Resep Garang Asem Ayam Santan

Resep Garang Asem Ayam Santan – Garang Asem, a traditional chicken dish from Central Java with a delicious spicy and sour taste. (Doc. Fridajoin Coffee)

If we talk about the culinary delights of Indonesia, it will never end. There are many typical Indonesian dishes that are famous in each region and the taste is guaranteed to make you addicted. One of them is Central Javanese cuisine.

Resep Garang Asem Ayam Santan

Resep Garang Asem Ayam Santan

Central Java is famous for its culinary delights that are synonymous with sweet tastes, right? But who would have thought that there are also Central Javanese culinary delicacies that have a spicy sour taste, especially if it is not Garang Asem.

Garang Asem Ayam Klasik Istimewa Dan Praktis

Garang Asem is a traditional Central Javanese dish popular in Kudus, Semarang, Grobogan and Pekalongan. The name Garang Asem was adopted because the dish has a spicy (Garang) and sour (Asem) taste. However, there is a story that is believed to suggest that the name Garang Asem was taken from the name of the village of Kudus, namely Garang Village. So this dish is very famous in Kudus and many people sell it.

This dish is made with chicken that is rich in spices, with a sour taste from the star fruit and a spicy taste from the chilies, and a tangy taste from the coconut milk that can make your tongue tingle when you taste it. Uniquely, Garang Asem is prepared by wrapping it in banana leaves which are then steamed for hours.

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It is believed that the original taste of Garang Asem can be preserved by using banana leaves. Although it looks simple, making Garang Asem requires good techniques. If not, Garang Asem’s serve will fail.

The use of strong spices in the production process makes Garang Asem the most expensive menu item in several traditional restaurants typical of Central Java. It is said that in the past, Garang Asem was a luxury food that could only be enjoyed by the upper class or nobles.

Dapur Griya Khayangan: Garang Asem Ayam

This is because the chicken used comes from free-range chickens, which are relatively expensive, so ordinary people can barely afford to cook it to make Garang Asem. But now everyone can make and taste Garang Asem which is like an everyday food.

Then it turns out that there is a difference between Garang Asem that comes from Pekalongan. Unlike Garang Asem Kudus or other areas in Central Java, this culinary dish in Pekalongan is made from beef that is given kluvek sauce and topped with boiled eggs.

The presentation of this dish is also different from the usual one. Instead of wrapping it in banana leaves, Garang Asem is placed directly in a bowl and served, and tastes more like rawon.

Resep Garang Asem Ayam Santan

So, are you salivating and want to try it right away? Don’t forget to serve this Garang Asem with warm white rice and crackers to complete this culinary meal!

Garang Asem Ayam Kampung, Maknyus! Halaman 2

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Thank you for reporting abuse that violates the rules or writing style on GNFI. We keep trying to keep GNFI clean from content that shouldn’t be here.PALEMBANGA, .COM – Garang asem is a chicken dish cooked in banana leaves with a sour and spicy flavor, really delicious.

Asem salt is a typical dish from Central Java that is fresh and delicious. It is easy to find not only in restaurants or other places of food.

Resep Garang Asem Ayam Kampung, Segar Dan Manjain Lidah

This dish can be prepared at home using ingredients like coconut milk and star fruit. Garang asem can be made with coconut milk for a spicy sensation when eaten.

But friends can also make it without using coconut milk. So what is a recipe for Central Javanese Spicy Chicken Tamarind Seasoning that is fresh and easy to make at home?

This typical dish is not easy to find in restaurants or food courts. However, there are many chicken tamarind lovers among people.

Resep Garang Asem Ayam Santan

The combination of coconut milk and stars gives you a spicy and fresh taste sensation when you eat it. You can also make garanga tarinda without coconut milk. It still tastes salty and delicious with a refreshing sauce.

Resep Garang Asem Ayam, Hidangan Pedas Asal Indonesia Yang Menggugah Selera

Friends, don’t be fooled by its appearance which is just wrapped in banana leaves and shriveled due to steaming. Garang Asem Ayam is incomparably delicious when eaten.

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It has sour taste from star fruit and tomatoes, spicy from cayenne pepper, spicy from chicken and coconut milk, and fragrant from the bay leaves and banana leaves wrapped in it.

Unsurprisingly, a plate of warm rice will disappear instantly when paired with this dish. This recipe is quoted from the ig account @dapur_mamaalba:

Bring the water to a boil, add the chicken and cook for a while until the chicken is soft. – add coconut milk, whole cayenne pepper, star fruit and green tomatoes. – sprinkle with salt, sugar and bouillon powder. – Fold it so that the coconut milk does not break

Ayam Garang Asem, Ini Resep Dan Cara Memasaknya

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