Resep Ikan Asin Balado

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Resep Ikan Asin Balado – , Jakarta – Salted fish is a favorite food of Indonesian people. Many people like salted fish because it tastes good, is affordable and affordable.

There are different types of salted fish, some of which are salted peda fish, salted chicken fish, and salted fish. In addition to the delicious taste, salted fish is also beneficial for health, for example, maintaining healthy bones and teeth, faster healing of wounds and good for the skin.

Resep Ikan Asin Balado

Resep Ikan Asin Balado

There are different ways of processing salted fish. Until now, most people prepare salted fish only by cooking it. But make no mistake, salted fish can also be processed into other delicious dishes. One of them is prepared with a spicy taste.

Resep Cara Membuat Ikan Asin Balado

Salted fish producers in Muara Angke, North Jakarta are clamoring for an increase in the price of salt from IDR 50k to IDR 200k per bag. This forces them to shut down their brains so they can continue to produce.

2. Saute the white and garlic until fragrant. Add the chilies, tomatoes and petai to wilt slightly.

If you don’t have time to cook it yourself, just come to the PO in ManisdanSedap, many home-style dishes that are perfect for your lunch. Looks like mom cooked it.

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Resep Kreasi Ikan Asin Berbagai Bumbu Ala Rumahan, Simpel Dan Lezat

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