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Resep Gepuk – Gepuk beef is processed beef like the Sundanese people. The beef is processed with various spices and seasonings, making it very tasty when eaten. Guaranteed, a plate of rice is not enough when eating this processed meat. Are you interested in the taste? Come on, make it using the beef gepuk recipe below.

Boil the water in a pan, then boil the meat pieces until half soft. Lift and drain. Set aside 500 milliliters of boiling water.

Resep Gepuk

Resep Gepuk

Prepare a frying pan, then heat the cooking oil. Boil the ground spices, galangal, lime leaves, lemon grass and bay leaves until fragrant.

Empal Gepuk Bogor Terdekat By Guramebumbukuning On Deviantart

Add the beef cooking water to the sauté pan, along with the coconut milk, brown sugar, beef broth powder, salt and pepper. Stir well.

Add the meat, brown sugar, salt, coriander and coconut milk to a stir fry. Stir well so that the herbs absorb it. Lift and drain.

Boil the water, then boil the meat until ¾ cooked. Remove and cut in the direction of the grain, scars. Leave 700 milliliters of cooking water.

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Add the meat, ground spices, lemon, chili leaves, galangal, remaining cooking water, and coconut milk to the pan, then cook until it boils.

Resep Gepuk Ayam Empuk Dan Gurih

Don’t let Sayurfriends fail to try the gepuk beef recipe because the ingredients are apparently missing. If there are incomplete ingredients, just click on the name of the ingredients listed above, to buy them.

These were 5 types of beef recipes that you can try to make yourself at home. Gepuk beef can be the choice of Sayurfriends who want to eat processed meat without fat, while the texture of the meat is soft and slightly outside. Don’t forget to offer warm white rice while eating. Generally, the beef used in this dish is gandik or beef shank.

Gandik itself is located on the back of the cow’s thigh. This part has little fat and is mostly meat, so it is well suited as fat.

Resep Gepuk

In my opinion, empal gepuk is an Indonesian dish made from beef which is loved by many people after a meal. The taste is sweet, sweet and slightly sour, really the perfect combination.

Resep Masakan Empal Gepuk, Mudah Olah Daging Kurban Di Rumah

According to Wikipedia, the reason it is called gepuk is because this food is cooked by boiling it until it is half cooked, then beat it until it is soft.

The battered meat is soaked in spices mixed with coconut milk. Then it is boiled again until the coconut milk is reduced. If you need to serve it, you can fry it in a little oil until it turns dark and remove it.

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For this delicious gepuk dish, don’t forget to sprinkle a lot of fried onions. Gepuk will be delicious to eat with warm rice and spicy sauce.

Although how to make beef gepuk empal gepuk is simple and practical, there are several tips to make beef fat delicious and tender.

Resep Daging Sapi Lebaran, Dibikin Gepuk Aja!

The first method is to cut the beef towards the meat fiber and then boil it until it is soft and then beat it. The second thing is to first boil the meat until it is a little soft, then cut it. In this simple method, the cooked fat meat will be delicious, soft and not hard or hard when eating.

You can make beef the best Mrs. Ong’s classic Bandung style, you can make it yourself at home by following the steps below.

Enjoying sliced ​​empal gepuk with just warm rice is delicious! What else if you add chili sauce, kale, and fried tempeh tofu? Wow, this makes the rice run out faster 😀

Resep Gepuk

In my opinion, the results of this empal gepuk taste delicious and sweet, 11:12 with empal gepuk popular in the cities of Bandung, Betawi and Surabaya.

Gepuk Daging Empal Indonesian Fried Beef Foto Stok 2271137519

Enjoy trying and making your own Beef Empal Gepuk Recipe, store in an airtight container to keep gepuk for a long time One of the Indonesian dishes made from beef is empal gepuk. The word gepuk itself comes from the way it was made. Therefore, before it is seasoned and covered, the meat is pounded (beat) first.

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The most common meat used in this dish is gandik. Gandik is a part on the back of the thigh. This portion is low in fat and mostly meat.

Empal has a combination of sweet, sour and sweet taste. Because it is covered and fried, this dish has a soft texture.

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Tips Membuat Daging Gepuk Yang Empuk, Gurih Dan Lezat Di Rumah — Royal Tumpeng

Boil water. Boil the meat and all the ingredients until the meat is tender. Lift and drain. Shred the meat and set aside. Take 400 ml of cooking water (broth) and set aside.

1. Cut the meat so that it is not too thick so that the marinade goes in easily. But also don’t be too lean because the meat will fall apart when cooked again (after searing).

2. Cook the meat, spices, coconut milk and broth in a pressure cooker to make it fast. Choose a quality presto Vicenza Pressure Cooker VP 308/8L (see Lazada DISCOUNT). Steam and heat regulation system, guaranteeing tender meat immediately without reducing its sweetness.

Resep Gepuk

3. Be careful when frying because fatty meats turn dark quickly from brown sugar. Fry briefly on medium heat.

Resep Gepuk Daging Sapi Lengkuas Yang Empuk Dan Lezat

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