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Resep Fusion Food Pastry Bakery – Yesterday, 11-12 December 2019, Trestelle Manyar College, Surabaya, held the final exams for its students. This time they were challenged by the lecturer to create a new modern product but with the theme of Pie and Fusion Cake. with a recipe idea, they created it themselves.

On the first day, there were two classes that did the practical test, namely class A and C. At 08.00 WIB, they started by testing the equipment and preparing the equipment they needed. Action steps were then implemented according to the recipes used by each student.

Resep Fusion Food Pastry Bakery

Resep Fusion Food Pastry Bakery

In terms of ingredients used, on average they use local Indonesian food ingredients such as brown sugar, coconut milk, pandan, pumpkin, sticky rice to grated coconut. You can guess that it is not a taste of the product that will be released later.

Food Fusion Yang Viral Di Indonesia, Bikin Ribut Netizen!

There are those who make Putri Ayu, Tartlet Tandur (Glutinous Durian), Rawon Cake, Kolak Pie, Unicorn Craquline Soes, dessert boxes and many more. many of these Trestelle students took inspiration from Indonesian cuisine so that the products they made were Indonesian flavors with a modern twist.

One of them is Klepon Rollcake made by Edsel, a cake product with a unique Indonesian taste. He made pandan flavored cake batter and mixed it with ‘Unti’. Unti is grated coconut mixed with brown sugar and cooked until cooked. Edsel also put the unti on one side and then folded it like a whole Rollcake. For the final touch, he wrapped the Rollcake in grated coconut.

The appearance of this Klepon Rollcake looks unique and Edsel serves it on a leaf-shaped plate. Although some of the products the students make are not unique, they place them in their respective ‘Stations’. The exam results were also sampled by the exam lecturers, Chef Alvin, Chef Kristian and Chef Fitri.

And each student presented his product in front of the lecturers for exams and explanations. The materials used, the method of preparation and the recipe they found, explained so that the lecturers know the truth of the product. *Slv, Jakarta – Want to explore a little with cooking ingredients? If so, you can use pumpkin as a processing ingredient in a variety of dishes that are not very tasty.

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Korean Food Photo: Kkwabaegi (twisted Donuts) On

, Tuesday, November 2 2021, this fruit which is similar to Halloween celebrations is very nutritious, especially with a lot of vitamin A. Pumpkin also contains vitamins, minerals and few calories.

Just because the flavor tends to be sweet, it doesn’t mean that pumpkin can only be used as a snack. Here are some creative recipes based on pumpkin as a summary from

Until smooth or dough does not crack when stretching. Sift the dough and cover with a clean cloth. Let it rise for an hour.

Resep Fusion Food Pastry Bakery

4. After wrapping it all, leave it for 10–15 minutes. Turn on the oven for 10-15 minutes at 180 degrees. Before baking, rinse each dough with liquid milk.

Shop — Mrs. Moriconi’s Ice Cream

5. Bake until done, about 20 to 25 minutes. Once cooked, remove from oven and brush with margarine. Wait for a little cold, remove the thread.

3. Add the pumpkin, stir-fry for a short time. Then, pour the sauce until it is slightly reduced. Cover and cook for 20 minutes until the squash is tender.

6. Add the parmigiano reggiano cheese to the risotto. Stir quickly until the cheese is dissolved. Garnish with a sprinkling of parsley leaves and the pumpkin risotto is served at noon.

If you don’t have time to cook yourself, just give it to us at ManisdanSedap, there are many homemade dishes that are suitable for your lunch. Tastes like mom’s cooking.

Cheese Matcha Cake Bread, Resep Fusion Ala Chef Otje

* Truth or Hoaxes? To find out the truth of the information being circulated, please WhatsApp the Fact Check Number 0811 9787 670 by just typing the key words you want. It is beautiful and unique, when you see the products resulting from Culinology practice. In this meeting, Chef Fitri Syntia Dewi taught the students about Entremet & Fusion Processing Techniques that combine Franch Cakes & Asili (Traditional Indonesian) Cakes. There were 5 products brought, namely bonsai, mango, apple, water rose apple entremet, and klepon tart on craqueline.

Chef Fitri explained that the practice of this cooking material combines culinary art and technology, so that almost all the products that are made have a level of complexity and require patience. In this cooking class, students learn how to make pastry products that can be combined with a variety of other products to produce interesting food varieties.

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Are you curious to know how chef Fitri creates traditional products with sparkling beauty? Same with mixed style cake products? With great care and attention, Chef Fitri teaches students the techniques and use of ingredients to make entremet and hybrid pastry products.

Resep Fusion Food Pastry Bakery

The glaze of the entremet resembles the shape of fruit or glass. It turns out that it comes from a mixture of gelatin and glucose that can produce a glass effect. Wow, even though it’s an easy way to do it, you can make these shiny decorations look unique and beautiful.

The Best 10 Patisserie/cake Shop Near Zion, Il 60099

Willyam and Edric said that learning how to make entremet is not a loss, although the manufacturing process is long and requires patience, after seeing the results, the fatigue pays off. Wow, it’s great to see the results of the workout this time.

So, do you want to be like them? Tristar Agricultural Institute Group makes it easy for you to be creative in the world of cakes to become a professional pastry chef. *Which

Tags: Culinary College, Hospitality College, College, Lectures, Education, Best Culinary Schools, Patisserie Schools, Hospitality Schools, SchoolsFusion is a combination of two different things into one. Fusion can also be done in recipes to get new flavors, colors and textures. Likewise, what was done by teaching the lecturer Chef Otje Herman Wibowo S.E, M.Par, that is, to show the matcha cake bread recipe to regular patisserie students at Majapahit Tourism College, Surabaya.

The event which took place on Wednesday, January 31 2018 was seen by more than 30 students from the regular patisserie class. “Class cooking activities from teaching lecturers are held weekly or once every 2 weeks for students. And the goal is for students to gain new experiences and expand their horizons,” chef Otje said.

Aronia Int En

This time the chef otje showed the recipe of mixing bread and cake to his students so that they also know that these 2 conflicting recipes can be made delicious and unique. Uniquely, the recipe used by chef Otje is a chiffon cake type recipe with white bread. Previously, the materials used had been prepared and measured according to size.

“First, I will make a regular bread first because the process of making it takes longer than a cake,” explained chef Otje. the students also listened carefully while taking notes on the tips and tricks presented by the lecturers. The method used to make regular bread is to knead the dough until it is smooth or you can make a thin and strong layer so that the white bread can expand well and the result is not wrinkled. Then the dough that has become soft is rolled and rolled until it is firm. It is placed in an ordinary bread tin that has been given a little margarine.

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While waiting for the bread to rise, chef Otje practices the matcha chiffon cake recipe. As usual, the egg whites are beaten until fluffy. “Give a little cream of tartar in egg white whisky. Because cream of tartar acts as a stabilizer for egg whites,” explained chef Otje.

Resep Fusion Food Pastry Bakery

The bread dough that has risen is taken out and the cake mixture is poured over it immediately. Do not forget that the oven is heated to the required temperature.

Puff Pastry Renyah Berlapis Lapis Tipis Praktis

With confidence, chef Otje showed his work to the students directly in front of him. Hard work does not lie in results, chef Otje has succeeded in creating unique and interesting products. The sweet taste of the cheesecake blends with the unique flavor of the matcha cake, which blends in so well after one bite.*Selv

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