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Resep Ikan Kemangi – Not only is salmon packed with nutrients, but mackerel actually has a variety of benefits as well Not just delicious, mackerel actually has many health benefits

Such as maintaining heart health, which is derived from omega-3 fatty acids Prevent anemia, increase bone strength, lose weight, and even reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Resep Ikan Kemangi

Resep Ikan Kemangi

These various benefits can be fully obtained if the fish is processed in the right way One of them is Dipeps, because it does not use oil in the manufacturing process

Resep Pepes Ikan Kembung Kemangi, Bumbu Meresap Dijamin Nagih!

Here’s a recipe for Macaré Pepe that you can try at home, excerpted from YouTube Nouraini Sowarto from Sunday (30/4/2023).

1. Rub the fish with lime juice, so that it does not stick to the fish, do it evenly. Then let stand for 15 minutes

2. Add turmeric, ginger, cumin, cumin, garlic, crushed red chilies, 1 tsp salt or as per taste. Grind the spices until smooth

4. Sauté the masala spices, and seasonings, add the sugar and stir until well combined. Cook on medium heat, wait for the water to reduce

Bingung Masak Untuk Berbuka? Ikan Kakap Putih Sambal Kemangi Aja!

5. Prepare 2 banana leaves, add 2 bay leaves, 1 lemon grass, and besan to taste, also add macer, tomato, and whole chili.

Hot white rice, and some side dishes such as fried tempeh, or mackerel pepes fish with cucumber are delicious. Good luck! – You can find many types of fish in Indonesia, one of which is mackerel This type of fish is in great demand as a side dish Macar is usually processed into various foods that are delicious and addictive The processing method is very practical and complex You only need simple ingredients that are easily available in every home

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This processed macaron is perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner Apart from being affordable, Maca also contains many nutrients that are beneficial for the body Starting with protein, omegas, vitamin D, vitamin B12, phosphorus and more. With mackerel packed with countless nutrients, you no longer need to hesitate to serve processed mackerel to your beloved family.

Resep Ikan Kemangi

You can process the maker in several ways Fry it, grill it, cook it in broth, until it’s sauteed All these processed macer creations are guaranteed to make eating rice more enjoyable Especially if you add a variety of spices that penetrate the meat, it will automatically make you eat more!

Cara Baru Masak Ikan Dengan Bumbu Super Enak Dan Wangi Dengan Kemangi, Lauk Makan Bergizi Kesukaan Keluarga

Come on, execute various recipes instantly Thursday (27/10) Summarized from various sources, the following methods for processed goat fish are practical and suitable for beginners.

2. Saute till the spices are fragrant and cooked then add about half a cup of water, sugar, salt and broth powder. Wait until the sauce thickens a bit

3. When it thickens, add bird’s eye chilies and chopped green onions If it does, keep the fish, turning the cooker so that the spices are absorbed.

1. Clean the fish Slice so the flavors penetrate Sprinkle with lime juice. Let stand for 10 minutes Rinse again under running water Keep aside

Resep Ikan Lele Bumbu Cabe Kemangi. Lauk Nasi Yang Sedap

2. Add ground masala and other seasonings Then apply it all over the surface of the fish (even to the inside of the fish head). Cover with plastic wrap Freeze for at least 30 minutes

3. Then fry it till cooked while rubbing the remaining spices and don’t forget to turn it over so that the fish cooks evenly.

Banana leaves and a stick for flavor, heat the leaves briefly in the oven so that the leaves become limp and don’t tear easily during wrapping.

Resep Ikan Kemangi

1. Prepare a bowl, add ground spices, salt, sugar, flavoring and spoon of water, mix well. Taste test, if it is ok, add fish, mix well

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Resep Ikan Kuah Asam Yang Segar Cocok Untuk Menu Makan Malam

2. Prepare banana leaves, put fish plus spices and basil leaves, wrap nicely and attach a stick, make several packages.

1. Clean the fish, then cover it with salt and lime, let stand for 15 minutes then rinse again and drain.

5. Arrange the fried mackerel on a serving plate, then top with a spoonful of cooked yolks, and serve.

2. While the fish is roasting, chop the chilli, onion and tomato and mix together with salt, mushroom broth and lime juice.

Resep Pepes Ikan Kembung, Lezat Dan Nikmat

4. Add fried fish, chopped chilies and whole bird’s eye chilies, cook on low heat until absorbed. Finally add the basil leaves

2. Add water, bring to a boil, add fish and candied acid, cover pan, reduce heat. Cook for 5 minutes, turn the fish, cook for another 5 minutes, add sugar and salt.

3. Mix the spices and saute until fragrant, then add the lemon and ginger and whole bird’s eye chilies, saute again until the masala is cooked.

Resep Ikan Kemangi

4. Add some water and other spices then adjust the taste Add the fried fish if the taste is right

Resep Ikan Patin Sebagai Pilihan Menu Yang Gurih Dan Nikmat

1. Make a slit on the surface of the fish, add lime juice and salt Let stand for a while, then bake without oil at 180 celsius for 12 minutes or about 25-30 minutes.

2. Southern garlic, cumin, galangal, lemon grass, kangaroo and turmeric. Add the chilli and tomatoes, sauté briefly, then add the water, salt, peppercorns, stevia and remaining fish marinade.

3. Adjust the taste and add the rest of the lime if it is not bitter enough After frying, add fish, sprinkle with seasoning, cover for a while, remove and serve.

1. Wash the fish, rub with lime, rinse again with water, then marinate with garlic and salt. Leave it for at least 15 minutes Fry the fish until crispy, remove and keep aside

Resep Ikan Tude Kuah Asam

2. Add ground spices, lime leaves, pandan leaves and lemon grass, salt to taste, mushroom broth and sugar, fry till the spices are cooked. Finally add basil leaves, stir well

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2. Sauté the shallots and garlic until fragrant, then add the lemon, ginger, turmeric, galangal, bay leaves and lime leaves, saute until fragrant and moist.

1. Wash the fish, coat with lime juice, salt and pepper, let stand in the fridge for at least 30 minutes, drain then set aside.

Resep Ikan Kemangi

2. Heat the remaining oil from frying the fish, saute the ground spices, bay leaves and lime leaves until the spices are cooked. Add the tomatoes and saute until the tomatoes are soft

Resep Sambal Kemangi

1. Fry the fish Rinse thoroughly with running water Add lime juice Wait a minute. Rinse again under running water Keep aside

2. Heat the margarine, add the chopped onion and garlic, when fragrant, add the beetroot, chopped onion and red bird’s eye chili, then add the oyster sauce, soy sauce, salt and a teaspoon of sugar, add a little boiled water. | Gold is also suitable for processing into paper This simple sundae menu has a delicious flavor full of spices In addition, the texture of the meat is also soft and the spices spread The strong carp peps aroma comes from spices, gram flour, lemon grass, turmeric, ginger and galangal.

To make the spices smooth, you can use a blender Remember to separate hard spices like ginger and lemon from mild spices like onion and chili. To make it easier to shape the banana while wrapping it, the banana leaves need to be steamed for some time and dried first. Before serving, the papaya is tastier if it is grilled briefly over medium heat, until both sides of the wrapped papaya become crispy.

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Resep Kepala Ikan Kakap Betawi Kuah Kuning Yang Asam Segar

Clean the fish, remove the scales and guts Cut the fish into parts but do not break it Wash the fish thoroughly under running water

Take a banana leaf Garnish the fish with bay leaves, lemon grass, cayenne pepper, tomatoes, basil leaves and spring onions. Place all the remaining stir-fried spices on top Wrap it neatly, securing both ends with a toothpick

Heat a flat pan and roast the banana for about 10 minutes, turning it frequently until the banana leaves are dry. Pick up

Resep Ikan Kemangi

3. When steaming fish, choose a steamer with a large diameter so that the fish can pack well. Like Supra Rantang 3 stacking with 24cm diameter (see at Lazada DISCOUNT). The body of the pan from Supra is sturdy and made of high quality stainless steel So, make sure that your fried fish is cooked evenly

Begini Resep Ikan Mas Kemangi Pete Masak Kuah Kuning Besantan

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