Resep Galantin Babi

Resep Galantin Babi – Christmas celebration in Indonesia is synonymous with serving frog chicken. The presentation is complete, similar to turkey at a Western-style Christmas dinner. Frog chicks have this feature.

Frog Chicken is a classic Christmas dish in Indonesia. The appearance is characteristic of a whole chicken stuffed with a mixture of meat and chicken liver. Served with vegetables and ongklok potatoes and gravy.

Resep Galantin Babi

Resep Galantin Babi

Many people serve chicken frogs at Christmas because of the philosophy behind it. This was once conveyed by the late Bondan Winarno, an Indonesian culinary expert.

Diah Didi’s Kitchen: April 2021

He said that the wholeness of the frog-chicken symbolizes the joy of Christmas. The appearance of a full frog chicken also looks luxurious. This menu is always a favorite on the dinner table at Christmas

Making a chicken for a frog is not easy because you have to remove the insides of the chicken until the chicken skin is intact and then stuff it again with various fillings. The chicken is then grilled until cooked through and golden.

Frog Chicken is not an original Indonesian recipe, but a recipe introduced during the Dutch colonial era. The frog chicken recipe is said to have first appeared in the Indisch Kookboek, an Indonesian cookbook written by a Dutchman. It contains a recipe for a dish called gevulde kip, or literally stuffed chicken.

Indonesian food historian Fadly Rahman once explained that frog chicken was influenced by French cuisine. Quoted by The Jakarta Post, Fadly explained that Dutch chefs at the time were inspired by ballotine and galantine dishes, which were then made using Indonesian ingredients to make frog chicken.

Resep Olahan Daging

So why is it called frog chicken? The shape of this whole chicken dish is said to look wide and flat like a frog after grilling. In addition, the chicken used is a carcass without heads, after which it is folded. This shape makes it look even more like a frog.

Frog chicken is not easy to make, which makes this menu quite special. Frog chicken is only served on big holidays, one of which is Christmas.

The production process is also complicated with the use of special technologies. This is because all the meat and bones of the chicken must be separated from the skin without tearing the skin. Then the chicken meat is finely chopped and mixed with ground beef, eggs and various spices.

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Resep Galantin Babi

After mixing the chicken mixture evenly, put it back into the chicken skin. This process must be done slowly and with extreme care so as not to damage the skin. The frog chicken is then sewn, grilled and ready to serve. Are you a big fan of pork dishes? Yes, some people find their happiness in delicious food, including pork dishes. More than just delicious, processed pork can make some people feel happy after eating it.

Jual Selat Galantin Harga Terbaik & Termurah November 2023

In several corners of Yogyakarta, we can find shops that sell specially processed pork. These five dining spots are not only affordable, but they also offer a taste that’s hard to forget. Are you wondering where the culinary points are?

Kedai B2 Kakuni offers quite a comprehensive menu such as soy sauce pork, fried pork, rica-rica, fried pork, mixed rice, fried rice, yamie and more. The texture of the pork is delicious and delicious

The menu to enjoy when you visit here includes fried satay, lo sio bak, galantin sausage, red bean soup and more. You know, there’s also a papaya leaf pan. The combination of hot rice, pork and fried papaya leaves will go together perfectly to pamper your taste buds.

, there is a special menu every Friday, namely ramen I’m in love. The spicy and thick ramen sauce will give you a hard time

Jual Makanan Instan Siap Santap Terbaik

This time, the pork culinary point offers a unique and must-try menu – pork geprek. Together with hot white rice, this dish is very tasty! No need to worry, you can do it

For an affordable price, Pothz presents quite a diverse menu. Besides roast pork, there are also pork burgers, porchetta, stewed Lombok green pork, meatballs + pork intestines, smoked pork, crispy pork, hot pork, etc. Very complete, right? Its savory flavor with bold spices has made Pothz a favorite among processed pork fans.

When you visit Babilonia Resto, you can order fried pork, pork satay, flour fried pork, rica-rica, fried kee kian, rib soup, barbecue ribs and mixed rice. The fragrant pork roast here is a must try! With delicious spices, the pork dishes here will satisfy your taste buds.

Resep Galantin Babi

Are you a fan of typical Kupang culinary delights? If so, you can stop by for a se’i pork dish at East Pork. With the original Kupang recipe, we will be spoiled by the aroma

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Here you can also try three delicious variations of chili sauce namely sambal luat, rica-rica and dabu-dabu. Apart from se’i pork, East Pork also offers other equally delicious menu items such as brenebon soup, se’i fried rice, braised cassava leaves, papaya blossoms, etc.

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Of the five pork cooking items above, is it your favorite? Spicy and tasty pork always manages to impress its fans

IDN Times Community is a medium that provides a platform for writing. The author is solely responsible for all written works. The word “galantine” comes from the Italian word “gallina”, which means chicken. This galantine was very popular in France in the 18th century and was often served at large celebrations. “”

In this guide, you’ll find steps that are easy to follow and ingredients that are easy to find. With a little effort, you can prepare Galantin Steak in your own kitchen. Steak Galantin is a traditional French dish made from boneless poultry, usually chicken or duck, which is chopped, rolled and steamed. This dish can often be served cold or at normal temperature and sliced ​​to reveal the minced meat filling. Galantine steak can be traced back to the 14th century when galantine was known as “galettes”. The word “galantine” comes from the Italian word “gallina”, meaning chicken. In France, this gallant dish was very popular in the 18th century and was often served at large banquets and celebrations. This dish is named after the cooking method where the minced meat is rolled and wrapped in galantine cloth and steamed. Nowadays, Galantin steak is often made without wrapping and can be served hot or cold. Served cold, the dish is usually sliced ​​1 cm thick and served as an appetizer or main course. To make it easier, you can use aluminum foil instead of galantine cloth. The ground meat used in the Galantin Steak filling can be used for a variety of meats. In general, pork is used in galantine, but you can also use chicken. You can stuff the Galantin Steak dough with eggs, corned beef, ham, fried shallots, white bread (to soften the meat) and other spices to make it tastier. This Galantine steak is also served with a special sweet and sour sauce or what we call galantine sauce. It is very easy to make, you only need onions, tomato sauce, Worcestershire sauce, ground nutmeg, oregano and other spices. You can also add chili sauce if you like it spicy, then thicken it with cornstarch. Prepare boiled carrots, green beans and baked potatoes as a side dish for extra flavor. Here is a simple Galantin Steak recipe with steps to prepare it.

Bekal Ke Kantor🍒

Prepare aluminum foil measuring 30×45 cm. Take ¼ of the dough, place it on aluminum foil, then add the boiled egg.

Fold the aluminum foil so that the mixture is tightly covered, then place in the steamer. Repeat this again with the remaining dough. Then steam for 25-30 minutes.

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Add water, tomato sauce, chili sauce, Worcestershire sauce, chicken powder, salt, pepper, ground nutmeg, sugar and oregano. Mix well and make sure the taste is sweet and sour.

Resep Galantin Babi

Mix the cornstarch with a little water, then pour a little into the galantine sauce while boiling, stir quickly until it thickens, and turn off the heat.

Resep Galantin Daging, Sajian Warisan Kolonial Yang Spesial

Take the cooked galantine, slice it 1 cm thick, then serve on a plate with the galantine sauce and other vegetables.

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