Resep Gepuk Daging Sapi Ala Sunda

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Resep Gepuk Daging Sapi Ala Sunda – Beef Empal Gepuk Recipe – Gepuk is a typical Sudanese dish made from beef from West Java. In general, The beef used in this dish is Gandhi or Shan beef.

Gandik itself is located behind the cow’s thigh. This portion is low in fat and dominated by meat, so it is suitable as a fat.

Resep Gepuk Daging Sapi Ala Sunda

Resep Gepuk Daging Sapi Ala Sunda

In my opinion, empal gepuk is an Indonesian food made with beef and many people like it after rendang. The taste is sweet and sour and the taste is really just right.

Resep Empal Gepuk. Makanan Khas Sunda Yang Melegenda

According to Wikipedia, why this food is called gepuk is because it is boiled until half-cooked and slightly soft.

Soak the minced meat in spices mixed with coconut milk. Then boil again until the coconut milk shrinks. If you are going to serve it, you can fry it in oil until it turns a little brown and set it aside.

Don’t forget to sprinkle plenty of fried onions for a delicious gepuk dish. And gepuk is more delicious to eat with hot rice and hot chili oil.

The recipe for making beef empal gepuk is very easy and practical, but there are a few tips to make the beef tasty and tender.

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Resep Empal Gepuk Tanpa Santan Manis Gurih Yang Bikin Ngiler

The first method is to cut the beef to the grain, boil it and stir it until it becomes slightly soft. Secondly, boil the meat until it is slightly tender and cut it. Fatty meat cooked in this simple way is delicious, tender, and not hard or tough.

Mrs. Ong’s typical Bandung-style beef can be well made and you can make it yourself at home by following the steps below.

Enjoy the grated empal gepuk alone with hot rice. chili sauce What would you eat if you added fried tofu to a rice bowl with kale? oh The rice will run out quickly 😀

Resep Gepuk Daging Sapi Ala Sunda

In my opinion, the results of this empal gepuk are sweet and taste just right. 11 : 12 Bandung, Empal gepuk is famous in Betawi and Surabaya cities.

Resep Membuat Empal Gepuk Khas Sunda Empuk

Good luck, Make your own with the Beef Empal Gepuk recipe. Store gepuk in an airtight container for longer storage. Beef gepuk is a typical Sudanese beef dish. The beef is processed with various spices, so it tastes delicious when eaten. guaranteed, A bowl of rice will not be enough when eating this ready-made meat. Are you interested in the taste? come on Make your own using the beef gepuk recipe below.

After boiling water in a pan, boil the meat until half tender. Drain and drain. Set aside 500ml of the cooking water.

Prepare a pan and heat cooking oil. ground spices, glutinous rice leaves Stir in lemongrass and bay leaves until fragrant.

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Boiled beef water, coconut milk, brown sugar beef broth salt Add pepper powder. Stir.

Enam Masakan Khas Sunda, Mudah Dan Enak

Meat, brown sugar salt Add coriander and coconut milk and stir fry. Stir well to absorb the spices. Drain and drain.

After the water boils, boil the meat until it is ¾ cooked. Remove and cut in the direction of the bruised grain. Save 700ml of cooking water.

Meat, spices Lemongrass bay leaves glutinous rice Remaining cooking water Add the coconut milk to a bowl and cook until it boils.

Resep Gepuk Daging Sapi Ala Sunda

Sayurfriends don’t miss out on trying this beef gepuk recipe because the ingredients are few. If the ingredients are not complete, please click on the ingredient name above to purchase.

Resep Empal Daging Sapi Khas Sunda Enak Dan Empuk

Here are 5 beef stir-fry recipes that you can make at home. Beef gepuk is the choice for Sayurfriends who want to eat processed meat without any fat, the texture of the meat is soft and slightly crispy on the outside. Don’t forget to eat plenty of hot white rice.

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