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Resep Ganjel Rel Kuno – Although it is called roti ganjel rail (rail camp), this culinary dish can be eaten. It is long in shape, dark brown in color and hard in texture. It’s like a railroad.

As the name suggests, the rail ganjel bread (rail bearing) is long in shape, dark brown in color and hard in texture. It’s like a railroad.

Resep Ganjel Rel Kuno

Resep Ganjel Rel Kuno

This typical Semarang bread is a culinary legacy of the Dutch era. Nowadays, this typical Semarang snack is quite hard to find. However, this bread, which is synonymous with sesame, became a standout dish at the Dugderan Semarang event.

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Using brown sugar and cinnamon, this ganjel rail bread has managed to get many people addicted, especially since this bread has a distinctive aroma of cinnamon and a sprinkling of perfectly cooked sesame seeds.

Unlike the soft bread that Indonesians love, this ganjeli loaf tends to be rough, hard and chewy. However, it tastes nice, especially when enjoyed with warm tea. In fact, according to experts, the texture is quite tough, which is why this culinary dish is believed to be very good for digestion.

Ganjeli bread is a culinary specialty that is always fought over in the city of Semarang every year. Starting from children to the elderly. As thousands of loaves of bread are prepared to be shared as part of the Semarang Dugderan Cultural Carnival tradition.

This tradition takes place the day before fasting to welcome the arrival of the month of Ramadan. The presence of railway gajel bread is a symbol of avoiding all disturbances, with the hope of strengthening oneself while fasting. The city of Semarang is a popular tourist destination for vacation. Semarang has many ancient colonial buildings that are still beautiful. Apart from the historical buildings, the city of Semarang offers interesting natural attractions to visit.

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Popular tourist attractions in Semarang include Old Town, Gedong Songo Temple, Railway Museum and Lawang Sewu. In addition to relaxing in tourist attractions, you can buy typical Semarang souvenirs. The following recommendations for famous Semarang souvenirs.

A recommended modern souvenir from Semarang is opium browns. These brownies are small, soft and dense in texture. Although they are small, poppy brownies have the right flavor when eaten. Brownie flavors are vanilla, pandan, banana and chocolate with almond.

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, lontong Spekkoek Waik is also called Lapis Legit. But this cake is in the shape of an elongated round lotong. This cake has 2 layers, light brown and dark chocolate. When cut, the sweet part is clearly visible. The flavors of this cake include chocolate, pandan and blueberry.

Resep Ganjel Rel Kuno

Moac is also called typical Semarang mochi. Moc has a chewy and sweet texture inside. Moac is made from white glutinous rice flour, corn starch. Meanwhile, the mochi cake filling is chopped nuts. Apart from nuts, Semarang moac contains pieces of fruit. The specialty of this moac is that it uses sesame seeds or flour on the outside.

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The city of Semarang has a unique Banaran coffee. This coffee comes from coffee plantations in the Jambu sub-region of Semarang. Banaraan coffee is almost similar in taste to Toraja coffee or Kintamani coffee.

Another modern souvenir of Semarang is spring rolls. Rice flour is used in the skin of the spring roll, while bamboo shoots, eggs, chicken meat or crab meat are used in the inside. Lumpia Semarang consists of two types namely wet spring rolls and fried dry spring rolls.

Ganjeli rail bread is a typical bread in Semarang. This bread is blocky and dense. The aroma of the bread is very distinctive because cinnamon and spices are used in the dough.

The typical souvenirs of Semarang are famous for cheater tofu and Ungaran meatball tofu. This cheat tofu is just like regular fried tofu. But the middle part of the tofu is cut off and then put into the pasta. This cheat is made with shrimp and spicy spices.

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In addition to the presto milkfish, the soft bone chicken can also be recommended as a typical Semarang souvenir. The soft-bone chicken is packed in airtight plastic to ensure it lasts a long time. This chicken is cooked in a pressure cooker and seasoned. So that the bones are soft and can be eaten with the meat.

Honeycomb cake is similar to noodle crackers or rengginang. But this cake is big like a bowl or a bird’s nest. Some sides have a sprinkle of brown sugar to sweeten the crackers.

A popular Semarang souvenir is wingko tripe. This food can be a snack and eaten with warm tea. The ingredients for making Wingko tripe are a mixture of glutinous rice flour and grilled grated coconut. The shape is small and flat.

Resep Ganjel Rel Kuno

These are suggestions for famous and modern Semarang souvenirs. You can visit the souvenir center to look for typical Semarang foods, drinks and handicrafts.

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Resep Bahan Dan Cara Membuat Roti Ganjel Rel Khas Semarang

By registering, you agree to our privacy policy. You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time via our contact page Who likes to travel in search of regional culinary specialties? When you visit the city of Semarang, the first things you look for are Lunpia and Bandeng Presto, right?

It turns out that there are other culinary delights that are no less unique and also characteristic of Semarang. Namely Leib Ganjel Rai. Why is it called a rail block? Because its shape resembles a railway block. Then the texture of the bread is also a bit tough or a bit hard, but according to bread experts, this texture is very beneficial for human digestion.

This typical Semarang chocolate-colored box-shaped snack has a unique name and its taste is unmatched. In addition, Roti Ganjel Reli is also considered an ancient culinary dish, so it is sought after by fans all over Indonesia.

The sweet taste from palm sugar is perfect for relaxing with afternoon tea or coffee. Although this bread is famous, it is not easy to find it in every corner of Semarang city.

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So, if you are far away from Semarang, there is no harm in trying the Roti Ganjel Reli recipe below while filling your free time with your family.

This was a complete overview of a typical railway ganjelle in Semarang. How? Interesting right? If your location is near the city of Semarang, there is nothing wrong to drop by and buy this rail ganjel bread that is widely sold in the Kota Lama area of ​​Semarang. The price is affordable and depends on the size. If you really like visiting Semarang, don’t forget to bring typical Semarang souvenirs home for yourself and your loved ones. You can buy a lot of food or goods in Semarang and you definitely won’t regret it. What can be bought?

Which contains bamboo shoots, eggs, chicken and shrimp. The taste of spring rolls is a combination of Chinese and Indonesian flavors because it was first made by a person of Chinese origin who married an Indonesian and lived in Semarang.

Resep Ganjel Rel Kuno

Semarang spring rolls are not difficult to get because you can find them all over the city of Semarang. However, it would be better if you buy it directly from the original place where this spring roll recipe was born. Come straight to Alley Lombok, located in the Chinatown area. Spring rolls are sold packaged in bamboo baskets or boxes.

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The delicious meatball tofu in Semarang should definitely not be missed as a souvenir. There are two types of meatball tofu to take home, namely fried meatball tofu and boiled meatball tofu. Both are clearly equally delicious, depending on individual taste. It’s even better when you eat this meatball tofu topped with cayenne pepper.

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For the most delicious meatball tofu, you can visit Bu Pudji Bakso Tofu in Ungaran. The thing is, Mrs. Pudji has been selling her food since 1995. The snacks he made have stopped at government offices around Ungaran.

Ganjeli bread is made from tapioca flour, coconut milk, palm juice, sugar, cinnamon and sesame seeds. Its hard texture and brown color make the people of Semarang compare it to railway sleepers. According to health experts, the hard texture of ganjeli bread makes it beneficial for health. Railway ganjel bread packaged as a souvenir can be found at the Pandanaran Street Souvenir Centre.

Milkfish fans must stop by Milkfish Juwana Erlina. There are several processed milkfish that you can take home, including Soft Thorn Milkfish, Smoked Milkfish, and Otak-otak Milkfish. At the food stand on the second floor, you can enjoy the typical milkfish dish of Juwana Erlina in addition to the milkfish you can take home. You can taste Milkfish Sate, Milkfish Tauco and Gudeg Milkfish.

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Mochi cake, made of sticky rice flour dough and filled with chopped nuts and sugar, turns out to be a typical Semarang souvenir that is always sought after. The most popular mochi in Semarang is Moaci Gemini, which guarantees that no preservatives are used in their goods. Moac Gemini can last up to one week.

Wingko is not a typical Semarang snack but originates from Lamongan sub-region namely Babati. However, these round shaped snacks in various sizes with a delicious taste are highly sought after by tourists coming to Semarang. The flavor combination produced from selected young coconuts and sugar gives wingko a delicious, unique taste. Especially if you enjoy it with warm sweet tea in the afternoon.

One of the most popular wingkos in Semarang is Wingko Babat Cap Kereta Api, which was popularized by Mrs. Mulyono, who is from Babat and lives in Semarang. Originally, the wingko was sold around Tawang station. This is why this wingko is branded Wingko Tripe Cap Kereta Api.

Resep Ganjel Rel Kuno

Brillian Roti or better known as Brillian Super Cake is a typical Semarang souvenir sought by many tourists. You can find this bread in Brillian Palace. Why is this snack so popular? Because Brilliant Bread is made from the best selected ingredients and uses an ancient recipe whose authenticity is still preserved. Flavors also vary, ranging from cheese, chocolate, almonds and raisins. The packaging process is good, making this bread durable and suitable for making souvenirs.

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The Costa Brava van Java t-shirt is an original t-shirt made by children in Semarang. Costa Brave is a beautiful coastal town in Europe. This name comes from the Dutch who nicknamed the city of Semarang, with the intention of reminding the city of Semarang. The Costa Brava van Java t-shirt has a unique design and

Some of the designs include images of Simpang Lima and Lawang Sewu. In addition to t-shirts, they are also available

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