Resep Ikan Keumamah

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Resep Ikan Keumamah – Keumamah is an authentic Acehnese dish. Keumamah is also known as Wood Fish. This treat dish is basically tuna.

The cooked tuna is then dried for several days until the water content is reduced. The longer the drying process, the tougher the fish will be. This is where the name of the wooden fish appears.

Resep Ikan Keumamah

Resep Ikan Keumamah

In the past, when the Acehnese warriors were fighting the invaders, they would process the woodfish for long-lasting side dishes, even for months. Given the intensity of the struggle that required navigating the jungle, the Acehnese warriors made the kyumama an easy, practical, and nutritious logistical support.

Jual Lituna Keumamah (ikan Kayu) Tumis Siap Saji Khas Aceh (180g)

Not only was it eaten by freedom fighters, but pilgrims from Bumi Rinkong in the past also prepared themselves with this kyumama dish.

In the past, the pilgrimage took a long time, a month and a half by sea, so that the pilgrims needed food that was easy and practical to carry. Keumamah is the right choice.

Until now, kyumama dishes are often found in Acehnese restaurants or at Acehnese events.

This typical Acehnese dish is rich in spices, so the taste of spices is always strong when eaten. In Aceh, kyumama is sliced ​​thinly and moistened by soaking in hot water, then cooked in thick, rich coconut milk curry spices.

Cara Membuat Keumamah (ikan Kayu Khas Aceh) (hanya 4 Bahan)

This typical dish cooked in Acehnese is very appetizing. A good kiwimama has an aroma and taste that can appeal to our taste buds. How to cook it is not very difficult but not easy either.

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There are many things that can affect the quality of a typical Aceh kyyumama taste, first from the type of ingredients, then the choice of fresh ingredients to how they are processed and served.

Now, you don’t have to worry if you want to make delicious Acehnese kyyama wherever you are, as long as you know the recipe, this dish can be a special treat. With simple ingredients, this dish can provide benefits that help keep our bodies healthy, and here are the steps to prepare the dish.

Resep Ikan Keumamah

Fry the shallot slices and curry leaves until fragrant, then add the ground spices. After smelling the aroma, add the thick coconut milk to the stir-fry seasoning until combined. Next, add the green chilies, cut into long strips.

Lomba Kreasi Ikan Keumamah

Stir until the spices are half cooked and fragrant, then add the fish that has been prepared, and stir until the fish mixes with the spices.

Then wait for the spices to infuse and dry a bit for the oil to come out of the stir-fry, add a pinch of salt and sugar, and taste.

This article is a script for a recipe writing contest organized by the editor. The competition committee and editorial staff do not edit submitted manuscripts, as this wooden fish is processed in such a way as to make it last for a long time. This is also because the components are durable, long-lasting, and not easily outdated

Lhokseumawe – Keumamah is a common name for processed fish in Aceh. The shape is just like wood and it is hard, so it is also known as wooden fish.

Cara Membuat Keumamah, Khas Aceh

Turns out Keumamah has a long historical journey related to the Acehnese War. The fierce struggle of the Acehnese chiefs in the past against the invaders, such that they had to fight guerrilla warfare in the forests for a long time, required logistical supplies.

In the past, Acehnese warriors would make woodfish as a side dish that could last for several months to meet the nutritional needs of the fighters as well as delicious side dishes.

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Keumamah also became a practical and useful provision for troops who had to move around the jungle for a long time. Usually, along with kyumama, another cooking ingredient is brought in, which is sinti acid or better known as aceh acid. Carambola wuloh, which is sun-dried and then salted, also has a long shelf life.

Resep Ikan Keumamah

“Besides that kyumama can be enjoyed without further processing, it is often prepared with sunti acid. So it whetted the appetite of the fighters at the time. Therefore, these two ingredients could not be separated at that time,” Matang said. .

Resep Ikan Keumamah (ikan Kayu) Khas Aceh

Not only to provide fighters, in ancient times Acehnese pilgrims who wanted to leave for the holy land on a sailing ship that took a long time to reach Mecca would also prepare kwamah as one of the side dishes on their way.

For the people of Aceh, kyumama is a kind of practical and easy side dish that can be prepared with many other Acehnese specialties, creating an appetite. Although it was born on the battlefield, it has been preserved until now.

How to make kyumama? Tengku Rusli, owner of a shop selling processed fish in the fishing village of Boseong Luxiomawe, said tuna is specially processed for kyumama.

Fresh tuna is boiled until tender. Then it is cut into quarters, the bones and the head removed, and then dried in the sun for several days.

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“The longer it is dried, the lower the water content and the tougher the fish flesh, just like wood,” he said.

According to Rosli, if it is hard like wood, then when eating it, the body of the fish is cut into thin pieces, and the result is like slices of wood. Then it is marinated for some time until the meat softens, and then it is cooked.

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He said that the demand for kumama fish was high when there were not enough fish to be caught by the fishermen. The reason is that one of the alternatives for the community to provide adequate nutrition from fish, one of which is to eat kumama fish, which is prepared with different types of dishes.

Resep Ikan Keumamah

“When it is not the fishing season, due to the difficulty of fishermen going out to sea or the decrease in fishing in the sea, the demand for kumama fish is higher than usual,” he said.

Keumamah, Masakan Khas Aceh Yang Menggugah Selera

And vice versa, if there are a lot of fish caught by fishermen, the level of demand for kumama fish will also decrease. However, according to the owner of the fish processing shop, it is easier to get the raw material for kumama fish when it is fish season, especially for tuna.

“When tuna season comes, many types of fish are processed into kumama. Then, after processing, they are sold in the market to salt fish dealers,” Rosli said.

Meanwhile, the Kyumama fish market itself, according to him, is mostly absorbed to cater to the market in Aceh itself. Meanwhile, leaving the area is very incomplete, unless Acehnese people living outside the area are sent on a small scale.

This is the process of making kyumama according to the cured fish craftsmen of LUXIUMAWE. As for how to process it, a typical Acehnese food stall owner in Lhoxiomawe Yona said that kyumama fish can be prepared with different types of its own dishes.

Keumamah, Makanan Terbaik Di Aceh

He explained that the main seasonings for kumama are still young chilies, paprika, shallots, garlic, turmeric, coriander and sinthi.

However, Acehnese kyumama dishes are known to be fried dry and moist. The process of making them is also simple as long as the basic spices mentioned above are present. If you want to mix it with other ingredients, like potatoes, that’s fine too.

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Resep Ikan Keumamah

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