Resep Ikan 3 Rasa Thailand

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Resep Ikan 3 Rasa Thailand – This spicy fried fish recipe is inspired by Thai cuisine. The taste is very rich, sour, sweet, delicious and also very spicy. This spicy fried fish reminds me with its taste which is almost the same as Rika Rika but sweeter and also mixed with sour taste. The level of spiciness can be adjusted according to each language as well as the chili sauce. However, the chili sauce I use is Lampung chili sauce. The taste is very spicy and electrifies the tongue to create a different sensation. If you want to make your own Sambal Lampung, the ingredients are very simple. Cayenne pepper, vinegar, salt and vinegar. Grind all the ingredients. Because the key to this recipe is the chili sauce. If the sambal isn’t good enough, then this dish has no ‘Stun’. The combination of ingredients typical of Java and Palembang creates a unique Thai taste. Let’s see the video of cooking fried fish:

For this fish, you can use any fish, as long as it is sea fish. However, there are two types of fish that I recommend for this recipe, Red Snapper and Baronang Fish. This time I’m using Red Snapper.

Resep Ikan 3 Rasa Thailand

Resep Ikan 3 Rasa Thailand

Red Snapper is easily seasoned and goes well with any seasoning. And the bones are piled up in the middle so it’s very easy to pick up the fish’s spines. Snapper fish can also be steamed, souped, fried or grilled.

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Resipi Ikan Siakap Sos Thai. Mudah & Sangat Sedap

Baronang fish – what should be considered is the back of the fish, which has sharp and poisonous spines located under the skin. However, the meat of this baornang fish is completely safe for consumption. As long as you can clean it. Baronang fish tastes much better than Red Snapper when grilled. And suitable for pepes, rica – rica, sweet and sour sauce, yellow or fried season.

First of all, clean the fish scales first. And also remove the gills and guts. It is necessary to be careful when cleaning the fish, do not let the skin of the fish break, because if it breaks, the flesh of the fish will be bitter. It’s easier to ask for help, just those who are in the market to clear it! ha ha ha

There are also other recipes that use seafood, this food is very popular in different restaurants. And this time Mrs. Assalam Alaikum. One of the must-have menus every time you go to a restaurant with your family for a big meal is the 3-flavor fish siakap. This menu is truly our family favorite. There seems to be a lot of people who love this 3-flavor Siakap fish dish, right? It’s delicious. If a normal sized fish is enough to feed 2 people. Hehe.. And in some restaurants the price can be very expensive. So, I have tried this dish myself at home so that I can always eat it cheaply. ?

In addition to the ingredients listed below, you can add other ingredients such as pineapple or mixed vegetables, etc. to make the fish taste even more delicious. The important thing is that you have to balance the sour, sweet and salty taste. There are only 3 flavors. You can add the following ingredients according to your taste. Before that, enjoy the video I provided below, okay?

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Resep Ikan Asap Santan Pedas

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