli dishes were reserved only for kings, one of whom was King Sisingamangaraja. Therefore, not everyone can cook Naniura, only royal chefs can cook it. However, as time goes by and because the taste is unique and unique to the language, all Batak people really want to try this Naniura dish. Even today, because of its special season, which is “andaliman” (Original Batak Season), many tourists, both domestic and international, as well as foreign tourists are always looking for this dish in Tapanuli when as they visited many areas of North Sumatra. .

Mujair Di Danau Toba Ikan Hama Yuk Mengenal Kuliner Khas Batak

The taste of this Naniura fish is very strong on the tongue (breaks the mouth), the spice feels warm and hot in the mouth. Especially if Naniura enjoys a low-carb drink or with an alcoholic drink like “vino” (Air Nira). You will feel very satisfied if this dish from Tapanuli is made as “tambul” (drinking food). Combined with the essential, fishy taste, and the spicy and sweet taste of the spices can leave a harsh taste on the tongue and make the tongue sensitive. Be sure to taste…

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Traditional Tapanuli food is found in many places in North Sumatra. Especially the scenic spots can be spread around Lake Toba. For example, when you want to cross the Laguboti area about 15 minutes from Balige town, don’t forget to stop with a typical Batak restaurant, which is Fly Over Restaurant, not only that, there are many more typical Batak restaurants in Balige town to Tarutung and surroundings . It serves typical dishes from Tapanuli. In fact, on Samosir Island, as well as Tuk-tuk, there are many Batak restaurants that offer Naniura, and allow visitors to see how Naniura is made.

Well, those from this area, comparatively, are very clever in cooking Naniura, both in terms of the amount of spices and the taste. For those of you who are in Medan city, you can visit the Red Market, where there are many Batak restaurants serving Naniura cuisine. Please visit yes.

Resep Ikan Naniura

Making a traditional dish from Tapanuli is not difficult. Because the name is Naniura Fish, this fish is similar but not like other fish that are often found in other places to eat, because the cooking method is different, that is, it is cooked without cooking (meaning it does not require fire) as usual. Instead, it is cooked in tamarind oil for 4-5 hours. Tamarind jungga is usually sold in Batak spice shops, in big cities like Medan you can find it at Prestasi Melati or PAMELA, and in Jakarta you can find it at Pasar Senen. This acid must be present because it cannot be replaced by any other acid or the taste of the fish may be poisonous.

Sengatan Pedas Dekke Naniura, Sashimi Nya Orang Batak!

Fish that can be served as naniura is carp, mujahir fish or even Batak ihan. Other spices, almost the same as regular cooking spices like roasted hazelnuts, garlic, chives, pepper, ginger, turmeric plus chili. It is the acid that makes it ripe, the spice that controls all flavors. To make it easier, the fish should be wrapped. However, the scales of the fish must first be cleaned, then cut in half but not broken, and all the contents of the stomach are also removed. If it is clean then salt and add it. While we wait for 4-5 hours, then we will prepare all the spices. The candle is lit and left for a while. Don’t forget the ginger, turmeric, shallots and garlic must be extracted. As the dress breathes, and the chili is down. Finally, all the spices are ready to be beaten or transformed

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After that, use the ground spices on top of the cooked fish. How? Interested in making your own? If you’re interested, here’s some help for beginners:

Come to Lake Toba, Hear and Enjoy a variety of local specialties ready to serve you, one of which is Naniura ‘Batak Sushi’

This site uses cookies to learn more about your interests, so we can provide you with the most relevant information at that time. It was heavily seasoned with chili and turmeric-based spices and simmered for several hours until the grass-fed fish softened and “cooked” in the acid-based pickling marinade and the remaining bones were easily separated and removed from the fish body.

Makanan Khas Suku Batak Yang Harus Dicoba Saat Berkunjung!

Is a dish made from the usual carp served without cooking, but “cooked” in a spicy orange based juice

Or orange jungga (a type of kaffir lime typical of North Sumatra). The acidic water in the orange can cook or, more importantly, separate the proteins in the carp meat so that the collagen breaks down and the meat becomes better after soaking for about 4 hours, except that the pH of the marinade

Acid that kills parasites and microbes found in carp meat. Naniura is characterized by a turmeric base and strong spiciness that hurts the tongue. Spices

Resep Ikan Naniura

Another must-have item is Andaliman or Batak pepper, which can be found at traditional Batak food vendors. Andaliman gives anger or frustration on the surface of the tongue which will increase the appetite.

Mengenal Naniura, Sashimi Nya Orang Batak Dengan Rasa Magical Kecombrang Dan Andaliman

The addition of kecombrang wood adds a sweet aroma and bitter taste. Besides that, don’t forget to add peanuts and hazelnuts to the marinade

, I made Raw Live Spiny Lobster Ceviche with Cherry Tomatoes and Raw Tiger Prawn Sashimi. One thing I do know is that before you even think about making your own raw fish food, you need to know how to handle it. To reduce the risk, you should pay close attention to the following tips for preparing raw fish dishes at home:

Sometimes they grew up, but for some Bataknese people of my generation they didn’t know it yet so they did it

It used to be a festive dish in all Bataknese celebrations, but now I have never seen naniura served outside the territory of Sumatra. Countless lapos (Bataknese ethnic restaurants) are found in Indonesia, but rarely serve

Sashimi Khas Batak, Inilah 6 Fakta Tentang Naniura

On the menu, unless special arrangements are made the day before. I totally understand why I’m not old

Dish, but luckily my paternal grandmother came from Batak Toba (Northen Bataknese) and was very happy to share what she received. A very bad thing

Back then when there was no refrigerator and people made their living with humble kitchen utensils, but now the refrigerator

Resep Ikan Naniura

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