Resep Goreng Tempe Renyah

Resep Goreng Tempe Renyah – As an ingredient that can be found anytime and anywhere, many people must know about tempeh. There are actually a variety of tempeh dishes. Start with fried tempeh dishes, cooked in spicy coconut milk sauce, prepared with pepes or bottok and more. Oh yes, if we talk about tempeh dishes, this time I have a recipe that everyone is familiar with. This recipe is a simple stir-fried tempeh that is really delicious. Even without using instant seasoned flour, this stir-fried tempeh is still a winner when it comes to restaurant-style tempeh. What’s more, you can eat this stir-fried tempeh with hot white rice and onion-chili sauce. Oops, beef and chicken seem to be in the past, haha. How to make simple stir-fried tempeh that’s delicious? Here is the recipe. Ingredients

This is a simple stir-fried black bean recipe that doesn’t require flour, but is delicious and tasty. Well, that’s easy, isn’t it? Good luck trying this recipe and hope it works. Serve with kale, warm white rice, and onion-chili sauce. 😀

Resep Goreng Tempe Renyah

Resep Goreng Tempe Renyah

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Resep Tempe Goreng Tepung Yang Garingnya Awet Banget, Ladies

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10 Inspiring Styles for Polite and Elegant Maternity Shoots By Nadine Chandrawinata That’s More Than Just Showing Off Your Bare Baby Belly Yogyakarta – For most Indonesians, tempeh is one of their favorite delicious ingredients. Tempeh is not only great as an accompaniment to rice, but is also delicious as a casual snack.

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In addition to being affordable, tempeh has many benefits. Stir-fried tempeh is an easy and delicious processed tempeh dish.

Resep Tempe Goreng Tepung Yang Krenyes Abis

Its crispy texture and delicious texture make it perfect as a snack or side dish. To make crispy tempeh, follow these tips for frying tempeh:

When shopping at the market or supermarket, not all tempeh sold is in the usual form of tempeh. Many times, tempeh that is still soy or even overcooked (semangit) is still on display.

Choose tempeh that has the right level of ripeness and density. It’s easier to choose tempeh wrapped in clear plastic because you can see the doneness.

Resep Goreng Tempe Renyah

However, if the tempeh is sold wrapped in banana leaves, it usually states when the tempeh should be cooked. If you still have questions, you can ask the seller directly.

Resep Tempe Crispy

Try to slice the tempeh into slices that are not too thick. If the tempeh is cut too thick, the inside of the tempeh will remain wet even after frying for a long time.

The thickness of the tempeh slices should not exceed 1 cm. The thinner it is, the crispier it will taste when cooked.

If you want to make stir-fry tempeh delicious and rich in spices, then you must marinate the tempeh. Marinating is the process of soaking food in a seasoning liquid.

You can make your own marinade using crushed garlic, coriander, salt, turmeric and pepper. There are also instant tempeh marinades available that are ready to use.

Resep Tempe Mendoan Yang Gurih Renyah Anti Gagal

Tempe Mendoan is officially recognized as an Intangible Cultural Heritage (WBTb). The recognition refers to the results of the 2021 Indonesian Intangible Cultural Heritage Certification Conference of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology.

To make crispy fried tempeh, it is recommended that you deep fry the tempeh. This method uses quite a lot of oil.

You don’t need too much oil, just enough to cover the black beans when frying. Use a steady medium heat when frying so that the tempeh is crispy from the outside to the inside.

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Resep Goreng Tempe Renyah

Contrary to the tip above, when frying tempeh in flour, you should use flour as a seasoning that will make the tempeh crispier. Add rice flour or cornstarch to the mixture.

Tempe Goreng Crispy!❤️‍🔥

This mixture crisps up the fried tempeh. In addition to this, rice flour also makes fried tempeh crispy and lasts longer.

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Resep Tempe Mendoan Yang Jadi Favorit Di Kala Berbuka Puasa

In fact, the key to ensuring that fried tempeh stays crispy even when cold lies in the flour and water used. This is the best way to keep fried foods crispy.

If using regular wheat flour, make the flour mixture with ice water. Low temperatures will make the fried dough crispier. Even when cold, this cold dough makes the flour-fried tempeh tough and crispy.

Wheat flour becomes hard when fried but softens when cooled. But if you want your fried tempeh to be firm and crispy even when cold, then add rice flour or corn flour as a mix to the wheat flour mixture as this will create a crispy fried effect. Weigh a mixture of wheat flour and rice flour in a 3:1 ratio.

Resep Goreng Tempe Renyah

For a more delicious flavor, you can also mix ground spices into the flour mixture. No complicated spices required, just grind coriander, turmeric, garlic and salt. Make sure the ground spices are mixed evenly into the flour mixture. Ground spices make fried flour crispier than sliced ​​spices.

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Bukan Pakai Tepung Terigu, Begini Cara Bikin Adonan Tempe Goreng Agar Renyah Tahan Lama

How to make flour mixture more fragrant? It’s easy, you just add lime leaves to the flour mixture. Make sure the amount of kaffir lime leaves mixed into the mixture is not too much, it is better to measure it according to the amount of flour in the mixture. The lime leaves will give the dough a more appetizing aroma but won’t make the flour so easily soft after frying.

To get crispy but not soft tempeh, you need to place the tempeh in the still wet flour mixture and fry it for a few minutes. Using this method allows the flour mixture to adhere to the tempeh really perfectly. The tempeh dough will become thicker and denser.

Using the flour mixture does make the tempeh crispy, but if you coat the first tempeh mixture with more seasoned flour it will be even crispier. Therefore, the tempeh is coated twice, first in the wet mixture and then again in dry flour. The texture is guaranteed to be crispier.

Sometimes, there are little things we often don’t pay attention to when cooking, one of which is making sure the cooking oil is hot. Yes, to make a crispy dish, we should put the floured tempeh in the pan after the oil is hot so that the result will be crispy and not soft. If added when the oil is not hot, the tempeh will absorb more oil and become soft after frying.

Tips Membuat Tempe Goreng Renyah, Gurih, Dan Garing Untuk Lauk Dan Camilan

Drain before eating to prevent it from being too greasy. This step is important because too much oil during frying can easily cause the tempeh to soften when it cools, making the tempeh too greasy to eat. Therefore, drain properly after frying to prevent oil from dripping out. Or line a plate with paper towels.

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Resep Goreng Tempe Renyah

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